Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lilly to the Rescue

There is so many bad stories in the news about Pit Bull dogs, but I just read a tear-jerking wonderful one.  BC (Before Chim) Linda almost adopted a full grown PB (Pit Bull)  named Taylor.  It was back when we were going to PS (Pet Smart... Sorry, totally UN - Unnecessary!) every Sunday to the adoption fair.  I was always skittish of 99% of the dogs, but one PB caught my eye.  He was calmly reclining on the floor with the other dogs all keeping their distance.  He looked as regal as a king!  Before Linda could stop me, I sprinted up to him and curled myself up between his front paws.  He licked me and lifted his head just a little bit prouder, kind of like he was guarding me from all the other dogs.  Linda felt in her heart that it was the dog for us.  She didn't get him that day, but felt sure the next day we should adopt him.  When she called the agency the next morning, he was already gone!  Well, everything happens for a reason.  I guess we were supposed to have Chimmie after all.  Although I can't ever see Chim saving Linda's life.

Anyway, the story was about a PB named Lilly.  She was adopted 3-years earlier by a women who was struggling with addiction issues.  Lilly was the reason that the lady was able to clean up her life and overcome her problems.  Earlier this week, they were both walking home from a friends house when the women fell unconscious on the train tracks.  The train engineer saw the women, but could not stop in time.  That is when Lily sprang into action.  She started dragging her human off the tracks and saved her life!! Sadly, the train hit Lilly and severed her foot, fractured her pelvis and caused multiple internal injuries.  Lilly still stood guard, waiting for help.  She is being treated by the best Vets out there and they are doing all they can to save her life!  You can make a donation to help pay her Vet bills.  Read the story for yourself and click on the link.