Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl Pups

I'm feeling so much better. I did not throw up at all today and only once yesterday. My appetite is back and I'm much friskier. The weather has not cooperated with outside walks, but we are playing inside with my toys and I am at least getting exercise running up and down the hallway. Tonight, Linda is going to take me to Taylor's Football game since I had to stay home for the 2 Basketball games she went to earlier. She can tuck me inside her coat and I'll be well hidden in case the puppy police don't allow dogs inside the football arena. It would be cool if I could run around the field after the game. Touchdown Choopie!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tierney with Choopie Ears

I love my Tierney, although she is my second favorite person in the world. I know she'll be mad if she reads this, but I do love Linda best. Linda feeds me, walks me, sleeps with me and takes care of me when I don't feel good. Tierney makes me so happy when she gets home from work or school. She says "Choooo.....chooo.....choo" really loud whenever she walks in and it makes me go crazy. I know she loves Chip better then she loves me, so in a way, it's all good. Her friends are Katie and Jon. Jon is Sarah's brother and Katie is pretty.

Hershey Kisses

A police man from Kalama, Washington went above and beyond the call of duty. He is a Super-Super Hero! This Tuesday a stay Labrador escaped his kennel at the shelter and jumped into an open sewage tank. It started to drown in the stinking mess of..... well, you know.... and without missing a beat, the officer Jeff Skeie grabbed the dog and pulled it out by the scruff of its neck. He had the poo all the way up his arm, but then the lab decided to give it self a vigorous shaking. Officer Skeie was then covered all over with the sewage. After a bath, he was adopted by a loving lady who named him Hershey. (The dog, not he officer.) I could not find a photo of Hershey, but this little dog looks exactly like I do when I'm in the bath. Don't you just want to give him a big kiss!

Give me a "C...H...E...E...R"

There is a new breed of crime fighting Super Hero's out there keeping us safe from the bad guys. People are dressing up in homemade super hero costumes and patrolling their neighborhoods hoping to deter crime. The Green Scorpion is stinging crime in Phoenix; Terrifica walks the streets in New York; look out for Master Legend in Orlando and Mr. Silent tiptoes around Indianapolis. They join 200 other weaponless people who are registered with the World Superhero Registry. I am really excited to take part in keeping my neighborhood safe and free from crime. What do you think of the Cheering Chorkie? I could do loud cheers and alert the authorities when I see a crime going down.

New Homes

Good news everyone!! Sarah and Taylor had their contracted excepted on the home they were really hoping to purchase. It is a beautiful brick townhouse with a one car garage. It is only about 10 minutes from our house so we can go over for lots of visits. Taylor is allergic to me, so I have to be careful that I don't lay on the sofa or his bed because it will make his eyes water and skin itch. For their house warming present, I'll buy them a new Choopie bed that they can keep in the corner of their kitchen. Do you think this one is a little too over the top?

Chalupa Encore? I think not.

First of all, I think it would be embarrassing to be named Lancelot. That is what Nina and Edgar Otto named their yellow lab who died of cancer last year. They must have really loved their pet because they had Lancelot's DNA frozen. Good thing too, because 10-weeks ago Lancelot Encore was cloned from the original dogs DNA. I know Linda loves me and would miss me terribly when I go to dog heaven. Instead, I think she could spend the $154,000 helping homeless animals and the other $1,000 buying a brand new Chorkie. The Otto's wrote a check for that total amount to BioArts International, the company who cloned their dog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will You Be My Friend?

Linda has a new Facebook page. I don't know what that means, except that she is hogging the new laptop and is not letting me post as often. She promised me that I could have my own Facebook page too as soon as she learns how to do everything. It's OK because I'm not up to doing much today anyway. Last night I threw up 4 times and have not had an appetite today. While the family was eating last night, I broke the law and ate what was leftover in the cat's bowl. That always upsets me stomach. (Jerry was over for dinner and tried to warn Linda that I was going to get sick, but she did not listen.) Plus, the snowstorm is cramping my exercise style and I've not been outside in 2 days. The last thing in the world I want is to go see the DOCTOR. They always poke me with needles and make me weigh on the baby scale. They always say "It looks like Choopie is too chubby and needs to lose weight. No more treats."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Laugh

Been a quite day for me today. We still don't have a laptop, but Linda went tonight and picked out our new model. It was not in stock, but they are getting one in the morning. It has a camera built in so I can post some video of me while I type. Bet you'll be laughing when you see a 4 pound Chorkie typing! Our walk today was just freezing, but I keep on insisting that we go. I finished the last part all warm inside Linda's coat. If Linda can figure out how to get the new laptop hooked up to our wireless Internet, I'll be back to posting funny stories and shenanigans tomorrow night! Yipee.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Love You Unconditionally

This is the therapy dog that goes to Carol's rehab center. It plays with the patients and makes them happy. I want to be a volunteer and cheer up the patients. Maybe she can call and see if she can bring me when she goes back on Tuesday. Linda just came back from visiting. Carol looks amazing and is getting so strong. They spent some time in the gym and Linda helped her with some different exercises. It looks like she might be able to come home on the 2nd of Feb.

Choopie Le Pew

Whew! We just got back from a freezing walk on the wooded trail. It was sunny and beautiful, but even wearing my warm coat, I had to tell Linda "carry" so I could warm up inside her jacket. (All I do is stop walking, sit down, and stare up at her with pitiful eyes. That means "carry". When I'm ready to walk again, I wiggle around.) On the way home, I stopped to smell something very interesting. It was a branch a skunk sprayed. That ended the walk pretty quick and we rushed home so I could have a long warm bath to get the odor off my nose. It's a good thing I did not roll in it! Having a bath is not fun, but I love the feeling of being clean and brushed after. I look like a big ball of adorable fur. I don't think its possible to be too attractive since I keep getting cuter as I grow up.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Party Continues

Here are the photos from Tierney's birthday dinner. Everyone is in Georgetown today for the second celebration. She is even having another party tonight! It's nice to be loved.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Be Patient

Linda is laptop shopping. She found a great deal today on a Toshbia and even talked the Geek guy into transferring our data from the broken one to the new one for half price. As soon as we get the new computer, I'll be back to my regular fun posting schedule. For now, it will be just one a day. Sorry fans (all 6 of them), I know you love reading about my life.

Go Tierney, It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to Tierney! Today is her 22nd birthday. They all went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory, then shopping, to a basketball game and later on tonight, Taylor's football game. There are a bunch of fun pictures, but they are on Tier's camera and we don't have the cord to download it to this old fashioned gigantic desk top computer we have to type on. I might get to go with Linda to the football game. Linda is going to smuggle me inside her sweatshirt. I'm sick and tired of being home alone and am starting to "act out" as Linda calls it. Today, her two friends Neil and Tom came over to help with some boy chores. I was just a brat and not very social at all. Then, Linda scrubbed the whole house. As soon as she was done with the floor, I on purpose-by accident had an accident (the messy kind.) If she leaves me tonight, I will probably chew a whole in the drywall.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

There is no hope

Our computer is broken for good. It is beyond repair. Linda has to go laptop shopping sometime this week. What a pain for us both.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want to hurt my computer!

We are having laptop issues, so I did not get to post yesterday. Linda took it today to the Geek's. He took the battery out, pressed the on and off button a bunch of times, and it worked! When we got home, it booted right up.... but only for 15 minutes then it turned itself off and went black again. Linda tried what Mr. Geek did, but this time it would not turn back on. Sounds like we have a hardware problem. Thank goodness we can use Tierney's laptop.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Be Smart! And Purty to!

Scientists have discovered that dogs are getting dumber. Back in the old days, dogs were prized for their strength and skills. They needed to guard sheep, fetch and hunt to provide food for their masters. Today, dogs are now prized for being docile, pretty pets that stay indoors. This has supposedly caused us to be less responsive and not very alert. There is a good chance that breeding for appearance has led to a decline in intelligence. Instead of a keen sense of smell or the quickest reaction time, people now want the silkiest coat or a dog that fits into a purse as a fashion accessory. Dr. Svartberg tested 31 different breeds. One of his findings is particularly disturbing. He says that attractive appearances were often linked to a boring personality! Come on now Doctor, I have an amazing personality, a silky coat, I'm super smart and extremely responsive to the slightest noise. I'm docile, pretty and can fit in a purse too. Take your study, shred it, and use it as lining for the cat litter box.

Snow Globe Chihuahua

Tierney put me out on the deck today to see if I liked the snow. I took 4 steps out...and ran 4 steps back into the house in all of 3 seconds. Linda told her I hate to get my feet wet, but Tier had to see for herself. At least I'm not begging every five minutes to go outside for a walk now. In fact, if Linda got my leash out I would probably run and hide. There is something about the cold wet feeling on my paws that makes me crazy. We are going to Pet Smart this week and try on little snow boots so I can keep up my exercise routine and not gain back the 1 1/2 pounds I lost. How neat is this snow globe Chihuahua?

Teachers Pet

It's not fair! I want to go to Kittengarten class too! Except I guess it would be called Puppygarten class. I am so lonely during the day while everyone is working. If I could go to 4 hours of Puppygarten and play with other dogs, it would be so fun. It's not all tumbling and chewing toys either. You learn all sorts of tricks and how to behave. The owners even come to class sometimes and learn about nutrition and potty training. Maybe since I'm so small I can crash the Kittengarten class. I love playing with cats, but Ink and Chip don't like playing with me. Maybe some new baby cats will be more receptive.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a Three Dog Night

We ventured outside today for a walk. It wasn't too freezing with my warm coat on, but Jerry ended up carrying me inside his coat towards the end of the walk. Our part of the country isn't even that cold compared to other places. So far we have not had any snow, just one day with a little ice on the windshield. Fine by me! I wish we could go right from fall to spring and skip winter altogether. Back when Sheba the Siberian Husky used to live here, she wouldn't come back inside when it was snowing. She would run and run around the backyard and make Linda chase her! She loved the snow and winter weather. I never met her, but if Snickers loved her... I'm sure I would too. (Although she kept killing small rodents and birds, so maybe it is a good idea she is in dog heaven already.) Linda says that Sheba always had to have the last word. She would go "woo..woo.woo" back at you when ever she was scolded or told to do something. Sheba would escape from the 6 foot fenced backyard and Snickers would have to go with her to protect her. Twice they had to be sprung from the pound. If they were both still alive, we could keep Linda really warm on these extra cold three-dog-nights.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up, Put on a Happy Face

I'm walking around crying, whining and I won't settle down. Linda's tried everything to make me happy, but nothing is working. She has tried water, food, pee-pee pad and even a cookie but nothing is working. There are two issues bothering me. Number 1: Chip is laying on Linda and taking me favorite spots. When I jump up and try to get close, she hisses at me. Linda picks me up and brings me close to her and I settle down for a little while, then start crying when Chip starts purring. Number 2: I can't do my walks because it is too cold. I've got a lot of pent up energy to burn up and running up and down the hall is not enough. (o.k. 3 issues) Number 3: I miss Jerry, I've gotten used to seeing him on Saturdays and he did not come and get me today for some reason. That made me sad. To cheer me up Linda showed me this photo of a smiling pooch. It kind of worked too!

There is something fishy about this story...

Two of my favorite blog posts are the man who stuffed the live lobsters down his pants and the man who stole the frozen bags of shrimp by stuffing them down into his pants. (There is a third story I never posted. Linda had a friend who used to go clamming and they would put the live clams inside their speedo swimsuits. He kept promising to send Linda a photo of it but he never did.) Anyway, time to add to the men stuffing fish into their clothes stories. A NY man decided he wanted a pet shark. He walked into a Franklin Square pet store and nabbed a $350 shark from the aquarium. He stuck it in his jacket (why not his pants?) and made his getaway. The shark joined a a green moray eel that he purchased with a stolen credit card. He was caught and arrested for Grand Theft Fish. Or is it Fishnapping? Maybe they can charge him with Cleptofishia? Whatever, his bait (I mean bail) will probably be set pretty high since he is probably crazy.

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Crisis averted! It was so freezing here last night that our pipes froze. We had no water at all when we woke up this morning. Good thing we have a water cooler on the counter or I would have been a thirsty pup while Linda was at work. When she got back at 1:00, there was still no water. After 30 minutes on hold with the Water Works people, she was cut off before a live person came on the line. Things looked bleak... but then in walks Taylor, Sarah and Sarah's dad and brother. Tom and Josh are two of the handiest people around. Josh is only 13 and has a complete workshop. He designs and builds custom bookcases, makes dressers and even put down the hardwood floors at his house. Tom knew exactly what to do and fixed the issue in no time at all! He went to the hardware store to by some pipe insulation so it does not happen again tonight. It's crazy cold but I really want to go on a walk today even if it is just tucked inside the -50 below llbean coat. The problem is that Linda's head gets too cold. With all the money we saved on hiring a plumber to fix the pipes, we can get her one of these extra-warm bomber hats!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Play Nice Already!!

Linda just got home (it's 11:30 at night) from Taylor's indoor football game. It is supposed to be flag football, but it is very ruff and dangerous. The other team were big trash talkers and punched one of our guys out on the last play of the game. Both benches emptied out, but not one guy on Taylor's team threw a punch. They just tried to hold back the bad guys who were attacking. Of course, Linda got all upset and had to make sure her boy (all 6' 6"of him) was safe. We were stuck inside the building til the cops came because the mean team was waiting out in the parking lot to continue the fight. Taylor and a few of his friends stopped to talk and shake hands before we all walked together to our cars. Our team is in first place, they won the entire division the last 2 years in a row.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Pooch or Battery Operated Plant?

Depressed lonely people now can buy a friend. There is a new toy made in Japan called the "Pekoppa". It looks like a small plant just starting to sprout from the pot. When you talk to it, it flutters it's little leaves and bends its stem to whoever is speaking. They are marketing it as a communication tool for both young and old. The price is 2,310 yen or 26 American dollars. The toy is so popular that the company is making a flowering model. I've got a way better idea if you are unhappy . Get a dog if you are lonely. We listen and nod our head when you talk to us, lick your face and make you smile when you are depressed. We love you no matter what and will make you laugh when you are sad.

Hippo Heinie

I guess Chip does not have the biggest butt in the world after all! This hippo just gave birth to her baby hippo and the paparazzi are all over her behind taking unflattering shots. How rude is that.

When Bunnies go Bad

Who would have thought removing all the feral cats from an island would end up costing authorities over $16 million dollars. That is exactly what happened when they decided to do to save the birds living on Macquarie. The cats were eating the birds for lunch. After eradicating (I hope eradicating means finding them loving homes) all the cats from the Australian Island, the killer bunnies took over. They ate all the vegetation that the birds depend on. Now the birds are toast. Removing the cats caused widespread environmental devastation. It would have been a lot cheaper to just bring the cats a bunch of Meow Mix dry cat food. Then they would not need to eat the birds to survive. Instead, someone suggested removing the cats and the rabbits! Yikes, when will people learn not to mess with the way things are supposed to be.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Forget Chicken of the Sea...

There's a new cat in town: Stop what you are doing right now and go to this site: Peta wants to change the name of fish to Sea Kittens so people will stop eating them. There is a whole "Save the Sea Kitten" campaign. I wish I would have thought of that first! Sea Kittens. I even love saying it. Imagine going to Red Lobster and ordering the Sea Kitten stuffed with crab meat? How about the Sea Kitten Scampi? Linda is so ordering a tee shirt. I wonder if she can get one for me too?

Carol Update

Carol, Linda's friend who has been really sick, is doing much better! She is in a nursing home/rehab facility working on swallowing, speaking, and getting her strength back. Tuesday Linda drove up there with her friend Mary and they had a great visit. The time before that, they washed her hair. That was a big fiasco since you can't get any water in or near the tracheotomy site. They are planning on going this Saturday too. This photo was taken 2 summers ago when Carol just finished up a round of chemo and radiation treatments. From left: Carol, her Mom Anne, Crazy Jane and Mary. Linda was taking the photo.

"Attack of the Midget Snowmen"

It is supposed to be really freezing cold towards the end of the week. It looks like I might be staying inside and not taking my fun walks. My coat is pretty warm, but I still don't have boots and I hate getting my feet damp and cold. Linda could wear her LL Bean parka that is rated for 50 degrees below zero and tuck me inside so just my face peeks out. In honor of the cold weather, I found this awesome photo of mutant snowmen. It looks like a bad Sci-Fi movie.

If Chip Can Lose Weight....

You should have seen Chip Cat last year. She was at least 20 pounds of blubber. She is down to 13 pounds now, which is still 3 times more then I weigh. Back in the day, when she jumped off the counter, I would run and hide because the sound scared me. It's not healthy for kitty's to be chubby... and it's not healthy for people to be chubby either. A five-foot tall 275 pound women got all upset and angry when the doctor could not fit her inside the MRI machine. She was too round to go in the opening. Apparently, even some of the open MRI's did not work. They suggested she go to the zoo and use the really big MRI's they use for the animals. I'm sure a law suit will be filed, when really the tech should just apologize for being insensitive and then the women should run, not walk, to the nearest Weight Watchers.

p.s. Don't be sending me hate mail like the time I blogged about the poor little Chihuahua who was sick and it turned out to be the breeders fault. Linda lost weight with WW's and even became a Leader!

Greatest Escapologists in History.

Choop-ini and Houdini. No matter how secure Linda makes the kitchen gates, I'm able to work and work to squeeze out. All this time Linda has been blaming Tierney for not securing the gates when she leaves for school or work. Little did she know that it was me all along. They both went out to the grocery store this afternoon. Linda made sure that the gates were secure and even put the trash can against the side gate. But sure enough, as soon as they left I did my amazing Choop-ini act and busted out. Now she says she is buying extra secure gates to keep me in the kitchen...AND IT'S FOR MY OWN GOOD..blah, blah.... POISON THINGS....blah, blah...DANGEROUS CATS.....blah, blah... RUINING THE CARPET..... Maybe I can make all her
complaining disappear!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Your Own Home

Exciting news for Taylor and Sarah! They put a contract on a beautiful TH today. I hope they get it because both of them really are ready to move out on their own. The TH has more square feet then our single family home. Taylor said the master bedroom is four times the size of his old room here. There is already another contract on it, so they are waiting anxiously to hear if they are chosen. Thank goodness it is close by because Linda would really wants to babysit when they have kids.

I'm Still Way Cuter!

Tom and Neil came over today to look at Linda's closet situation. Neil smelled wonderful and I could not stop licking his hands. Come to find out, he has 2 little Shih-Tzu pups just my size! I'm so excited to have a play date. Next time Neil comes over, he is going to bring the pooches for me to hang with. I'll have to have a talk with Chip so she does not boss us around.

By George!

What a lucky day for George, the 140-year-old lobster who was living in a Kennebunkport restaurant tank. The City Crab freed the 20-pound old timer after PETA begged the restaurant owner to grant him a reprieve. Fishermen in Maine are not allowed to catch lobsters that big, so George won't have to worry about getting into hot water. Hurray! I love happy endings.

Sticky Situation

This Thursday is the 90th anniversary (this is an old newspaper article) of a very bizarre tragedy. In 1919, a tank filled with 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst in Boston. The 50 foot wall of molasses gushed down Commercial at 35 miles per hour killing 21 people and injuring another 150 people. Entire houses were destroyed. If you would like to read more about the sticky situation, you can read Stephen Puleo's book "Dark Tide." I bet even today that town hates the smell of Grandma's molasses cookies baking.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bears better Hide!

Linda went to a party for Sarah's 21st birthday. For her presents, we got her 3 cookbooks so she can cook yummy things for Taylor. You all know how much I love makeup, her friend Joelle got her a giant makeup kit with all sorts of great things to chew. (Linda now has to store her makeup in a sealed bag because I keep eating it.) The present from her Dad Tom was a little weird. He got her a bear and deer hunting license. Sarah actually loves to hunt and has actually shot a bear before. Even though Linda hates hunting, she still loves Sarah like a daughter. If we ever have to flee to the woods and live in the wilderness, Sarah will be able to feed us and skin the bear hide to make us coats. She is a Little House on the Prairie kind of girl. This is Sarah and Tom the day she married Taylor.

Today's Post

I got to spend Saturday and Sunday with Jerry this weekend. Linda was gone all day Sunday so he came over to get me. We went for a long (but freezing) walk on the trail behind his house. Ink the Cat would not play with me, but I did get to run round and round the TH while Jerry played hide and seek with me. By the time Linda got home and he bought be back, I was so tuckered out that I went right to sleep. Being with him is fun and always a new adventure, but I miss Linda and sometimes I get homesick. Here is a photo of her with her friends from this weekend. It was a "goodbye" dinner for one of her work friends Joyce. That's Linda in the white sweater talking to Rouba.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Purse Puppy Pals

It has been an incredibly busy time for Linda. She is hardly every home, so that means I get to go to the "puppysitter." Jerry has been picking me up and taking me over to the TH. Last night I was there to very late because there was a big party at our house. Of course, everyone saw my beds and toys and wanted to meet me. It 's a good thing that I was not here as it would have stressed all my fur right off! Chip hid in the laundry room behind the unfinished piece of dry wall.
Maybe one day one of Linda's friends will fix the dry wall and by accident-on purpose seal her up behind the wall. (Just kidding, we are best buddies now, although I prefer the canine kind.) Tierney told us tonight that she has set up a play date with some of her friends who also have purse puppies. This is wonderful news and I can't wait to meet them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sarah!

Today is Sarah's 21st Birthday! Taylor came over and showed us all the great presents he got her for when they move into their new home. Her party is this Sunday, but I can't go because it is at her Mom's house, not our house. Drat! We got her a bunch of cookbooks because she is a really great cook and since Taylor weighs 215 pounds and is 6' 6" tall, she'll need to make him a lot of food so he does not starve. I'm glad Taylor married such a wonderful girl.


I was such a good dog today. Linda spent the last 4 hours vacuuming and shampooing the entire house. We have white carpet and any little accident shows up. It looks so clean and nice. I had to go to take care of some business while she was doing the downstairs carpet and she did not hear me whining. I went to the emergency pee pad all by myself. I usually need to be accompanied to the pee pad because I am afraid of Chip jumping out and getting me while I am indisposed. Today... I knew Linda would not be too happy if I slipped up. She was so proud of me that I got one of my special peanut butter cookies. Linda's friend Tom who has been helping with the special jobs around the house did some more work today. I don't think he likes me very much. He is the first person I've meet that does not pet me or tell me how cute I am. Maybe he's a cat person.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Princess and the Flea

I was NOT happy tonight. I'm the princess and deserve all the attention. In fact, I'm sitting here on Linda's bed just moaning and whining thinking about what happened. Linda does not understand that she can't dote on me 99% of the time but forget I exist the other 1%. Jerry came over for dinner and to help move some stuff around (which he did not end up even having to do.) They watched Supernatural and a Sci-Fi movie. Chip always bosses her way in the middle of things when Jerry is here because she is really his cat first (when Tierney is not home.) Linda just tolerates Chip the rest of the time. So sure enough, everyone was on the couch together, with Chip on Jerry's lap. I was just kind of stuck in the leftover spots. Of all the nerve! When Jerry brings me to his house on Saturday, I am going to pee on his carpet.

Update on Carol

Linda's friend Carol Welsh is still in the ICU at the hospital where she has been since before Christmas. They are looking for a rehab center to move her where they take people who have to be on a ventilator at night. She is doing much better with the tracheotomy now that she is getting the oxygen in and Co2 out. I really like Carol and am glad she is doing well enough to start her recovery process. You can visit her website and learn more about the kind of brain tumor she has and all the surgeries she has been through. Just google her name and it is the fist hit. Linda told me as soon as she is allowed to come home I am going over to visit her. This is a photo from this past October. Isn't she pretty?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is Not Jerry

Jerry lives in a townhouse neighborhood. Sometimes when I go over for visitation, he gets really mad when he pulls up to his house. There are two reserved numbered spots for his cars, and his clueless neighbors park in them so he has no place to put his car. When I go over this Saturday, I'm going to tell him about the Pennsylvania man who tried to fix the problem of his neighbor parking in his spot. He got out his chain saw and began sawing through the guys front door while he was screaming about his occupied parking space. Unfortunately, the neighbor will get to keep parking there while sawman is in jail. A jury convicted the man of terrorist threats along with other charges.

What's in a Name?

Max, Bailey, Bella, Molly, Lucy, Buddy, Maggie, Daisy, Sophie and Chloe. Those are the 10 most popular dog names of 2008. They sound like a list of the top 10 baby names to me. What happened to good old fashion names like King, Fido, Prince, Snickers, and even Chalupa. (Well, OK. Chalupa is not a very old fashioned name.) It might confuse the kids to have the dogs name sound like a people name. But wait, now that I think about it.. some of the top baby names could be dog names: Jayden, Dakota, Jackson, Jasmine, Avery. Never mind.

Smokin' Good!

Linda just came home from the grocery store with bacon; Little Smokie's; pulled pork BBQ and hamburger meat! I was freaking out until she told me that she is cooking dinner tonight for non-vegans. She even bought some bottles of soda! Yikes, I hope she is feeling alright. Personally, I think guests should just eat tofu and veggies over brown rice. Of course maybe few bites of meat might fall off someones plate. I'll have to scarf them right up to keep the floor nice and clean. I imagine the absolute best smell in the world is cooking bacon. I've never actually smelled it, but it has got to be heavenly. Maybe I'll post photos later tonight after dinner. p.s. Between the bacon, burgers and pork cooking... I almost lost consciousness from the good smells. And I did not even get a crumb of anything!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brad Pitt Bull

We have been going to adoption event's looking for a pooch. Linda wants a big dog like Snickers... I just want a friend to keep me company. The last two dogs we liked were both Pitt Bulls. Many people have said that they are wonderful companions and not anymore dangerous then other dogs. We even have a name picked out if we get a Pitt.... Brad. In fact, Chihuahuas are on the top ten list of biting dogs. (FYI, I never bit anyone!!) Just today, in Bakersfield, Calif a 9-year old boy saved a girl and her small dog from a pit bull attack. He put the vicious dog in a jiu-jitsu choke hold he learned in his Martial Arts class. The boy held the dog in the choke hold until the the animal control office arrived. Both the girl and small dog had multiple puncture wounds, but will fully recover. I'm glad Linda is a 3rd Degree Black Belt. She knows all those choke holds.

"Sorry Teach, a deer ate my homework."

Today, some students in a NJ school had the most exciting day of their school year. Two curious deer jumped through a classroom window startling a teacher and some kids. How cool is that? The students and teacher managed to get out of the room and close the door. The deer trashed the room before animal control officers tranquilized the animals so they could be released in the woods. They should have just given the deer Ritalin since that is what they do to the kids when the get rambunctious.