Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of an Era

Remember when I told you all Linda was giving up her 12:00 class on Wednesdays?  Well, this is the first day she won't be teaching.  The timing was amazing.  Last night, she twisted her fake knee teaching in the pool.  Since the knee isn't real, how could it hurt so much?  Plus, how in the world do you twist a knee jumping in the water?  She was going to team the Combat with Greer today to say Bye! to everyone, but decided it would be smarter to take it easy.   Thinking back, she has had that time slot for over 15 years.  She's hoping a lower-impact class opens up like a sculpt or Body Pump.  She still has 3 other class Wednesdays.  Until then Linda, enjoy your few hours off and spend some extra time watching Penny morph into a toddler overnight!
"I'm really not this chubby.  Mommy picked out clothes that make me look fat." 
On a totally unrelated note, Linda said I was choking, grunting, wheezing and quacking last night in my sleep.  I wonder if dogs can have sleep apnea?  She would gently turn me over and I would stop, but as soon as I feel back asleep, it would start up again.  This morning I'm fine, but she is definitely going to mention it to the vet when I go for my yearly checkup.  Maybe the hour long walk last night in the muggy temps set it off. 
Dreaming of chicken