Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Series of Unforunate Events

There wasn't any posts last night because of a serious of unfortunate events.  Back in the olden days, Linda would have been frazzled and had "the straw that broke the camels back" feeling.   Last night, she just kept laughing when each new snafu struck.  She was taking bets with herself what what the next calamity would be.  Monday night is her only off night.  There isn't any classes to teach, church functions or places she has to be.  Rest is the name of the game. 
Sleep away Lil' Penny.
Somehow, while she was teaching her 4-5 year old TKD class, her car key (which was on the floor on top of her shoes) got snapped off the beeper-fob.  It was a clean break.  Of course no one knew how it happened.  OK, it's only 4 miles home and she has a spare key.  She could walk home and ride her bike back to her car.  Except she only had flip-flops.  Not good for a long walk.  One of the Mom's offered to drive her home instead.  Before the left, she decided to try and see if she could start the car by jamming the key into the ignition... it worked! But now how was she going to turn off the car and get it back out?  Easy as pie.  There is a tool with long skinny picker-outers that worked to remove the key.  Great!  Time to rest.

Nope. She walked into a million pieces of a glass plate all over the hard wood floor.  If you've never dropped a Corelle plate, you should do it just to see the ba-zillion shards and flecks it splits into. 
Durable?  I guess as long as you don't drop it.
Chip got mad when her food dish was empty so she pushed it off the table onto the hardwood floor.  It took Linda a good 20 minutes to get all the little glass splinters out of the seams of the hardwood. OK, now it's time to rest.  Linda loves sitting on her couch and enjoying looking at the beautiful living room.  EXCEPT...She almost sat in a pile of cat vomit.  Chip must have been really mad.  I guess she was trying to get her point across by breaking her plate and vomiting on Linda's seat.  It was a challenge getting the whole stain off the light colored cushion.
The rest of the evening was a series of oopsies, dropsies, and spillsies.  Good thing she went to bed early before anything else happened.