Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chimmie the Destroyer

It's the second day without a walk. I'm a little depressed. Today was rainy off and on, so I did not get to go. Yesterday, it was on the coldish side by the time Linda got home from work. (Jeeze-Louise Chimmie, would you stop destroying every single toy I have! He is sitting next to me decapitating one of my favorite stuffed toys. The head is totally torn off and now he's working on a leg.) I guess he is feeling cooped up too. If Linda had a lot of money, she would open an indoor dog park just for purse puppies. There would be a scale at the front door to make sure dogs over 10 pounds did not sneak in. It would have lots of fun stuff to do and a coffee bar for the parents. There is an indoor dog park in Seattle that is pretty cool. It even has a big doggie swimming pool. The monthly price to belong: $275. I think that is ridiculous. Linda's park wouldn't be anywhere near that expensive. This is a photo of one in California. Looks like such fun.

This Little Piggie Went Splat

Thirteen dead hogs stopped traffic on Alabama on Route 72 this morning. What a sight that must have been! We've seen more then a few dead squirrels and a few deer, but 13 dead hogs all at once? The hogs were on the way from the slaughter house to become bacon when they slid off the truck bed. The driver just kept going, maybe not even realizing that they were AWOL. The photo of them splayed out in the road is just to horrible to post, so I chose an upside down dog instead. I wonder if the cars driving by the carnage ordered a salad for lunch instead of their usually ham sandwich?

Monday, November 29, 2010


I think Chimichanga is finally understanding the rules. He is learning these lessons: 1) if he is calm and quite, he will get cuddled and hugged. 2) if he uses the pee-pee pad or holds it until he is in the yard, he gets a cookie. 3) Linda can now put my food bowl down and he does not come near it. He knows he eats in another room. 4.) The cat has sharp claws and does not want to be barked at or chased. 5) The big bed is NOT for playing. If you don't lay down and be quite right away, you have to go into time out. 6) Chewing shoes, furniture, clothes is off limits. 7) He is still jumping up to be held, but he is getting better at that.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stinky Rat

One of the items Linda has on her Christmas list is a pair slippers with a hard sole. She needs to take me out in the backyard first thing every morning, and she hates having to put her shoes on. She wants those slippers with the fake fur inside so they will be super warm. Little did she know that slippers will be one of the "IT" gifts this year. Not just any slippers though, they have to be Marc Jacobs slippers. The hard to find slippers are adorned with a stinky rat logo. Really, I'm not kidding. I'm also not kidding that they cost $495 a pair. Linda would be ecstatic with a pair from LL Bean.

Which Way Did He Go?

We just got home from the dog park. It was the first time for Chimmie. He did not like it one bit. There was a 4-month old pit/boxer puppy that was bowling everyone over. Poor Chim was crying and whimpering the entire time. He spent most of the time on Jerry's shoulders. I did great. I didn't cry once and stood up to the beast when he got pushy. After a little while Linda suggested we leave the dog park and go for a long walk. There are about 12 soccer fields next to the park, and we walked around about 1/2 of them. Both Chim and I are totally worn out. Nap time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Annoying

I'm so thankful that Linda runs interference for me with Chimmie. When we sit on the love seat, I sit on Linda's left side and Chimmie has to stay on her right side. Even though he tries his hardest, Linda does not let him come over her lap. Sometimes it takes all her energy to hold him on the right side. If he does sneak over before she can catch him, he tries to wrestle with me. He's getting the idea though. Tonight after Linda came home from a nice dinner out at Big Bowl (no leftovers for me), she fed us and then got comfy on the couch. Of course Chimmie wanted to play like crazy, but Linda made him relax. It only took a few minutes before he got the right idea and laid down.


Thanks to Paul, we did not spend 6 hours alone this morning. Linda had to leave at 8 a.m. to teach. Jerry is at his parents, so it seemed like poor Chimmie was going to be locked in the bathroom all day. (I keep telling him if he would get the pee-pee pad trick, he could stay out in the real house with me.) Paul came over and played with us and let Chimmie outside to take care of his business. While Paul was relaxing, Chimmie chewed his shoelace to bits. Linda even found a small piece of it on the floor when she got home. Chim better learn his manners or else he is going to end up in a "free to a good home" ad. He also keeps getting into Chip Cats face. Sooner or later, he has to learn that Chip is the real big dog of our house. I've learned not to mess with her.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Everything is Better with Sprinkles

No lie. When Linda was little (and not so little) she loved to put sprinkles on everything. Peanut Butter and Sprinkles- the bomb! Sprinkles on her breakfast cereal, gotta try it before you go yuck. She even put sprinkles in her coffee when she got older. If she ate meat, even Linda would draw the line at the turDunkin’. Its a turkey soaked in Dunkin' Donuts coolattas, stuffed with munchkins and served with coffee gravy and mashed hash browns.

Hello? Hello?

We took one of our walks this afternoon and both Chimmie and I almost blew away. The wind was so strong that it was hard for us to even move forward. Once Linda had to stuff Chim in her coat because he was shaking so hard. He had on a big cable knit sweater and his jacket, but he was still cold. Poor little hairless Chihuahua. I have to admit, he is really smart. He knows the words cookie, supper, wait, lie down, bad dog (for when he chews on a electrical cord or Linda's shoe) and is working on his first trick... sit. I don't think he'll be as smart as this Chihuahua who was found wandering the streets. The dog actually answers the phone!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noah's First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving !

I wasn't able to go to the big celebration dinner, but actually I was OK with that. Being around a lot of people is not my favorite thing in the world. I was just so thankful that Linda came home after only 4 hours and is spending the night with us. We had an early walk after her morning class and another late afternoon walk. She cleaned the house, and now she has been resting on the love seat with us. There are more chores to do, but she decided to just spend some time relaxing.

Here are some fun ways to tell if you are having a Redneck Thanksgiving: On Thanksgiving Day you have to decide which pet to eat. You have a complete set of salad bowls and they all say 'Cool Whip' on the side. You've used your ironing board as a buffet table. Your only condiment on the dining room table is ketchup. You have to go outside to get something out of the 'fridge.

I'm so glad Linda is not a Redneck. Although if she were to choose a pet, it would be Chip because she is definitely the fattest of the three of us.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For Everything!

Tomorrow is a day called Thanksgiving. Linda said it is all about remembering and giving thanks for everything in our lives. It's not just being thankful for the exciting great things like a new shiny red car, or a new adorable puppy. The harder part is being thankful for the not so wonderful things too. Trials and struggles make us stronger, better pets (and people) if we learn from it and grow. Having Chimmie constantly harass me is teaching me patience and self control which will make me a better poochie. He has the crazy look in his eyes.

So Shiny!

Our Subaru car is gone to the big grave yard in the sky. Linda wasn't sad to let it go, but that is the only car I've ever known. Our new car is called a Soul. It is almost shaped just like the Forester, but it's way cooler inside. We'll also get double the gas mileage. From now on, Chimmie and I both have to ride in our zippered carriers. She does not want the seats all torn up and covered in fur. I understand, although I'm not too happy about it.

Family Photo... NOT

Linda tried her hardest to get a group photo of the three of us. Of course, I'm the perfect subject. I pose and sit totally still during any photo shoot. Chip could care less. If she is in her bed or eating, she would not move it their was an earthquake. Chimmie is perpetual motion. Getting a shot of her is impossible without a high-speed lens that captures motion at 60 MPH. She could get Chip and I, and one photo of Chimmie and Chip, but not the three of us in the same shot. Pretty good looking family, hugh?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Off Switch

We might have found the secret to Chimmie's off switch. One long walk a day isn't enough. He needs two or three long walks each day. After the "blue moon" midnight walk last night, he slept without even moving once all night long. At 7:00 a.m., he let everyone know it was time to get up and moving though. Linda is getting ready to go back out for classes, so we will do a long walk at 5:30 and then again right before bed. What in the world are we going to do when it snows? We'll have to buy him a doggie treadmill for sure!! Chimmie is the dog standing up ready to play. I'm the yellow dog wanting to sleep.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Title Needed

Just Peachie!

I'm proud to be half Chihuahua. It's a smart, loving and loyal breed. Now, for the first time ever, a Chihuahua named Peach has passed all the exams to become a police dog in western Japan. Police dogs are typically German Shepherds, but Peach aced the "search and rescue" portion of the exam. Within 5 minutes of sniffing the cap, Peach was able to find the missing person. The smart little Chi will be used as a search and rescue dog in disasters such as earthquakes. His tiny little body will be able to fit in the narrowest crevices.

Ninja Chi

A man wanted a watchdog, so he went to the pet store. He asks the clerk, "Do you have a good watchdog?" The clerk replies, "You're in luck; I have one left." She comes back with a chihuahua. The man, a little ticked off, says "What the heck do I need a chihuahua for? That's not a watchdog!" The clerk replies, "But this is a special watchdog. He knows karate." The clerk takes the chihuahua and the man out to an alley, where there is some trashy furniture. The clerk points to a chair and says, "Karate that chair!" Less than a second later, the chihuahua reduces the chair to sawdust. The clerk points to a sofa and commands the dog to "Karate that sofa! Repeat performance. The man, amazed, buys the dog for $100 and takes it home. When he gets home, the man shows his wife the chihuahua proclaiming, "Honey, I got you a watchdog!" The wife yells, "That isn't a watchdog, for cryin' out loud! You wasted your money!" The man calmly replies, "This is a special watchdog. He knows karate." The wife, flustered, shouts: "Karate?!? Karate my a**!!!"

Actual Ad in Paper

One Chi Wau Wau Puppy, 12 weeks old... black with brown markings. Comes to the name Chimmie, Cookie, Supper or Toy. For sale: $1.00 (As Is, No Money Back Guarantee!)

(Don't tell Linda I posted this!!)

Doggie Prozac Needed

This photo is the one and only time Chimichanga has ever sat still. What in the world is up with this dog? Granted, Chimmie was cooped up for 4 hours this morning. As soon as Linda got home, she fed us lunch and took us on an hour long trail walk. Chim walked almost the entire time, he was carried across the water and when we came upon two unleashed big dogs. I actually needed to be carried the last 15 minutes. I was plumb tuckered out. When we got home, Tier was pulling in the driveway to visit us. Chim was still wild, running after the toys and jumping all over her. Linda took him to the backyard to run some more. Finally, after 2 hours of intense activity, he's conked out on the love seat. (Look at me in the photo. It was in the car on the way home the first day. I would not even look at him.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Woods

I'm proud of my little brother. He walked 45 minutes on the trial today with Jerry and I! Of course, I led the way because I'm the Big Girl. At one point, we came upon two giant dogs. I ran right up to greet them, Chimmie hid behind Jerry shaking in his harness. He'll get used to it. Right now, it's all so new and scary for him. Oh, today Linda bought me a new jacket with a harness attached. Next walk, I'll get Linda to take my photo in it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Joe Mamma so Loud....

We (Chimmie and I) did not have a good time at family nite. Linda took us because we were alone in the house so long today. She had a morning sub to teach, then her 12:00 class, next it was to the car repair place to try to get the car fixed (thanks Paul); home for a 15 minute walk, back out to class, then back home for one more 15 minute walk. She just could not put Chimmie back in the hole again, so she bought us to Family Nite. Usually it's pretty fun. Tonight was the Variety-Talent Show, so we had to stay in our bags and sit on the bleachers. The first act was a LOUD RAP group. We hated that. Next, Tiereny's group did a live rendition of Super Mario Brothers. That wasn't to bad. Taylor's group did America's Got Talent and that was OK until Sarah did a Cotton-Eyed Joe boot stomping dance. Everyone was stomping the bleachers and it scared us!! She did look adorable in her plaid shirt and cowboy booths though. After that, we left.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Car Woes

We got 2 walks separate walks today. Both times Chimmie made it all the way without being carried. Way to go little buddy! I remember when I had to be carried on the shorter walks too. Usually Thursdays are really hard for Linda. She is home tonight with us because her car was not cooperating this morning. There was a bad smell and white smoke coming out from under the hood. She was afraid to drive it to her evening classes just in case it blew up or something. The mechanic man could not find anything really wrong. Since there were leaves underneath the hood, he said a little mouse or something might have been trying to make a nest in the warm engine. They can chew some wires while they are under there making their home. It might have also been some leaking coolant or oil. Plus, the battery tested in the "low"range. He said if it is under 25 degrees, it won't start. The smoke could have been from a leaky battery, but Linda said she never heard of that. We need a good mechanic. (Since she did not get a picture of the smoke, I googled "smoke coming out of car hood" to get a good photo. This is what came up.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love is in the Air

Chimmie and I are starting to fall in love. Like deep, can't live without you, you are my everything love. He is still in the bathroom while Linda is gone because he is not getting the whole pee-pee pad as quick as he should. When she gets home and lets him out, we both go crazy! In fact, we went so crazy this evening, Linda had to tell us to "get a room." I know he is only 11 weeks old, but he is all boy! Who could resist this adorable girl?

P.S. What do you get when you combine a Chalupa and a Chimichanga? Maybe a little Taco??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Running Deer

We saw the coolest thing on the way home from the beauty parlor this afternoon. There is a section of road that is really wooded. In fact, it is part of the woods where we do our trail walks. Our car had just turned a corner and was going about 10 miles per hour. Two large deer jumped out from the woods and started running down the edge of the woods, only 20 feet from our car. Linda got up to 25 miles per hour and the deer were still beating us! It was really beautiful to watch. I'm so glad we were inside our car so they could not get us. Linda is so glad they stayed in the grass on the side of the road and did not run in front of our car.

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

I know, I'm looking pretty fly with me new hair cut, bows and bandanna. Everyone has been ooohing and aaahing over Chimmie and I've felt like the ugly step-child. Now I'll be the one getting all the attention. It was an exhausting morning though. I was at the beauty parlor 5 1/2 hours. I'm going to take a nap (as long as Linda keeps Chimmie occupied so I can sleep.)

Get Along Lil' Doggie

I wish Arizona wasn't so far away. A brand new gym has opened there to cater to a very important part of the populations... dogs! The indoor, air conditioned gym has a pool, obstacle course, treadmills and lots of other fun stuff. Vets and master trainers are on hand to help the clients lose weight and get in shape. There are fun classes to take like smell tracking, herding, relationship building and swimming lessons. Sounds like a perfect idea for our area. Linda should open a Doggie-Gym!


I thought I was having trouble with the scale! Chimmie went to his 2nd Vet appointment this morning to get his shots. Last Tuesday he was 3.80... today he was 4.75! OMG! That is a whole pound in just 7 days. I've been getting grief for gaining a pound over the last year. The vet said he is just a growing boy and not to stress about the fast gain. He is always starving even though the amount of food he is getting is right for his weight/age. The Dr. suggested cutting up cooked fresh green beans in his food to give it more bulk, but not more calories. He's so not feeling well from the shot. He is sleeping in his bed and has no interest in anything or anyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Trailing Along

We all did our first trail walk today. At first, Chimmie would not even take a step. The dried leaves freaked him out. As soon as he realized that all the smells and wonderful new things to discover were worth getting over his fear, he did great. There was one little scary part for all of us. One of the streams that we cross was missing a stepping stone. It usually is a long stride for Linda to walk on the stones to cross the streams. Since one was missing, today she had to leap from one stone to the next, while carrying both of us. It's a good thing Chimmie behaved himself and did not squirm. I think he followed my lead and just sat quietly in Linda's arms. I know all about crossing the streams and I DO NOT want to be dropped in the water. This photo was a few weeks ago. You can see if one of those stones was missing how far it would be. As always, Linda came through and saved us.

Everyday is getting easier for me with Chimmie in my life. We wrestled a whole bunch today, it was fun having him on the trail and he is learning to sit on the love seat and not constantly annoy me with wanting to play.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Almost Twins

Yeah! What a fun walk we had. For the first time, Chimmie not only walked, but ran and played during our afternoon trek. Linda is teaching him to "stop....street....carry", but he is clueless. I had to show him exactly how it's done when we have to cross. Honestly, it really was great having him along side me. We raced and competed to sniff the same spots. If I found something good to smell, he would run right up behind me to smell it too. I would frustrate him by leaving to run to another spot before he even got a 2 second sniff. He would follow me as soon as I scooted to the next spot. It became quite a game. OK, I have to concede that it might actually be a good idea to have a new BFF. Can you see the resemblance between Snickers and Chimmie?

Carrot Cake Heaven

Linda's favorite cake is carrot cake. Last night at her dinner party, someone made the world's perfect carrot cake. She did not have one bite of regular dinner, instead she ate a slab of the carrot cake. The friend of Linda's who made it said it takes hours and hours to create. Would someone please bake me this Thanksgiving cake? It's a doggie dream cake. Ground turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet yams all made into an amazing delicious creation. I know sometimes Meg reads this blog, maybe she'll just whip a tiny one together with her Thanksgiving leftovers!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Idea

Wipes? check. Diapers? check. 6-pack of Bud Light? double check. Linda spent the last few hours watching eight 1-year old kids. Yes, eight! She did have a friend helping her, but it was still all kinds of chaos. (She actually said dealing with 8 1-year old babies was easier than 1 ten-week old Chimmie puppy!) She can't imagine what mother's of multiples must go through. After just two hours, she was ready for bed. Actually, she loved every minute of it. Babies are such a blessing and she just can't wait to have a house full of grand babies.

Whoever laid out the floor plan of this drugstore must have been the mother of a large family. Makes shopping for the necessities much easier. Or maybe the sign means that the baby actually needs the beer and wine. Hum, I just don't know.

I'm So Tired

I'm losing my poochie mind. I hope Chimmie slows down soon. He is just wearing me out with the GO..GO..GO.. RUN.. PLAY..JUMP... energy. Linda was gone most of the day and night, so she had Paul come in the day and Jerry came in the evening. Both guys had such a hard time controlling Chimmie. He is pretty strong willed and needs a very firm hand. The best part was when Jerry took me for a long walk. He carried Chimmie so I got to run at my own pace. Linda is making Chim obey. We are watching TV and I'm laying by her left side. Chim is on her right side and is not allowed to cross over to my side of the couch. He is wearing himself out trying though. That's OK because that means he'll be so tired he won't squirm tonight. I know I'll grow to love him, it's just going to take awhile before we bond. Either that or I'm packing his bag and sending him back.

This Ain't No Bambi

During my wooded walks with Jerry and Linda, I always HAVE to be carried at a certain part of the trail. It is an area that is rife with deer. All sorts of deer. Babies, Doe's and even deer with antlers poking out of their head. Every single walk one or two deer come right up to the trail. One time when Linda was carrying me in the front pack on her bike, the brazen deer came within a few feet of her handle bars. The rude beast even stopped to stare at us. I almost peed myself. It looks like I have every reason to be scared. This week a poor man was killed dead by his pet deer. He raised the stag from a pup (or whatever baby deer are called.) Just like every other day, the 67-year old man entered the stag's pen to feed him. Instead of getting kisses and a friendly greeting, the 550-pound stag gored the man with his antlers and stabbed him to death. Just to be sure he was dead, the stag then proceeded to trample him.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Poop Light

Brilliant! Someone needs to win a science prize for this invention. A dog park in Cambridge, Mass. has lights that are powered by dog poop. YES! All the scooped-up poop is converted into energy. It's a lot like a parking meter, but instead you dump your dog poop into the machine and like magic, it makes power to light the gas lamp. I love this so much. I wonder if we can power our house by poop? Between the two dogs and one cat, we could save Linda big bucks.


Chimmie made his debut at Family Fun Nite with me tonight. He stayed inside Linda's coat at the beginning, then went upstairs with Tierney for her skit practice. I got to stay with Linda the whole rest of the night by myself! It was awesome. We did a long walk around the church grounds, and then I sat in my carry-me bag while she hung-out with her friends. At least 4 people told me I was having a horrible hair day and that I needed to be groomed. That's it! If she does not take me this week I'm going to start pooping on the carpet in protest.

Leslie (these are her dogs, Bella and Bo-Bo) came over today to visit me and meet Chimmie. Of course he hammed it up and pretended she was his long lost Mommy. He just has a way with people that I've not mastered. I really don't like strangers holding me, he just loves or lets anyone hold him. I'm way more loyal to Linda and a few other select people. Taylor even held Chimmie tonight. I don't think he's ever picked me up once.

P.S. The second after this posted to my blog, I got a pop-up ad for a do it yourself dog grooming kit!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is how you sleep.

Chimmie, see this baby? Sound asleep. Day 3, and Chimmie has not even started to slow down. Why does he have to run everywhere he goes? OK, the first 20 times we run up and down the hall chasing each other are fun. When we get to 980 times, I kind of get tired. Where does all that energy come from? I wonder if Snickers thought that about me when I was a baby? I remember chewing on his ears, tail, dog collar and him just laying there chilled out. Dang, I'm plumb worn out from running. I'm so glad he can't jump up on the love seat. When we watch TV, Linda sometimes makes Chimmie sit on the floor next to her feet so I can get some peace and quite. I'm starting to "like" him, it's going to be awhile before it turns to "love." There is someone who everyone already loves.. It's baby Noah. He is 10 pounds of absolute sweetness. Linda can't wait until she gets to babysit him!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 2

Chimmie went to the Vet tonight for his first ever check-up. I had to stay home, which is just fine with me. Paul went with them to hold Chimmie while Linda drove. He was whining and crying all the way there (Chimmie, not Paul) and did NOT like riding in the car. Once the exam started, Linda said he did great. Even the Vet said he was a little trooper. My first Vet visit, I only weighed 1.5 pounds. Chunkie Chimmie was 3.8 pounds. Whoa, he better watch the treats or he is going to pork right up. I'm kind of jealous because he got a new Snuggie to wear. Since Chimmie has no fur, he gets cold really quickly. Tonight he wore the Snuggie and road in the front pack while Linda walked me around the neighborhood. I liked it much better with him being carried then when he walked beside me earlier. He almost fell asleep in the front pack, he just loved it. We retired his purple puffer vest and soccer jersey that he wore before he came to live with us.


OK, you may be wondering why there was no post yesterday. Well it's only because my ENTIRE WORLD HAS BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. Linda took me over to some guys house yesterday afternoon and we left with a puppy! Yes, a Chihuahua who looks exactly like gold ol' Snickers. This puppy, who we are calling Chimichanga (Chimmie) is a lot more rambunctious then Snickers ever was. All he wants to do is play, play, play. Running everywhere, bringing me toys, taking the toy he just gave me. I thought babies slept lot. Not Chimmie. He sleeps some, but mostly he plays. I'm just glad that when Linda leaves the house, he has to go in the bathroom until he is pee-pee pad trained. Hopefully, he'll calm down some before he is allowed out. I'm just worn out! I do have to admit, he is really cute. And he did sleep 8 solid hours before he woke us up this morning. I'm sure I'll get used to all the energy. (I hope.)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Big Brother

My blog host keeps telling me that I need to put ads on about puppy pooping and peeing problems. When I sign-in to make an entry, there are always ads on the side that say my readers want to know about pooping issues. First, how does the computer know I'm a dog? Second, how come they think I have housebreaking issues? I get the same kind of ads on my facebook page. I feel violated.

Elm Street

I freaked Linda out tonight because I did not want to finish my walk. I was super excited to get my leash on. At first, I was hurrying from mailbox to mailbox, checking all the new mail smells. Then without warning, I made an about face. I started pulling to go back home, running about 5 houses and not stopping until I got to the front door. She figured that I had a sixth sense something bad was going to happen and we had to hurry home to safety. See, I am a good protection dog.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Totally exhausted from a picnic lunch; visit to the dog adoption event; and then spending over an hour at the dog park. I ate a quick snack and then crashed on the love seat. Oh, and at Pet Smart I got a new carry-me bag. Well, technically it's a cat bag. Before she bought it, Linda was toting me around Pet Smart in it when I got tired of walking. The man behind Linda in line actually commented that if her dog fit in a cat bag, it was time to get a new dog. What! He was just jealous that he had a sloppy, drooling mutt who weighed about 70 pounds. I'm still going to keep my old black carry-me bag, it is just for the dog park now. The new one will be for shopping trips, family night, basketball games and other outings. I made Linda pull off the cat tag though. This lady must really love cats.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Say YES to Bacon

I've only tried bacon a few times in my life. Once, a friend of Linda's had some on a sandwich and I got to taste a tiny crumb. The other time was at the Bagel Cafe. We were sitting outside and one of the workers bought me out a tiny piece as a treat. Since Linda does not cook bacon, the chances of me every getting to taste bacon again is non-existent. For real lovers of Bacon, you can now buy them a gift basket with 2 bottles of Bacon flavored soda, cheddar bacon popcorn, bacon lip balm and bacon gravy. For only $10, it's a bargain for sure. The guy who does the iwantbacon.com blog is probably ordering one for everyone on his Christmas list. I don't like the pig nosed kid on the bottle on the right though.

Dirty Dog

Linda said I am so dirty that I need a bubble bath. It's not my fault though. Jerry took me on the trail today for an hour long trek. We went into the brush, walked over mulch, passed the streams, trudged over wet leaves and even waded in some mud. It was seriously the best walk of my life. My feet and knees are caked with dried dirt. If I want to sleep in Linda's BIG BED tonight, she said I have to have a bath. Actually, it will probably feel good to be clean. I love my Saturday's with Jerry while Linda is teaching classes. Next week he'll be on a business trip, so I'm going to have a long, lonely Saturday. Anyone want to come and play with me?

P.S. My bath really was nice. I smell wonderful and feel fresh as a daisy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Danger! Alligator Crossing