Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mean Instructor?

After one of her classes.
It's the most beautiful weather of any Saturday I can remember.  Sunny, a cool breeze and the perfect temperature for our trail walk with Jerry this morning.  Linda's classes were all very sparsely attended today.  She had 12 in her Water class, and only 8 in TKD.  Sometimes, she loves the smaller classes because each kid gets a lot of attention. Linda also likes it when the parents stay and watch (as long as they are quite and don't talk to each other or chat on their cell phones) to see how much their kids are improving.  Also, she tries very hard to get the students to listen and be obedient the first time she says something.  "No Talking" means no talking...... immediately.  Some kids think they only have to obey when they feel like it, or not at all.  Maybe she is a little too hard on the 6-11 yr old range, but better they learn now then become rebellious teenagers, right??  No joke, she has actually had to tell the parents NO TALKING and discipline them with push-ups to make and example to the kids. Hmmm.... kind of seeing a pattern here..... Is Linda being too mean?  I don't think so.  She makes Chim and I obey immediately the same as she obeys when someone over her in authority tells her to do something that is right.  Once Linda read a story about a meeting the school board had to have with the parents of kids who were continually late for school.  Guess what happened?? Yep, every parent arrived late to the meeting.