Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Mish-Mash

Yep, they were on the same team
Sunshine, cool weather and it's Friday!  We all slept in (again!) until almost 8 a.m.  Linda has never been able to sleep past 7 a.m. and twice this week she found herself still abed past that time.  Chim and Chip stayed quite too.  We have an open morning since her first class isn't until 12:00.  The carpet really, really needs to be shampooed (someone had an accident the other day... Linda still is not sure which pet did it) but she also needs to spend 2 hours getting started on learning her Water in Motion release.  Sometimes she can mow, clean or eat and practice the routine at the same time, but not the first time she looks at it.  When I was little, I used to run and hide when she started kicking and punching in the house.  Now, I'm so used to it I just stay asleep out of legs way.  Linda remembers when Taylor was in 3rd or 4th grade.  She home schooled him for a little while.  They would do all the school work from 6-9 a.m., then he would go to the gyms with her while she taught classes. Many times he took the class.  He got so good at counting the music 32 count phrases, cuing and doing the steps that he led the warm-up.  She clearly remembers him yelling "Come on, move it ladies!" He was even one of her back-up team when she recorded a workout show for TV. There were also Redskin football players who worked out at the gym she taught at.  He would play racquetball or shoot hoops with them when he was only 8 or 9 years old!  No wonder he turned into such a great athlete (well that and he is 100 feet tall!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who's Blog is it Anyway?

OK, I'm starting to think that Linda might need to start her own blog.  The name of this blog is "Life in the Doghouse."  It's supposed to be all about what happens in a dogs life (mainly mine), but lately... Linda has been hijacking the posts.  Waterford... really?  Corn Mazes...???   Plus, people mostly hate blogs written in animal-speak.  Come to think of it, that would annoy Linda too.  Someone gave her a book about dogs in the rain (or something close to that) and Linda could not finish it.  Not because it was annoying, just soooooo, sooooooo sad since the dog was being ignored because his human got married and had a baby.  After a few chapters, she was depressed and had to put it down.  Maybe we could share this blog.  Some posts could be from me, and some from Linda.  Do all those people read my blog every month because of me or Linda?  Should she turn on the comment section of the blog and find out what readers want?   Will anyone even understand why this photo goes with this blog post? 

Waterford Days

The first weekend in October is the annual Waterford Days festival.  Linda wants to go in the worst way.  She would love one of these hand-made baskets or one of the carved walking sticks.  Some of her favorite presents ever have come from the Waterford Festival.  Beautiful pottery bowls, hair thingies and her absolute favorite cookie cutter ever.  The problem is that weekend is already packed full.  Friday Family Night (her friend Doug is supposed to come); The Ho-Down on Saturday and two churches on Sunday.  She could get a sub for her 4:30 Friday class and leave at 1:00 p.m.  Maybe......


Noah woke up from his nap ready to play.  He's talking so much more than last week.  Linda said he's not saying real words, but I understand him.  Noah loves to share with me.  He would eat one of his snacks, then give one to me.  I waited patiently and took it very gently from his fingers.  Chimmie finally got home from his outing.  Instead of the dog park, they went to Leslie's house to play with the pups.  He was fabulous and did not get scared or act the fool at all.  We did another stroller walk and Noah fell back asleep for his second short nap.  We love, love, love Noah and can't wait until next Thursday!

Chim's New Pals

Guess who is asleep on the bedroom floor?  Yep, Noah!  He came over so tired he fell asleep during our first stroller walk.  He ate a snack at home before they left the house, so he wasn't hungry when Linda tried to feed him his lunch before the walk.  I hope he doesn't sleep too long.  It's already 2:00 and we won't have much time to play and watch Peppa Pig together before his Mommy comes.  Chimmie is with Leslie and Paul at the dog park.  Leslie bought her little dogs along too, Bo and Bella.  Hopefully, Chim won't embarrass himself and act like a loser  Usually he hates the dog park, but during his walks he has gotten much braver during trail walks.  Believe it or not, Linda has not taken one photo yet.  When he wakes up, we'll make up for it and take a bunch. Until then, this is who Chimmie is playing with.  Pretty cute, huh??

Two Faced Cat

I thought all cats were two faced.  One minute they are loving, the next minute they are hissing and clawing at you.  Turns out I was only partially right. Frank and Louie are the worlds oldest living two-faced cat.  They are being inducted into the record books today.  Both the outside eyes work great, the inside eye just stares straight ahead.  Both noses work and twitch, but only Frank gets to eat.  Frank and Louie live in Massachusetts with their human.  She adopted him when they were bought into the vet to be euthanized.  The doctors did not expect them to live for more that a few days.  Now, 12 years later they are still going strong. 
I hope I never, ever run into a cat like this.  It's bad enough that I have to tip-toe around Chip cat.  She is so unpredictable, I never know how she'll be feeling from one minute to the next!

But I'm an "Angel"

There is no way that we slept in until 8:00, but that is exactly what happened.  Usually, we are up 2 hours earlier, either by the cricket alarm or the Chimmie/Chip alarm.  Today, there wasn't even a peep until Chim started whining to go out.  It's a good thing Linda's first class wasn't until 10:30!  She planned on shampooing the carpet this morning before class and Noah came at noon, but all she had time for was a good vacuum and scrubbing the tile floors.  Oh well, if Noah does not come over today she'll do the carpets when she gets home from class.  I'm no longer allowed to spend the day alone in her bedroom since she has a sneaking suspicion that it was me who peed on the carpet yesterday.

It's a GREAT Day

We might or might not get Noah this morning.  That's OK because so many people love Noah that we have to share sometimes. No matter if he comes to our house or goes somewhere else, he will be loved beyond measure!   This is the very first time Linda ever held Noah.  It was love at first sight for her.  Kind of like when she first held me, except 100 times more!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Away Now (UPDATED)

Linda is very crabby this evening.  She needs to get in a better frame of mind before she leaves for church.  Wednesday night church is such a wonderful mid-week service, she does not want to sit there feeling stressed.  Maybe if she writes all the things down, she'll feel better.  1)  She is sick and tired of salespeople coming to the door between 4:30 and 6:30 every weeknight.  They are trying to sell all sorts of things... pest control, lawn services, trash cans, magazines, windows, siding or just asking for money for the band, football players, etc.  If they just rang the bell once and went away, it wouldn't be bad.  A guy with a clipboard just slammed his fist on the door for 3 or 4 minutes and rang the bell 5 times trying to get Linda to open the door. That makes us bark our heads off.  GO AWAY NOW!  2)  She has 33 kids ages 4-11 in her new TKD classes at the Y.  This is very good for our budget... but also enough to make her feel like pulling the ponytail off her head. This afternoon TKD class was crazy.  Breath, Relax, Center Linda.  3)  Chimmie has been whining constantly.  If she isn't petting him or playing with the ball, he is licking her and crying at her feet.  Stop Chimmie, or she is sending you away with the man pounding on the door.  4)  No one is owning up to it, but one of the pets just peed on her bedroom floor.  A big spot right at the foot of the bed.  5) It took her 45 minutes to try and figure out how to get her new teaching music and DVD to load up on her iPhone.  Usually, it works just fine.  Today, it acted like it was synching but when she checked, neither thing showed up on her playlist.  6) She is coughing /sneezing/and has a runny nose from some kind of allergies.  This happens every fall. Be gone allergies.    OK, now that it's all out in writing she won't have to think about it anymore.  She can jump in the shower, get dressed and read her Bible for a little while before she has to leave.

After her attitude adjustment:  1)  She is thankful she actually had a nice home and that she isn't on the outside of the front door trying to sell something to crabby and rude people who don't want to be bothered.  2) Having lots of kids in TKD class will take the pressure off her having to sub so many classes to be able to pay all our bills.  3)Chimmie just loves Linda with his whole heart and than some.  She's thankful he is a licker and not a biter.  4) Pee can be cleaned up. 5) She has a wonderful laptop, iPhone and iPad.  She used to have a Fred Flintstone phone and computer.  6) Fighting allergies is nothing compared to what some of her friends are fighting, like cancer and tumors.  The End.

"You Pick Your Color"

There wasn't much sleeping happening in The Big Bed last night.  Linda was tired all right, and she even read for 20 minutes before she turned the light off.   On nights when she teaches late, her body is craving rest, and she even feels sleepy.  Her muscles are a different story.  They do this little jumpy, twitchy thing that keeps her awake.  The only way she can describe it is that the twitches feel like little fireworks going off in the muscles.  The zaps are mainly in her legs, but sometimes go up her back too.  Hot baths help, but not much. Massages really help, but she doesn't have a therapist on call.  The fireworks are not really painful, just annoying and it won't let her sleep.  She tried counting my little snores to help her fall asleep.  She played a game that she wasn't allowed to move her legs one little bit, no matter how much they twitched.  Finally, sometime during the wee-hours of the morning, she did fall asleep only to be awakened by the annoying cricket alarm at 6:45.  There isn't anytime in her day for a nap either.  Dr. Google said it could be restless leg syndrome.  When we first saw this tee-shirt, we thought it was pedicure-atric, (like when Linda gets her toes painted) that causes restless leg syndrome. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yeah for Bedtime

Even thought it's been busy, Linda had a great day.  Her classes went well and her back feels somewhat OK.  I'm so glad Jerry came tonight to walk us and spend some time cuddling me.  Linda was extra late since she did not come straight home after her classes.  She met Sarah and Taylor for dinner at Chilies.  Linda ate a delicious black bean burger with jalapeno peppers.  (Can you say spicy??)   The chocolate lava cake looked amazing, but she restrained herself and passed on dessert. (Now she is regretting the decision not to get something sweet!)  There is still so much to do around the house, but Linda and I are all tired and want to go to bed.  Chim would probably take another hour walk and not be ready to sleep.  Tomorrow will be here before we know it and she has 5 classes to teach between 9:30-5:30. 

Worlds Dumbest Dog

Linda is wondering if the only way to keep Chimmie alive is to muzzle him.  We were outside this morning while Linda was studying.  Since all was quite, she did not check on us.  Usually (like 99.9% of the time) I bark to come in unless I'm napping on the deck or taking care of business.  Fifteen minutes went by and she did not hear anything, so she checked on us. Chimmie was busy gnawing away on this....a piece of electrical wire he dug up from somewhere in the backyard.  How much of it is down in his belly?  What an absurdly dumb dog he is!  One day he will die from eating a rusty nail, slab of wood, coated wire, plastic toy or piece of soft toy (all of which she has taken away from him.)  It would be horribly mean to muzzle him, but it's meaner to let him die a painful death from a belly full of stuff he chewed up. 

Giddy Up Little Doggie

Howdy Partner
I'm lost just looking at the photo!
I'm bummed that no dogs are allowed at the Corn Maze.  Linda is planning on going this weekend with her friends if the weather is nice.  Besides getting lost amongst the corn stalks, you can shoot pumpkins out of a blaster, watch pigs race, take a hayride and pick your own pumpkin.  She'll take lots of photos for me.  If it does rain Saturday, they will try for the next weekend after the Ho'Down. I'll be able to go to Western Day Ho Down at church since all little dogs are invited.  This is Spike or Beast (they are twins) from last year.  Check out his cute hat and bandanna.  Linda said she'll get a bandanna for Chim and I can wear a western hat! 


Tuesday is Linda's long, hard day teaching.  The last months, her back has been hurting so it made it extra grueling.  Last week she had to get a sub for Combat since her leg was going numb.  Yesterday, her back felt semi-OK... even after mowing our hilly yard and emptying the grass catcher into the big bin.  She folded/hung laundry too which usually hurts from sitting in a bent over position.  There wasn't any crushing pain, just the usual aching.  She is believing that today classes won't aggravate it and cause the nerve to get pinched again.  Jerry is planning on walking us while she is teaching tonight. He always leaves before she gets home, so he emails her the details for my blog.  Maybe he can take a few photos tonight (hint..hint.)  Since Jerry loves drawing monkeys, maybe this will give him inspiration for his next sketch. 

Monday, September 26, 2011



Monday night is our do nothing night.  There usually are not any plans unless Linda takes a sub.  Once basketball season starts, she'll race up to church to cheer on the high school kids.  For now, she gets home from work at 5:15 p.m and that's it for the night.   We all just LOVE sitting on her deck, enjoying the evening while she eats dinner and we play with toys.  Tonight we stayed out so long it was getting too dark for Linda to keep reading so we all came back inside.  Since we are not football fans, we'll probably take a walk in a little while. Most everyone she knows will be glued to their TV sets watching Redskins football.  Her friend is having a football party, but staying home is much more appealing then watching people scream at the TV.  Linda would rather throw the ball in the backyard for Chimmie and watch him sprint for a TD under our new flood lights! 

Noah's Big Day Out

"Choop, I'm going to be pushing YOU in the stroller this week!"

Noah looks like an old-pro on that fence. His Granddad Tom would be proud.

"Ice Cream cones ROCK!"

"All that awesomeness wore me right out."
I so wish I could have gone with Noah to enjoy his visit to the local petting farm.  You can tell by the photos what a great time he had.  Could he possibly be the cutest baby ever born?

We Really Need Some Trees

No animals were harmed in this mowing.
Ever since the Chipmunk incident (where the mower ran over a nest and almost killed three newborn chipmunks hiding in the tall grass) Linda has been scared to mow.  Today, it was time to face her fear!  The grass wasn't too long, but the back was pretty think and dense with all the rain we've been getting.  She had a scare when she hit one of Chimmie's little bouncy balls and the mower made a sound, but thankfully no living thing was killed.   It was hot and very muggy, so she was drenched in sweat.  While she worked, she listened to the new Combat release and practiced in her head.  Mowing the front/back plus bagging the clippings equals 8 Combat songs.  After lunch, it will be time to start the inside chores.  After looking at this photo of our backyard, she decided our patchwork fence looks terrible.  Maybe she could get a better deal on a new fence and deck!  Plus, it's a huge empty yard without even one tree.  There are a few straggly bushes in one corner, but that is it.  It would be so nice if we had a big tree where Linda could hang a hammock and plant some flowers around the trunk.     UPDATE:  sorting, folding, putting away and hanging laundry=8 Body Pump Songs!   Linda's getting her chores done and practice at the same time!

What They Ate

 Chimmie is doing 100% better with not jumping.  Even in the morning when he is super excited to be free from his den, he isn't jumping on Linda.  The next thing to work on is destroying his toys.  He eats them up.  You can tell because of the droppings in the backyard.  One day, he is going to eat something that gets stuck inside of him, like these photos.  There was a contest for vets to submit x-rays of some of the worst things they've found in dogs stomachs.  The winner will surprise you!

Way Too Early

Not this kind of cricket.
Why did the alarm go off when it was still pitch dark this morning?  Linda's iPhone is set to sound like crickets when the alarm sounds.  She was so tired when it chirped, she actually thought that a cricket had gotten into the bedroom overnight. We had to get up early because there wasn't enough time in the weekend with teaching, the wedding, people coming over, church, etc, etc, etc... for her to study her routines for this week and work on learning the new routines that are going to be starting in just 2 weeks. Today is a light day teaching, only 2 classes, so she plans on practicing most of the late morning/early afternoon.  If the weather holds out, she will mow the yard and then clean the house.  (It amazing how much dirt and crude get into the carpet in just a weekend.  The Eureka! will be full when she dumps the canister.) 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey! Did you forget me out here??

Chimmie was on the brink of being traumatized tonight.  Since the weather was cool and there wasn't any rain clouds, Linda decided to leave him out on the deck when she went to church tonight.  Sunday night church is usually over by 8:30, but service went a little longer and then Linda ended up having a meeting that lasted a long time.  Poor guy was outside 4 hours, and 2 of the hours it was pitch black!  He's been out that long during daylight, but never at night.  When she let him in, he was whimpering, yipping, shaking and whining all at the same time.  It took him all of 15 seconds to calm down and bring her a toy to play tug of war.  Obviously, he recovered quickly.  Now she's trying to decide between eating dinner, walking us or just going to bed.  Since Chim is super tired from his ordeal, she'll probably just grab some toast and turn in for the night. 

More Wedding Fun

The practiced "model" pose.

Being a bridesmaid is hard work!

Every wedding needs a jumping shot

For real... how beautiful is Katie???

A storybook wedding to be sure.

Why do girls always make kissy lips?

Linda went over Tierney's after church to look at all the wedding photos.  Tier took hundreds and hundreds.  I wish I could post them all here, but if you're my friend on facebook, you can see most of them.   Here are a couple of shots.  The video of Katie and Tony growing up that Tier did for the rehearsal dinner was touching and funny.  I think if she did a video of Chimmie being Chimmie and sent it to Cesar, they would not only pick Chim to work with, they would hire Tier for The Dog Whisperer's production department. 

Wedding Recap

Don't they look alike?

Taylor and Linda being happy.
Linda said Katie and Tony's wedding was beautiful last night.  Katie was in the top 5 of gorgeous brides.  Tierney looked amazing in her bridesmaid dress. There was lots of food and a coffee punch that everyone drank up  before the night was over.  Linda was a dummy and forgot to charge her camera, so she could only take 3 photos before it died.  Tierney has a big-girl camera, a Nikon that costs a bazillion dollars.  She took a bunch of photos, so once they get posted to FB, I'll copy some and post them here.  After the wedding, 8 of her friends came over for coffee.  Everyone was on Chimmie BIG TIME not to jump up.  He was really getting the hang of it at the end of the night.  When he sat or rolled over on his back, he got rubs and loves.  When he jumped he got a big NO! and some kind of discipline.  OH, and the flood lights on the steps are amazing!! Night time looks like daylight in our backyard now.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cows, Bears and Apple Pie, Oh MY!

Sarah is the kind of girl that loves getting dirty

Tier with one of Sarah's Cows

Dairy Farmer (and flood light installer) Tom
We are getting flood lights installed on our back deck today.  They will be so bright, that Linda will be able to see us wherever we go in the backyard when we go out at night.  Mainly, it's for the deck steps.  It's so dark when she carries us down that she has to use a flashlight.  Carrying Chim and I plus a flashlight tucked under her chin is quite a trick.  Jerry might come over to visit sometime this morning.  After classes and Katie's wedding, Linda is having her 8 of her friends over again.  Whoa, from a boring day Friday to a super exciting day Saturday!  I've never gotten to meet Sarah's Dad, (and Noah's Granddad!), so I'll be on my best behavior so he trusts me with his grandson.  Tom is super handy.  One time when our pipes were frozen he came over and figured out in minutes what to do to save the day.  He can also milk a cow and drive a tractor with one hand tied behind his back.  He taught Sarah all sorts of useful things.  She once killed a rabid squirrel with a shovel to save her baby sister, shot a bear and she can bake an amazing apple pie.  UPDATE:  Light is installed!  Since it's still daylight, we can't actually see how it works yet.  Correction:  Linda does not tuck Chimmie and I under her chin, just the flashlight :) 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Huge Baby Sale!!

Taylor told Linda that the Sportsplex had a bunch of their indoor fields set up for a huge baby sale this weekend!  (Not actually babies for sale, but things like cribs, strollers and car seats. Selling babies is probably frowned upon.)  Since we need everything for baby Leonidas, Linda wants to go on Sunday after church.  She'll look for a crib, stroller, car seat and maybe one of those little bouncy lounge chairs the babies love so much.  Taylor could not see the prices, but he said a sign mentioned 50% off everything.  She might have to make two trips since it probably won't all fit in her car.  Just today she decided that she is going to change her rooms around.  The den we watch TV in will become the babies room and she'll move the den furniture into Tier's old room.  We just have to make sure that the TV cable box can actually go easily into Tier's room.  This way when Noah comes over, he'll also have a nice safe room to play in without computers, cords or things he can get into. She would like to get a crib that turns into a toddler bed, kind of like this one. 

When Dogs Work Out

It's another full day for Linda which means another boring day for Chim and I.  She is subbing this morning at the YMCA before her regular classes.  Tonight, she has baby duty at Family Fun Night.  I think it's supposed to rain today, so we wouldn't be walking anyway.  Speaking of walking, Linda met someone in her class at Fitness First that has a small dog walking business.  Even though there we already have two volunteer walkers we love, it's only on occasional Tuesday nights, some Wednesdays, rarely on Saturday, and every Sundays.  Noah takes us for two or three long walks Thursday since it is Linda's day off and we are training him to be the next Dog Whisperer.   I'm not all that concerned about it, but Chim is the one who suffers since he has to be cooped up.  (Of course the vet and Linda disagree, I need the work outs to help me lose the 1 pound I've been struggling with all year.) The downside of professional dog walking is the cost, $20 for a 30-min. walk for two dogs.  Maybe Linda can trade out some personal training sessions with the dog walking service?  The owner mentioned to Linda she wants to drop 10 pounds and firm up her muscles.  Plus, since I have to be carried when I get tired, the dog walker will get a good bicep workout!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Linda's No Tough Mudder

It's not even 9 p.m. yet and Linda is starting to get sleepy.  Somehow, I don't think she is going to make the midnight soccer game tonight.  She is such a light weight.  It's always been really important to her to go to both Tier and Taylor's sports games, so she feels selfish for staying home tucked under her big down fluffy quilt.  Next week, she'll go for sure.  The team only gets one 11:30 game per season, so it HAS to be earlier next week.

Linda is going to watch Taylor run the Tough Mudder race in October.  It's a race for crazy people.  Linda is going to spend the night with Taylor and Sarah at a nice bed and breakfast inn to celebrate her birthday after the race.  She's already checked with Jerry, he can watch me overnight.   I hope Paul can take Chimmie for the night or he'll have to go to the doggie-jail.   Either that or maybe Linda can get one of the young adults from church to stay at our house and take care of Chimmie while she watches Taylor jump through fire, crawl in the mud under barbed-wire and run over live electrical wires. 

Bye-Bye Noah

Why won't this draw open!!

Noah loves watching Chimmie on the deck
Noah has gone home for the evening.  It was a fun day, though I'm not too thrilled about Chip trying to take my BFF spot.  Chip actually did her head-butt I love you move on Noah today.  She only does it for special people.  Once in a blue moon, she'll tolerate people touching her, but 99% of the time she'll run and hide.   There are exactly 4 people that she'll head butt for attention, and now Noah is number 5.  Linda is off to teach her class and then she'll try to take a short power nap so she can go out in the middle of the night to watch Taylor's soccer game.

Time for Peppa Pig

"I love Football.  It tastes great!"
I'm in the Jump Seat

"I'm the best dog walker ever!"

Can Choopie come in the bath too?
Noah's dog walking skills have improved over just last Thursday!  This time when Chimmie slowed down, he made some sounds like "Blahiecomie" and shook the leash to get him moving again.  It was way too warm for me to walk, so I stayed in the carry-me sling that Linda hung on the stroller. Noah was so sweaty after the walk, that Linda gave him a bath and put a short-set on him that she had put away for him for next spring.  It's a size 2T and um.... it fits him.  (Noah isn't even a year old yet.) Gretel warned Linda that Noah was cutting some teeth and would be crabby, but so far... he's been a champ!  Next up on the agenda... lunch.  He wouldn't eat the first time Linda tried to feed him, but then again he had steamed broccoli and cauliflower in his lunch box. (Maybe lunch can wait a few minutes.  Peppa Pig is on TV again.  It's the cutest cartoon ever about a brother and sister pig with English accents. "Oh Daddy Pig, Look at the mess you're in.") 

To Soccer or Not to Soccer?

I Still Miss my Snickers Daddy
Last year when Taylor played on an indoor soccer team, Linda went to every game.  The game start times are anywhere from 7:30 p.m. all the way until 11:30 p.m. and rotate weekly.  Tonight, the game is 11:30 p.m.  She really wants to go watch him, but that will require not getting to bed until around 1:00 a.m.  Hum... should she or shouldn't she?  She is going to decide later tonight at the last minute.  If she feels OK after her class and isn't too tired, she will go support him.  At one 11:30 game last year there were under a dozen spectators from his team there to watch.  Usually when his team plays soccer, basketball or flag football, there will be over 100 of their friends there.  I even went one time to the flag football playoffs tucked inside Linda's sweatshirt.  She will leave me home tonight if she does go since I'm still not 100%.  The only scary part for her is leaving the sportsplex by herself. There are always lots of guys hanging around in the parking lot.  Once, an opposing team waited outside to beat up our boys.  The police had to come to be sure we were all safe and no one got hurt.   We beat them fair and square but they accused us of cheating or something.  How can you cheat if there are professional ref's calling the game?  They were just sore losers.  (This photo has nothing to do with Soccer or Taylor, but Linda and I have been missing Snickers the last few days and we just came across this old photo.)

El Jueves es Día de Noah!

It's Thursday!  Get ready to be bombarded with Noah photos later this afternoon.  I wonder if there are people from all walks of life who wake up and say: "It's Thursday!  Yeah!  This is the day we get to see photos of Noah on Choopies blog!!"?  How could one little boy bring so many people such happiness?  Sarah has finally officially announced that she is pregnant on FB. She's starting her 2nd trimester but she still looks exactly the same.  For now, the baby's named Leonidas.  Of course that won't be the official name, but I think Leonidas will stick for a nik-name.  I think she should give the baby a Mexican name to fit in with Chalupa and Chimichanga.  How about Juan-Carlos for a boy or Maria-Inez for a girl?  It wouldn't be very nice to name a baby after a Taco Bell food item, but Gordita-Baja sounds pretty to me for a girls name.  Since the baby is going to be GIANT size, Burrito Grande would be a great boys name.