Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Love Linda

I'm sorry I complained in that last post about Linda being gone. I just found out that she had the opportunity to go to a beautiful ski resort tomorrow for three days. She turned it down because she did not want to leave me alone for that long. Even though I'm sure people would have stopped by to take care of me, I would have been devastated if she left. Come to find out she has been feeling bad that I've been alone so much that she decided not to go. I love you Linda. Kiss-Kiss. (This squirrel photo has nothing to do with the post, a friend of Linda's took it and I thought it was amazing.)

Message to Linda:

I know I'm not supposed to complain anymore since I really am a lucky dog, but come on already... either get me a pal or spend more time at home! All these long work days are getting to be really tedious. Linda is teaching a lot of classes lately and is not able to spend the time with me like she used to. She drove 128 miles yesterday driving between gyms, TKD and corporate centers to teach. Today, she did her 3 regular morning classes then had the nerve to go out to lunch! But wait it gets worse. She still did not come right home because she went to the movies after lunch. I don't know what her plans are tonight, but I am hiding her keys so she stays home with me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tier Tier Tier

Yeah! I got to see Tierney today. It's the first time since she moved out that she has been back to visit. Linda was gone from 8 a.m. to 9:15 p.m. working so she asked her to stop in after work and take care of us. (Linda had so many classes today that she is feeling totally broken.) Anyway, it was wonderful to see Tierney. She fed Chip and I some food and gave us some Tier-love. I miss her so much, maybe she'll come back more often.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chi Chi Chilly!

It was so cold out today that I only could walk 4 houses before I asked Linda to pick me up. She tucked me in her parka and carried me the rest of the way. The wind was blowing so hard it was pushing me over. She even had me wear my blue Sherpa-lined coat since it is the warmest one I have. I don't remember having so many weather related walking issues last year. How long until Spring? Here I am wearing my sombrero celebrating warmer days.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss the Target

Linda went to a new Target this afternoon. She got a gift card for Christmas and wanted to get some groceries with it. The Target by our house does not have as big as a selection, so she thought she would try the other one. WRONG! The traffic getting out of the parking lot was just ridiculous. There were cop cars everywhere, orange cones and cops directing traffic to try to "hurry things along." I think it had the opposite effect. There were stories that before Christmas that it was taking people over 2 hours to get out of the lot, but she thought since the busy shopping season is over, traffic would be back to normal. She'll have to miss the Target next time and try out WalMart instead.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

That's a Bird-Brained Idea!

In parts of Africa, vultures are becoming scarce. Shamans and healers are trapping and killing the vultures to sell to their clients. It is believed that if you smoke vulture brains (yes, you read that right) you will be able to pick lottery numbers, win a horse races, or ace your exams. If you don't want to roll the brains into a cigarette, you can burn the brains and inhale the vapors. You can find the vulture brain right next to the snake skins, ostrich feet and donkey fat (which they say will chase away the bad spirits.) Next time Tierney goes to Africa, I'll have to tell her to try it and pick me some winning lottery numbers!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I just got home from my first "real" walk since the huge snowfall bombarded us last weekend. I was able to do our usual route and only had to be carried a few times where the lazy people had not shoveled their walkways. It felt good to stretch my legs and run. Since it was pretty dark, Linda did not want to really jog just in case there were hidden ice patches, but we still went fast. I thought I was going to be spending the whole night alone, but Linda finally came home. She spent most of the evening watching a Brad Pitt war movie at Taylor and Sarah's. (This isn't Brad Pitt shooting a gun, it's Taylor shooting at the target range in Disney.) I wish I could go over one time and visit Sarah too. Linda said I can't because Taylor is allergic to me and it makes him all itchy and his eyes water. I understand and I don't want him to feel bad because of me. Hopefully, we can go to Pet Smart tomorrow and visit all the dogs up for adoption. It will be good to get back into our regular routine.

Says Who?

PETA will be throwing red paint on Tierney if she wears this fur vest. What does she think she is doing? Doesn't she know better then to wear animal fur? I know her motto is "I Do What I Want", but come on Tier, Chip and I are counting on you to be kind to animals and not wear their skins just so you can look foxy. Whoever got this Christmas present for Tierney should be ashamed of herself. I wonder who it was?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Family Rocks!

Look at Tierney hiding in the paper and empty boxes! I would have a heart attack if I got to play in that pile. I love paper and cardboard almost better then my squeaky toys. Every Christmas from the time he was a little boy, Taylor gets Batman bubble bath. The best part is it is the same empty bottle that Linda saves every year and wraps over and over and over. It's still funny after all these years. It was been one of Linda's favorite Christmas ever. She loved being with the kids and then spending the night at Sarah's parents. I'm so happy for her.

Ms. Eva for Adoption

Merry Christmas everyone! I've already opened all my presents, taken a walk on the shoveled sidewalks and watched a TV show all about Me... Chorkies! It was crazy to see so many Chorkies that looked and sounded exactly like I do. I have to admit, they were the cutest dogs ever. This little Chorkie is 9 months old and available for adoption to the right home. I think I live in the perfect home. She is 4.4 pounds and looks just like me (in the top photo)! I say we adopt her, what do you think? (The $500 adoption fee might be a little problem though.) Linda just got home from Taylor and Sarah's where they had a big brunch and opened all their gifts. In a little while, Linda is going back out to Sarah's parents house to have another Christmas! I was invited, but I stress around a lot of new people, so I'll just await here for her. There will be family photos in tonight's post.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Manager Scene

I wish that I could have been in the family Christmas manager photo. If Snickers was still alive, I would have made my own pet manager scene. Of course, Snickers would be Joseph, Chip would be Mary and I would fit perfectly in the manger as baby Jesus. Snickers and I would play our parts like pros and posed for the photo without a yip. Linda would have had to staple the Mary wrap onto Chip then super glue her feet to the floor to get her to stay still for the shot. That would have been a real scene!

Merry Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, and Linda has been telling me the real story of why we celebrate Christmas. It's really all about the birth of Jesus, not opening presents or eating a lot of Christmas cookies. I totally understand, but I'm glad for the cookies and presents just the same. Instead of doing the family photo around the Christmas tree, Linda decided to do this years photo around the Manger scene. Tierney is the one pretending she has angel wings. Linda loves that the Cross is right over baby Jesus, it really does drive home the true meaning of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Attention: Will the person who stole the 300 new winter coats from the Richmond Salvation Army please return them? These coats were to be donated to needed families for Christmas! How can you sleep at night knowing some little kid is freezing? I hope you get caught selling the coats on ebay and get sent to jail. (Maybe your cell mate's name will be Bubba.)

Herbal Essence?

Um.... I'm just glad that Virginia people are smart enough to know better.

Beware of Napping

Not the kind of napping I do during the day when I lay on my bed, but the kind of napping where you are dog napped. The FBI National Crime center is reporting a 30 percent rise this year in dog napping. The nappers are targeting dogs left in cars or tied up outside a store while owners are running errands. The bad guys are also checking out who leaves their dog outside in the fenced yard while they are at work. Linda is always very careful at the dog park and never takes her eyes off of me. On a crowed day, there are at least 20 dogs and even more humans in the fenced area. It would take just 10 seconds for someone to tuck me in their jacket and leave. I have a special microchip, but that won't deter someone from snatching me. Please, please be careful and don't let your dog become a target for napping.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

The real meaning of Christmas, not body-less reindeer!

Say It Isn't So

Linda is so traumatized by this photo that she said her Christmas is almost ruined. It's a good thing that she did not see this in person driving down our street. She might have flipped her lid for good. I told her to calm down, it must be a fake. Santa would never chop Rudolph's head off, would he?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Here are some photos from Linda's Christmas Program that she went to tonight. Just like last year, she got to carry the babies up on stage while they sang "O Christmas Tree." Her baby was the best, he fell asleep during the pageant and did not make one peep. After the program and dinner, the family took some candid shots. I wish Linda could photoshop me into the group!

Foxy Baby

Linda made me go outside this afternoon for a snow hike. She said the sun was shinning, and it wasn't really cold at all. Things looked beautiful through the glass door, I must admit. Of course I refused to budge the second my paws hit the sidewalk. Even though it was shoveled, it was still cold and slushy. Because she loves me and did not want to see me sad, she bundled me inside her L.L. Bean Parka (rated to keep you warm in -50 below zero temperatures) and off we went. It was so fun! I loved looking around and seeing the world covered in white. Everyone who was outside clearing their driveways and walks stopped us and said how cute I looked peaking out from her coat. Someone even thought I was a baby fox!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stocking Stuffer

I'm used to being the cutest dog where ever I go. Obviously, if this little guy was at the dog park, I would be the second cutest dog. He is so adorable I hope he is one of my Christmas presents.

Just say NO to snow

As you can tell, I'm definitely not feeling the snow! After Linda shoveled for the second time today, she decided to let me walk around on the cleared front stoop. Um... Linda, my heritage is half Mexican and I definitely prefer warm weather. What were you thinking?

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This is the view out my front door. Linda shoveled for over an hour. I had been whining to go outside with her, but when she opened the door for me to step outside, I ran and hid in my bed. The snow would be over my head even if I stood on my hind legs. You can tell by where she shoveled that the snow is probably over 12" and the worst is yet to come. At least when she goes back out later to do it again, the snow won't be so heavy she can't lift it. Next we are baking cookies for the Christmas program tomorrow at church. Even though my party got canceled today, it's been super fun having Linda home all morning.

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The snow storm has officially started. We just got word from Santa that the Dog Park party is canceled for tomorrow, good thing too because I would be totally buried if I tried to venture out. The Weather Man is saying up to 20" of snow will fall before it is all said and done. Linda has been busy preparing just in case our pipes freeze or the power goes out. She even thought ahead and opened a few big cans of cat food since all we have is an electric can opener. She also filled two giant 5-gallon jugs with water, found all the extra blankets; gathered together the candles and matches and even bought the snow shovel inside so she can start shoveling from the front door! I have about 5 cans of food and a lot of dry food. Unfortunately, Linda's food is not so well stocked. I might be sharing my Kibble with her. Too bad we don't have a fireplace, that would keep us toasty warm.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow Snow Go Away...

NO! One of our local news stations said that we are going to get up to 10" of snow this weekend. Any weekend but this weekend, please weather man. I am really looking forward to my party Saturday. It will be canceled for sure if it is snowing. It's not like little dogs have a lot of fur and body fat to keep warm. We would freeze our little feet off standing in the snow waiting for our turn to sit on Santa's lap. Maybe Santa might make a house call, ya think?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Monkeys

Linda is a 3rd degree Black Belt and teaches Tae Kwon Do classes. Sometimes she practices around the house and I love to watch her kick, punch and yell Kiap! I sure wish she would teach me some moves to use on Chip when she gets mean and nasty with me. A man in China taught his monkeys TKD. They troupe preformed for outdoor crowds in the province where he lives. During one of the shows, the trainer slipped and the monkeys went crazy. One kicked him in the head and another grabbed a stick and cracked him over the head. The dazed man was finally able to subdue the monkeys. They were punished exactly like TKD fighters are punished for illegal hits, by kneeling with their back to their opponent holding their hands behind their back, head facing the floor.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Early Christmas!

I had so much fun last night. Jerry came over and bought be a Christmas stocking full of presents. Here I am hunting through the stocking for the next toy. In all, I got 8 new toys and 2 bags of cookies. There was one toy in there for Chip. Let's see.... Choopie=8 toys; Chip=1 toy. I guess Santa knows who is naughty and who is nice. Linda and Jerry were laughing so hard because I would get all excited about the toy I pulled out, play with it for 30 seconds, and then leave it to stick my nose back in the stocking to pull a new one out. The screaming chicken scared me a little. When I bite it, it really sounds like a dying chicken. I like my toys to squeak and not sound like the real deal.

Monday, December 14, 2009

All Over a Trolley?

Salami and Cheese, sounds like good party food. Or in this case, good fighting food. A 74-year old man and a 35-year old women got into a fight when they both tried to grab the same shopping cart (or trolley as they call it in England where the fight took place.) It seems like the store ran out of trolleys because it was packed with Christmas shoppers. The old man tried to take the cart from the lady, but her younger brother punched the old man in the face. The siblings, along with their 53-year old Mom, took the cart to the cheese department, but the old man followed them armed with a long salami. He clubbed the puncher repeatedly with the salami. Not about to let her son get porked, the Mom grabbed a big 4 pound piece of sharp Parmesan cheese and started stabbing the old man with the end. Next, the old man shoved the Mom's head into a glass counter top and cracked her head open. The police finally arrived and broke up the fight. The trolley was undamaged. I don't know about the cheese and salami though.


We almost had a dire disaster with our computer! I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to update my blog every day. Disappointing my readers would just be too horrible for me to fathom. Every time Linda tries to burn a copy of a CD, the computer goes wacky. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it freezes up the whole system. Today, it froze and would not unfreeze for anything. The CD tray was stuck shut, the system would not turn off and the "not responding" button would not go away. Linda had to push the power button and then... nothing.... a screen came on that said the computer was NOT able to restart, so sorry. PANIC! After figuring out how to run some diagnostic things and a lot of praying... she got to a "restore" screen and was able to restart before the bad crash happened. No more burning CD's for Linda. She'll have to rely on her trusty friends, namely Jerry :)

Monday, Monday

FINALLY! A sunny-warmish day. Linda hooked me up with a looong walk after her morning class. The snow was all melted and the sidewalks were not too wet for my delicate paws. Later on today, she has lunch plans, then private lessons and TKD classes to teach, followed by 3 basket ball games tonight! She wanted to make sure I was good and tired so I won't be bored while she is out late. No worries here, I'm thankful that I have 5 beds too choose from to snooze while I wait for her. I think I'll hop up onto her big bed and snuggle in the pillows. As you can see, I'm growing my hair out for winter. Do you like it?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Wonder if they Squeak?

It's been a rainy Sunday, so no walks. I've been playing with toys, eating snacks and napping while Linda is wrapping presents and doing chores. I tried to peek while she was wrapping to see if anything was for me, but unless she got me something from Victoria Secrets, I doubt it. (This bra and pantie set is actual a dog toy!) Next week is the Christmas Party at the dog park. Jerry said he could take me, but he gets so busy with "stuff" that I might need to see if someone else can take me so I can be there for the start of it. Linda will be able to come at 1:00, but I want to be there for the present exchange and the caroling. Speaking of caroling, I'm going to see if Carol wants to come to the party! She loves little dogs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


The New and Improved Choopie is finished complaining. Past Saturdays when Linda was gone for hours and hours I would whine and feel sorry for myself. Now, after reading about all the poor homeless animals that don't have warm beds to wait in for their humans, I'm so thankful that I have a home and family who love me. We wish we had room for lots of dogs and cats whose families had to give them to the shelter. Plus, I'm happy Linda had a fun time tonight at her Christmas gathering. There were S'mores with a fire pit for toasting marshmallows, all sorts of good food and her team even won first place in the group game! Who thought tossing a Christmas card into a small basket would bring out such competitiveness in people??

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

In less then 1 hour Taylor will be 21 years old. The whole family went to dinner tonight to celebrate. We are sitting in his old nursery right now, exactly where his crib used to be. Linda just can't believe that he already a grown man with a wife. Maybe some time in the future there will be a little grand baby (or 2 or 3)! Whoot! That would make Linda so happy. I'll have to be sure to train it not to poke me or pull my tail.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

Thank goodness there were no UPS deliveries today. I was happy because that meant that the doorbell did not ring once. Linda is not so happy because there are Christmas presents that have not arrived yet. She hopes they come soon because she has to put them in boxes and wrap them up so it looks like Santa bought them to the house. I hope I get some presents too. I've been such a good dog lately. It's been over a week since I've had an ooopsie on the carpet. Plus, I've been trying my best to get along with Chip Cat and not annoy her with barking or eating her food. I want a Snuggy; squeaky toys, peanut butter flavored cookies, Lil Hot Dogs and a warmer coat since mine is too lightweight. Look, the Santa on this stocking has a little Choopie dog in his sled! I hope mine is full with lots off goodies.

Blowing in the Wind

During my walk today, I almost blew away like Toto in the Wizard of Oz. The wind was so strong at one point that Linda had to carry me because I was having trouble walking up the hill with the wind in my face. Being little has it's disadvantages, but I feel like the positives of being under 5 pounds outweigh the negatives. I can be carried anywhere, even into Target. Linda can put me in her coat or purse and I'm totally hidden. All the cutest clothes come in small sizes. I can sleep on Linda's bed with her because I only take up a tiny bit of space. Everywhere I go, people stop and tell me how cute I am. One lady at the dog park said I was so cute it hurt to look at me. When I go to the bathroom on our walks, Linda only needs tiny clean-up bags. (Once at the dog park I saw a guy clean up after a Great Dane. He had to use a plastic shopping bag!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snack Attack

I just realized the last two posts were named after Drake snack cakes. Linda LOVED Ring Dings, Yodels, Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles and the coffee cake. She did not like the Sunny Doodles though. Since the company's headquarters is in NJ near where she grew up, her Mommy would go the the Drake outlet store and buy bags full of the treats. Nanny would freeze them and Linda could have one treat a day in her lunch. When the treat was Yodels, she would peel all the chocolate off and eat it first. Next, she would unroll the cake and eat it flat. If it was Ring Ding, she would stick her finger inside and scoop out all the cream, then eat the cake. Devil Dogs were her favorite. Of course you take the top off and lick off all the cream, then put a napkin over the cake and flatten it out like a pancake before you eat it.


Linda did ALL of our Christmas shopping online this year. She did not have any desire to go out into the stores and malls. Yesterday, she tried to get paper towels and cat food at Target and she could not even get into the parking lot. The line of cars was backed up to the street trying to get into the lot. She could see people driving around and around looking for an open parking space. (I thought there was a recession and people were not spending money.) Plus, if she shops online I can sleep on her lap while she is browsing. There is only one problem with online shopping and its a big one. The doorbell keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. The UPS man is stopping at our house every day and I HATE THE DOORBELL. It makes me bark and stress and run in circles crying. There are 3 more deliveries left to go. Linda is going to tape over the doorbell and put a note that says "please knock." Great job hiding the packages UPS man! It's a Dingy Blond hiding spot.

Devil Dog

I am thankful that our storm was just rain and not snow. Linda made me go out today for a walk, but I did not want to since the ground was wet. I just hate getting my paws damp. I hate getting my fur wet. Every time I came near a puddle or extra-wet area, I stopped and did my "carry-me" sad face. We need Cesar to help me learn to walk on wet pavement. Pet Smart sells little boots, but even the smallest size is 3 times too big for me. Plus, all the other dogs would laugh at me. Most of the neighborhood dogs play and romp in the snow and look like they are having big fun. Snickers old girlfriend before I came to live here was a full Siberian Husky named Sheeba. Sheeba was crazy in the snow. Linda had to drag her by the collar to get her to come back inside. Even on the coldest nights she wanted to sleep in her dog house and not the warm kitchen. Look at those demon red eyes, she sure looks scary to me. (Although Linda said she was very friendly and sweet and Snickers adored her.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Finally, the snow has melted enough for me to go outside. We went out earlier today for a walk. It was cold, but with my new jacket on, it wasn't too bad. I stayed off the lawns though, because they were still snow covered. We ran into Harry (my Jack Russel pal) and we walked together. It felt just like I was part of the pack. I followed behind Harry since he is bigger then me and seemed to want to be the Big Dog. I did not mind, but he kept stopping and lifting his leg to pee. The first time I did not slow down and almost ran right into it! Ewwww, yuck. Next time I see him we are going to take his photo and I'll post it. The weather men are calling for another storm tonight so I don't know how soon I'll see him again. This is one of the toddlers at Linda's church. She is sooo cute!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad Cesar! I'm Telling Daddy

Linda was bummed that she did not get to go see Cesar, our favorite Dog Whisperer yesterday. She was supposed to go to is show for her birthday, but plans change. It's a good thing too because Cesar backed out and did not come to D.C.! I thought he seemed like the kind of man that kept his word. There better be a good reason. Maybe he was not in his calm-submissive state and needed a time out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sooo Cute

I have to admit, I think my blog is pretty entertaining. (At least to the 10 people who actually read it every day.) There is another blog on blogspot that I just found called Guess what it is about? Yep, adorable babies wearing adorable hats. If you did not have your " cute" moment yet, check it out. Just don't forget about Choopieslife, OK?

Will You Carry Me?

I got an early Christmas present today! My open carry-me bag that Linda takes to the dog park is not really working so well. That's a great bag when we go to the store or Pet Smart, but the entire top is open and other dogs try to climb inside while I'm hiding in there at the park. My new carry-me bag is awesome. It has lots of zippers, a soft fleece bed inside, mesh and even a little zipper that opens for Linda to stick her hand in and pet me! If I ever had to go on a plane, it is safety approved for airline travel. She took me to Pet Smart after church and I was able to pick it out myself. Instead of the pink one I wanted, I got black so when Jerry carries me places he won't be girlie. Linda put it in my favorite daytime sleeping spot, the sunny dining room. I love it so much that I took a nap inside while Linda made lunch.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whoopie! Snow.

STILL SNOWING! How is Linda going to get out tomorrow to go to church? She'll have to get up extra early to shovel the walk and driveway. At least we have an all-wheel drive car that really plows through the snow and ice. Since we have been snowed in, Linda has been super busy around the house cleaning and scrubbing. Then she started on some projects. First, she packed up Tierney's entire room so when she comes to get the rest of her stuff this week, she can just load it in the car. If she does not want the stuff, it is ready to go to the thrift store. Second, she put some horrible smelly stuff on her hair and now it's a different color. Silly Linda. Third, the snow got her in a Christmas cookie baking mood, so she made some vanilla snowflake cookies that don't smell horrible at all, they smell heavenly. She is going to make a filling to stick 2 cookies together to make little Snowflake Whoopee Pies.