Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McMad Cow

Better double lock your sliding glass doors and bring the kids inside. A women from Middletown was arrested because she was scaring kids by chasing them around the neighborhood -- dressed up like Elsie the cow. She did take a break to go to the bathroom on a neighbors front porch. Cops came and arrested the women when she refused to go home. You can view the mug shot of the women on CNN. She is still wearing the cow outfit. I thought this photo was a little more interesting. Eight real life cows escaped from a trailer when the rear gate opened after the driver pulled into a McDonald's parking lot to get a burger. It took 2 hours to round up all the cows. They called the rescue "Operation Hamburger Helper." If you were a cow and saw the McDonald's sign, you would run too!

Oh, Deer. Poor Austin.

I had a great walk along the trail early this morning. I rode in the front pack the whole way since Linda wanted to jog and my legs are too little to keep up. It was a little bouncy, but I loved it so much. The woods were so pretty and peaceful. We see deer, squirrels, foxes and once we saw a woodpecker. The good thing about being the only dog in the house is that I get all the attention and walks. I am disappointed about the news we received from Friends of Homeless Animals. Austin, the dog we wanted to adopt, will probably not work out for us. The reason he did not come to Barktoberfest was because he has started to show leash aggression to other dogs. Plus, he has been drinking a lot of water and getting very tired. Sounds like he might have diabetes or something. He did gain 35 pounds in the last year from lack of exercise, so it could be weight related. Linda is afraid to bring a100 pound aggressive dog into our family. (I'm not scared though, I could handle him if he got grouchy.)

Jumping the Shark

In my eyes, Greg LeNoir from Islamorada, Florida is a hero in the true sense of the word. He was swimming off a pier in Fla. with his 14-pound rat terrier Jake. The swim had become a daily treat for both of them. All of a sudden, BAM! A huge shark surfaced and grabbed Jake in his mouth. Greg dove on top of the shark and beat it with his fists until he let go of Jake. Wow!! Both Jake and Greg are fine, with Jake sustaining only minor injuries. I'm not so sure how the shark fared. I hope they start swimming in a pool from now on. I know Linda would risk her life for me. Everyday she carries me past the killer toad and turtle that live out front. Once she jumped between Chip cat and I when Chip was attacking me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barktoberfest 08

Yeah! I have the Barktoberfest photos. Jay had to bring a new disc because Linda could not open the file he sent. The little Chihuahua is Xena from my puppy group. The young girl is Gracie. The other dogs are just new friends I made. We still have not heard back from Friends of Homeless Animals about adopting Austin. Linda sent emails and called quite a few times and no one has contacted us back. I guess it is not to be. The turtle and the frog did not come back tonight even though Jay assured Mom it is just a box turtle and not a killing snapping turtle. I'm steering clear just in case.

Ninja Turtle

I told you all about the scary frog that was haunting our front step. A friend of Linda's came over to move it to a new home. (Tierney or Linda would not go near it. They would walk to the other side of the yard to get to the front door just because it was so ugly) It is all full of brown bumps, warts and it has a very weird nose. I think it is some rare killing species. Last night it came back! Oh no. If that is not enough, this afternoon a giant Choopie size turtle is now living near our garage. It's not nearly as dangerous looking as the frog, so Linda took it out some bread and lettuce. I just hope she does not run over
it and squish it with her car. She wants to move it inside Snicker's old dog house and put food and water on top of the hay. Problem is, she won't pick it up. What a girly-girl. I'd move it if it wasn't so darn big.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

How's the weather up there?

I'm so tired I can barely type this. What a big day I had! Barktoberfest was so much fun. I started the day in the front pack, but then I went down on the ground with all the other BIG DOGS. I was the littlest one there, but I was not scared once. I even kissed a Great Dane who had to be 150 pounds. His muzzle was bigger then my whole body. I saw my friend Grace and met her dog Emma. My other friend Jay took a bunch of photos of me, but Linda is having a little technical trouble, so I'll post them tomorrow. We did not get to meet Austin, the dog we wanted to adopt. His foster Mom did not bring him to the festival. I'm disappointed, but hopefully we'll get to see him this week.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Some people can't function in the morning without their cup of coffee. I'm not sure what the big deal is. Linda drinks coffee for a couple of months, and then won't have any for a year. I guess it's not her thing. Anyway, a poor women from Iowa got a huge jolt (and not from the caffeine either) when she went to clean the coffee maker after she had her morning coffee. She turned on her automatic coffee maker before bedtime. Her shock came when she found a bat in the filter laying atop of the brewed coffee. The bat's brain was too cooked by the hot water to determine whether it had rabies or not. I bet she'll be off coffee for awhile. A long time ago I wrote a post about an expensive coffee that was brewed from beans picked out of cat poop. (I don't remember the details, it was something like that.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Way too many ears, this cat has.

Yoda the cat has been quite popular in the news. I'm always a little leery around cats. This one is probably right up there with the post I did about the cat that grew a set of wings. Linda was telling me about a cat she had when she was a little girl named Scooby-Do. He had 7 toes on each foot and looked exactly like Yoda, only Scooby had 2 ears. She would dress him up in her doll clothes and push the puss around the neighborhood in her doll stroller. She also made him wear little rubber dog boots when he went outside. Scooby would even ride in her bike basket without ever jumping out. It was the best cat ever. (Sorry Chip, I doubt you would let Linda even wrap you in a blanket without clawing her to death.) One snowy morning Linda looked out he bedroom window and saw Scooby laying in the road. He had been hit by a car during the night. A few weeks after he was buried in the back garden, Scooby's ghost came back into the house for a visit. Both Linda and her Mom saw him walk through the dining room and they heard him jump up onto the kitchen sink where he used to get a drink. They both ran into the kitchen and he was gone, never to return. Maybe Snickers will come and visit us!

Warts and All

Barktoberfest was postponed until Sunday. It was supposed to rain, but the sun ended up coming out and there has not been a drop of rain all day! It's probably better it was delayed because Linda can make a less emotional decision about Austin. BTW, the killer frog that has been terrorizing Linda and Tierney has not returned. Yesterday, it would not leave the front step no matter how much they tried to shoo it away. It is the ugliest, meanest, scariest toad ever. Linda finally got a guy to come over and rescue us. He took the frog to the side yard by the big tree. If it comes back, we are moving. Maybe if Linda kissed the frog it would turn into a handsome prince, or maybe she would just get warts.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday


I'm so excited about tomorrow, I just can't wait. We are going to Barktoberfest! A whole day of fun just for pooches. There are games, treats, toys and food just for dogs. Linda will carry me in the pouch, but if I'm up for it and not too shy, she will let me walk on the leash. The last time I was around a lot of other dogs I was scared because I am so little. We also looked at the dogs on-line that will be available for adoption. There is a German Shepard boy who is Snicker's size and his profile says he loves other dogs and cats. Both Linda and I have a good feeling about him, but I am going to see how we get along. His parents moved and left him behind. I was crying reading about him. He was shaking so hard when they abandoned him a the pound because he did not understand why they didn't love him anymore. I think we need to give him a home!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning! Viewer Discretion Advised.

I purposefully made this photo very small. Many of my readers might have a some what delicate constitution and I did not want to get anyone queasy.
Basically, it is a poster from Purina Dog Chow that shows all different shapes and textures of dog poop and what it means. Mine is definitely in the bottom row most of the time. According to the poster, my score is 100! I knew I was smart. If you are brave, click on the photo to see a larger version.

How Could They?

Dixie, Dixie... Where are you? Dixie, a miniature dachshund puppy was dog napped from a a little boy ten year old named Ryan. The crooks who broke into his home also stole his Wii gaming system, a computer and some of his Mom's jewelry. This story is sad as it is, but even sadder is that Ryan is a cancer patient. Dixie was a present so Ryan would have something to look forward to while he has to stay in the hospital. Police think the person that stole Dixie actually knows the family and that Ryan has cancer. They were able to recover a finger print from the scene. Ryan does not care about any of his stuff which was stolen, he just desperately wants his puppy back. If you have any information, please call the Atlanta Barrow County Sheriff's Department at 770-307-3084.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog

Whoa, I had a close call today. Lately I've been playing in the back yard while Linda eats lunch or reads on the deck. Our old dog, Sheba the Siberian Husky, used to try and get out of the back yard. She chewed up fences, dug under fences, and plowed through screen doors trying to escape. She ran away so many times that Linda was not going to rescue her the last time she ended up at the pound. Anyway, there are some pretty deep holes up by the back fence. I was running around like crazy enjoying the freedom of not wearing a leash. There was a lot of cut grass lying on the ground and I did not see the deep hole. All of a sudden, I was upside down- head first into a giant hole. Linda rescued and I wasn't injured, just scared. She is going to buy some dirt and fill up all the holes so I don't end up in China someday.

This Little Piggy Went to the Bedroom

Where do you let a 176 pound pig sleep I guess anywhere he wants because that is what happened to Caroline Hayes a 63 year old women when Bruce a pony-size pig held her hostage inside her own home for 10 days after he wandered on to her property and into her house demanding food and she had to flee to her bedroom where he headbutted her bedroom door looking for food but she poked a broom at him and he broke it with his mouth yikes that had to be scary but she was rescued and I hope that Bruce does not be come a crate of bacon and oh by the way Linda told me today is National Punctuation day

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fitch Family

Taylor & Sarah, along with Sarah's Mom and 4 siblings are coming over for dinner tonight. I'm nervous since I don't like new people in the house. I'll probably just lay on Linda's bed all buried in the pillows so nobody can see me. It's the best hiding space ever. Sometimes even Linda can't find me since she has so many decorative pillows and shams on the bed. We are having pizza and Sara is bringing baked mac/cheese. Yum! I hope there are leftovers. I'll come out from under the pillows for that!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Wish It Was an Oscar Mayer Weiner

A few days ago Linda and I came across a fox on our wooded trail. It ran right in front of us, but luckily it did not stop to eat me. We scared the fox just as much as he scared us. Some pets in a Seattle neighborhood are not so lucky though. It seems like a pack of 3 coyotes have been eating them for snacks. One women saw the coyote running with her neighbors cat it its mouth. It reminds me of the story of the tigers eating the villagers. Today, I almost was lunch for this Hotdog who tried to get me when I stopped to smell his lawn. He came running after me, but his legs were so short and he was way too fat to run fast. Linda scooped me up and saved me before he could reach us. The rest of the walk I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was following us. So much excitement for such a little Chorkie!

Just Bark No To Drugs!!

A stolen chihuahua is back with her human after being missing one whole year. I can't even fathom a year away from Linda. The man who stole the pooch is a dumb druggie who left his methamphetamine laying around his house. The dog ate some and started acting like what you would expect a chihuahua on meth would act. The bad man was also high on the drug when he took it to the vet. Cops came after the staff called to report the suspicious man. After scanning the dogs microchip, he was returned to his momma. I hope the dog does not have to go to rehab.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Superheros Unite

During our walk tonight Linda and I saw a shooting star! It was so incredible. A shooting star is the path of meteoroid as it enters our atmosphere and it can also be a broken piece of meteor that came loose in space. The real Shooting Star is a comic book superhero. She shoots 5- sided star bullets out of her six-shooters. The best part about Shooting Star is that she has special boots that contain miniature gyroscopes that keeps her on her horse while she rides the winds generated by her buddy, the Texas Twister. Linda has been calling me her little Shooting Star. Chip is the Texas Twister. Linda is Wonder Women. Tierney is the Black Canary.

Swab the Poopdeck You Skurvy Dog!

Grab ur peg leg and raise t' skull and crossbones because Capt' Choopster is sailing the high seas. Today, I be spendin' t' entire day drinkin' rum, treasure huntin' and terrozin' t' cat. Get ready t' walk t' plank and visit Davey Jones locker matey. How in th' world did I miss talk like a pirate day? I be makin' up fer it dat's fer sure.

You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.

I wonder if they ever caught the tiger that got loose in Galveston? That would be scary if we lived there, but not nearly as scared as the poor people in the Sundarbans of India. The people, who are rice farmers, honey collectors and fisherman live in the 3,700 square mile mangrove forest. There are about 500 man-eating tigers roaming the forest. Nearly everyone in the Sundarbans has had a friend or relative eaten or attacked by a tiger! I know how scary it can be to have a cat after you. Chip is always jumping off things landing near me just to startle me. Sometimes she hides under the couch and pops out when I walk by. In one of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, Calvin wore a human mask on the back of his head to avoid Hobbes attacks. The Sundarbanites tried this tactic, but I the tigers were not fooled and kept eating the villagers anyway. I might get Linda to print a small mask of Snickers face that I can wear. Chip would fer-sure leave me alone then.

“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail”

With the economy so bad, people are resorting to extraordinary means to pay for their groceries. Linda works hard teaching TKD to earn money to pay for my Mighty Dog and Kibbles. Not everyone wants to work for their food though. North Carolina police are searching for a guy who paid for $150 worth of groceries at a Food Lion with a $200 bill. George W. Bush's portrait is prominently displayed on the front and a drawing of the White House complete with lawn signs reading "We like ice cream" and "USA deserves a tax cut" graces the back of the bill. The best part of the story is that not only did the cashier accept the bill, the man got $50 in change. Maybe we can print a bill with my cute face on the front and replace the White House with a photo a dog house on the back. Instead of "United States of America", we'll write "life in the dog house." It would be a good way to promote my blog and pay for dog treats.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Count Choopula

Vampires beware! Linda ate enough garlic tonight to keep us safe for eons. Garlic's use as a charm against evil dates back to Ancient times, even before Linda was born. Back in the day, the Egyptians believed in a Vampire-like ghost that killed sleeping children by sucking up their breath. They used garlic wreaths over the wee-ones beds as protection from the ghouls. Even in places like China, garlic is smashed on the foreheads of children to protect the kids from vampires. In the West Indies, garlic is used to protect against the spells of Sorcerers. In Romania, the garlic is spread on windows, doors and gates... even on the cattle to protect against vampires. Sailors carry garlic on board ship to protect against wrecks. Roman soldiers ate it to give them courage. In your new home, garlic can be hung over your front door to repel envious people. You might not know that garlic removes negative vibrations which can contaminate your food. Doctor's tell us that eating garlic is very good for you. ( I hear it tastes pretty good sprinkled on french fries, but I don't know firsthand since a certain person did not bring me home any leftovers!) Last, but by now mean least... eating garlic puts you in the mood, and not to go grocery shopping either... if you know what I mean. It probably is a good thing that Linda didn't save me any garlic fries since I am frisky enough already.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Miss My Snickerdoodles

It's hard to believe that Snicker's has been gone 2 weeks already. I miss him so much. Linda finally put away his bed and blanket today that was in the family room. I keep telling myself that he was in so much pain that it would be just selfish for me to keep him with me, but gosh... if only we could have had a few more weeks. This is Linda and Snickers right before the end. Ahh, you can tell they loved each other so much. Someday Linda is going to get me another friend, but not for awhile yet. For now, Chip and I are getting to be friends. Can you believe it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm So Shy

When Taylor was a little boy, well he never was really a little boy. He was over 10 pounds when he was born and now he is over 200 pounds, but when he was younger he used to cry "Don't look at me!" Linda could never figure out why it would make him so upset when everyone looked at him at one time, but it would upset him like crazy. I can totally relate. During our early evening walks, so many people stop and look at me, it makes me super shy. If I could yell "Don't look at me" I would. The other day Linda's friend Jay came over to help her with the broken weed whacker. He tried to pet me and I got all nervous and ran and hid. I like the idea of putting the bag on my head. I might try it next time someone strange comes to my house. Of course, I'm not even close to ugly, but it would serve the same purpose.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friends for Life? Maybe.

Everyday Chip and I are getting closer and closer. Yesterday was the first day we went out on the deck since Snickers went home to be with Sheba in heaven. Paul came over and helped Linda move Snick's dog house off the deck. Both Chip and I went outside and we both were very sad that we could smell our beloved Snickers, but we couldn't find him. I think Chip knew how sad I was because she came up to me and we touched noses. Today we laid out in the sun together while Linda ate lunch. Cats are not so bad after all. In Middleton England, a cat took a baby chick under her wing when a fox killed the chicks mama. Now that the chick has grown up, they are still best friends and cuddle together.


It's a good thing that Linda brings baggies to clean up after me when we go for our walks. She must really love me. I hope that our town hops on the bandwagon and implements the new program that an Israeli city is using to keep their town clean. All dogs must be taken to the municipal veterinarian who swabs their mouth to collect DNA. The city is using the DNA database to match doo-doo left on the street to the registered dog and owner. (Hopefully, the owners are not doo-dooing on the street!) Owners who pooper-scoop and put then droppings in specially marked bins along the streets will be eligible for dog toys and pet food coupons. The DNA database could also help veterinarians research diseases, investigate pedigree and identify strays. I'm all for it, maybe I'll contact Pet Smart and my favorite Vet and see if I can start a program in my town. This is another great excuse to use my favorite Barbie: Pooper-Scooper Barbie. The top drawing is the actual instructions in the box on how to make the dog poop. Oh-Oh!

Do These Curlers Make Me Look Fat?

Last Friday I blogged about the Giant lizard who escaped from his cage and is roaming the neighborhood. I don't know if he has been rescued but after this article, I'm sure every women in the world will be looking for him. Scientist said the "spit" of the giant lizard "Gila Monster" helps in weight loss. A man taking the drug Byetta for his blood sugar lost a drastic 40 pounds taking the drug. Other medicines to control his sugar made him gain weight. Of course the drug does have potent side effects which resulted in 2 deaths, but oh well... I'd take it to be able to fit into my navy blue pea coat. I wonder how they get the lizard to spit?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Huggies for Horses

A long time ago when I was just a little puppy, Linda threatened me that if I didn't start using the pee-pee pad she was going to make me wear diapers. You can read the entry on June 29th if you want. I've done much better, but every so often I still get the warning. How embarrassing would that be? I feel so sorry for the horses in the British town of Blackpool. The horses who draw carriages through the streets are now required to wear horse diapers because they are totally missing the pee-pee pad and leaving huge messes in the street. Imagine having to change that pamper! This is a real sketch from the U.S. patent. (I couldn't resist this photo of a cat in diapers.)

Sprinkle, Sprinkle little heart....

Linda does so much for me and I want to show my appreciation so I'm trying to find a present for for her. Since I can only shop online (unless Tier takes me to the mall) , I have been surfing some pretty neat sites. I found a pendant she might like. One of her favorite foods are (or is it is?) sprinkles... as in the kind you put on top of ice cream. When she was little she would have PB & S(prinkles) sandwiches. Today at her friends new coffee shop, she saw a 2 gallon bucket of both chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. WHoa! After hearing about her passion, I found this heart filled of the little buggers. It would be fun if we got matching hearts and I could wear one too! (If you Google sprinkles, you can see a photo of sprinkled covered dog-poo, what a waste of jimmies.)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Did you find it?

Die Hard Naked

We didn't do our walk tonight because Linda said her quads are shot. I'm not sure who shot them or what that has to do with our walk, but she is cuddling and rubbing me so I guess it's just as good. Besides, she already took her clothes off and I wouldn't want her walking around naked. A naked man from Tallahassee took his dog out for a walk on Friday night. Police offers didn't know what to do with the guy so they Taserd him. (Maybe they should have said "Sir, go home and put some clothes on.") Anyway, The guy kept saying "Allah told me to watch a Bruce Willis movie and then walk the dog." I wonder what movie he watched?

D'oh!! I need a beer.

Bad news for Linda. She has been complaining that she is losing things and forgetting where she parked. It seems that scientists have discovered that going veggie could be bad for your brain. Those who are eat a meat-free diet are six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage because of a vitamin b12 deficiency. Drinking 2 alcoholic drinks per day also showed 1.6% more brain shrinkage then non drinkers. Also beer drinkers have a10% smaller hippocampus (the memory storage) than wine drinkers. If your overweight with a BMI of 27, your brain also shrinks. For every point increase the loss rose by 13 to 16%. This means that if your are an overweight beer drinker who is a vegetarian you are dumb but you'll forget your dumb because your memory stinks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buddy DOES Dial 911!

I wish I could be as smart as Buddy, a German shepherd who lives in Arizona. His human is a veteran who received a serious head injury during a training exercise. He now has life threatening seizures. Buddy is trained to dial 911 when Joe has a seizure and keep barking until the emergency workers arrive. This is the 3rd time that Buddy has saved Joe by calling 911. The best part is that while he is barking into the phone, the dispatcher is heard saying "Hello, Hello? Can you hear me? Do you need help? Is there anyone you can give the phone to?" Smart dog, not so smart dispatcher.

Hurricane Chip

All these hurricanes in the news are making me scared. We had some pretty intense rain and wind, but we all were safe. A few houses down from ours, a huge tree fell over into the street because of the hard winds. Linda kept me inside all day. Imagine how far a 5 pound dog would fly in hurricane winds? I would be stuck in some tree 3 towns away. Today people in Texas are trying to recover from Ike. I wish that all the pets could have had this pet rescue jacket. Each jacket has an emergency kit, food and water that can save their lives in the even of an emergency. It seems like the $250-430 price tag is expensive. You could just get a doggy rain coat from Target and a small fanny pack to wrap around the dogs waist.

"I have a frog in my throat!"

That is what people will be saying in Central Florida in the weeks to come. Standing water and hot weather are the perfect conditions to incubate frogs. There are a million frogs taking over the area. Cindy Trumplote said there were 11 big frogs inside her house jumping up onto her head. One of the older residents of the area says its a plague. Better frogs then first born.

Road Hogs

What are the chances of 2 highway incidents in one week involving pigs. This time a vegetarian women was so upset by a truckload of pigs heading for the sausage factory that she lost control of her car and crashed into another truck also carrying pigs. There is no word on how many pigs were injured or if any escaped to freedom. The poor women was probably so distraught on crashing into the pigs that she put her car into hock.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wee Little Dog (Not!)

We just got back from our night time walk. There has been a few serious attacks near our house in the last few weeks. Both of us are enjoying the outings, but since Snicker dog is watching from above... Linda has started carrying a weapon. Even though she is a 3rd degree black belt, I think it is a good idea she is prepared to save me in the event a bad man comes up to us. We have been talking about what kind of friend to adopt to keep me company and I think we are leaning towards a REALLY BIG DOG. Linda will take me to the shelter to make sure whoever we pick will love me and be gentle. Maybe we can find a dog like the one in this photo. He is so big I could probably sleep on his paw. I am a pretty good watch dog even if I am under 5 pounds. The other night when someone broke into her car, I barked and barked to warn her, but she just told me to "put a lid on it and stop yapping!" Now she listens to me and when I bark for no reason, she investigates.

Caped Canine

Snickers used to be so afraid of thunder storms. He would try to get on the couch with Linda or squeeze underneath the bed. He was 90 pounds of trembling, drooling doberman every time there was a storm. (I'm not the least afraid of thunder, but I am afraid of everything else.) If only we knew about the Storm Defender Cape. It is a superman type red cape that is lined with metallic fabric. It disperses the static electricity that builds up before the storm and calms the dog before he starts freaking out. Being afraid of a storm is learned behavior. As soon as the pooch feels the static he knows the thunder is coming and gets scared. $60 is expensive for a cape, but the company does offer a money back guarantee so there is no harm in at least trying. Check it out at www.stormdefender.com.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Born Free! As Free as the Lobster Swims!

Linda has a friend, Lou, who is visiting Ireland right now. He is traveling around doing all sorts of touristy things. I wonder if he is the American tourist who was dining in a restaurant in Co. Cork. When the guy saw the lobsters in a live tank waiting to be cooked, he paid $444.73 for all 40 live lobsters. He loaded them all in his car and drove them to the sea to set them free! It warms my heart to read someone who actually stands up for what they believe. There is a Red Lobster restaurant by our house, maybe we'll go over tomorrow and free some of the lobsters. (I'm not sure where we would free them since the ocean is far away. Maybe I'll fill the tub with salt water and they can live in there.)


Tonight Linda gave me a bath. I'm so good and patient, in fact.. I kind of like it. I was getting a little stinky and we couldn't figure out why. When Linda was scrubbing the kitchen floor today she realized my bed stunk. I got sick on it a few times and it dried before Linda got home, so she did not know it. The bed was making me smell bad. The bed is in the washing machine now. I have a few back-up beds, but nothing as wonderful as this beauty I found on EBAY. There are only 14 minutes left in the auction, but Linda won't bid on it. Check out the trundle bed that pulls out for when I have a sleepover. It is so cute and perfect for a Chihuahua my size. She says I already have 4 beds and I am only 1 little dog. (I guess the rule does not apply to her100 pair of jeans she has in her closet.)

This Little Piggy Went to the Highway

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you know how much I like bacon. Linda keeps trying to get me to be a vegan like she is, but dogs just need their meat! I didn't know that bacon comes from little pigs, which are very cute. I might try to kick the habit now that I know that bacon just does not come out of the refrigerator. Yesterday, 156 pigs were running down Interstate 35 in Des Moines after the truck they were riding in overturned. Traffic was at a standstill while the pigs fled for their lives. The truckers, state troopers and fire fighters worked for hours to round-up the porkers to load them onto another tractor-trailer. The highway was closed for 9 hours before all the pigs were caught. Unfortunately, a few of the pigs did not make it and died during the crash. I wonder if all Pigs go to Heaven?

"Here Lizard, Lizard..."

As a little dog, there is so much for me to worry about when I take my walks. Big dogs, fat cats, scary foxes, flying hawks and even over anxious children all pose a serious hazard. Now I read there is a 4 foot long Savanna lizard on the loose. Someone illegally imported him from Central Africa as a "pet". The Chihuahua-eating lizard escaped his cage and is probably right this minute looking for a meal. I know they travel very fast, I just hope he is caught before he works his way down to my town!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken

I have had a change of heart regarding my relationship with Chip since Snickers went home to be with Sheba in Heaven. We are getting along so much better. I really think Chip was jealous of my friendship with Snickers, and now that it is just the 2 of us, we are getting along like peanut butter and jelly... like bagels and cream cheese...like chips and salsa. So when I read this story about a fire fighter saving a kitty from an apartment building fire by giving it mouth to mouth, I was really stoked. The kitty was almost dead so fireman Mr. Machado started rescue breathing and saved the cats life. When his buds asked him what it tasked like giving the breath of life to a cat, he said "Like Fur!"