Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trolls Baking Cookies

 A Texas teacher and teacher's aide have been removed from their classroom for allegedly disciplining their pre-K students by placing them in custodial closets they nicknamed "monster closets.  How terrifying the little kids must have been!  Poor guys, those teachers should have to sit in the monster closets for a 1/2 hour with Chim while their face is covered with chicken juice!

In a not so serious instance, this happened to Linda.  There is an elevator that goes from the pre-school to the Do-Jang.  In order to keep the kids quite and not pressing any buttons, one of the teachers told them there was a troll living under the elevator that would come out if they disobeyed.  When Linda started picking up the kids and bringing them upstairs,  they were frightened of the troll.  Even though Linda told them 25 times that there is no troll and that you obey because your teacher tells you to, not from fear of being eaten by a troll, they would not believe her.  Instead, she started a little game.  Now they pretend that the small trap door that holds the phone is where the troll passes out cookies, flowers, pizza and kittens to all the good kids.  The 4-year olds can't wait to see what goodies they are going to get each day.  Almost every time they say "Yay!!  It's a Cookie day!!" and proceed to pretend to enjoy their chocolate chip cookies.   Would it be fun or scary if she got one of these troll dolls and set it in the elevator with a plate of cookies for them as a surprise??