Friday, May 4, 2012


Remember last year when Linda found the baby chipmunks under the deck?  She tried her hardest to keep them alive by building a shelter and feeding them chipmunk chow.  They survived and probably are having their own babies right about now.  Sometimes when Linda has the front door open, one of them sits on the stoop and looks like shes begging to come inside.  (Not a good idea little Chippie, there is a BIG hungry Chip inside that will eat you up!)  Imagine if she found these wee ones in the backyard?  A Virginia family found the kittens in their shed.  They were abandoned by their Mother and starving.  The family bought them inside and fed them little bottles every 2 hours.  When they got older, they took them to a local park on a picnic.  A Forest Ranger happened by and asked them why they were playing with baby foxes!  What?  The family thought they were kittens but they turned out to be Kits!  I guess they do look like a little like a ugly kitten.
They got cuter as they got older....

And turned out looking nothing like a kitten.
Actually, she has the same shape face I do!!