Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free Wheeling!

What a great end of the year for PomPom. He's a little pound puppy who is lame and can't walk. A company that makes doggie wheelchairs made a custom chair to get Pom rolling. At first he would not walk, but with a few tempting treats to coax him forward, he was rolling along. It pretty much sucks to have to be in a wheelchair, but I hope he gets used to it and a nice family adopts him. We would love to bring him into our family, but we have 2 flights of stairs and I think Pom Pom might not like going "bumpity-bump" down the stairs every day. Plus there would be that pesky problem of getting back upstairs to go to bed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Lack of sleep is a funny thing. Sometimes you see things like 30 foot bunny rabbits standing in the center of the road. If you are in Northern Italy, you might really see a 200 foot pink bunny laying on the side of a mountain. The bunny was made to give climbers a place to lay back and relax during their hikes. (Click on the photo and you can actually see people standing on it.) The last few nights, I've been keeping Linda up because I have to use the pee-pee had or I'm thirsty. She has to get out of bed and take me to the kitchen, then she does not go back to sleep right away. On top of that, she has been watching scary DVD's at night before bed, so every sound makes her scared. Tonight, our home phone does not get a dial tone. She is convinced that the bad-man is just waiting outside the house to get us. No worries, I'll protect her from the monsters. I'm a great watch dog. I just hope that 200 foot pink bunny does not come to life and attack our house.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's See, Where did I put that.....?

We are doing lots of storage and organizing chores around the house. Tierney is tearing up her room and totally redoing it. There are clothes, shoes and books everywhere. Linda gave her a deadline of this Friday to get it finished. Today, we sorted the linen closet and emptied out the coat closet in the hallway. Linda found my very first coat. It has pom-poms and a furry little hood. It's too small for me to wear, but just in case we get another tiny pup some day, we are going to save it. I also found the pretty pink dress that I am wearing in my profile photo. That still fits, but it is a little snug around the waist. Too many milk bones I guess. Next, we are going to clean the kitchen cabinets. When Linda gets the organizing bug, she goes crazy and will do the entire house. Her friend is going to help her tackle her bedroom closet and put in one of those wire organizers. I guess I better start thinking of a better storage solution for my 4,304 toys!


Carol is doing so much better. She is able to speak now and is looking forward to coming home from the hospital. I'll go to her house and cheer her up when she gets home. Who wouldn't be cheered up looking at me? I just have to be careful not to have any accidents on their beautiful Oriental rugs.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Apple IPhone

I got in trouble last night because I would not let Linda sleep. Every hour I had to get up and use the pee-pee pad. I drank too much water because I was chewing on a new bone before bed and it made me thirsty. She only slept for a total of 3 hours and was a little cranky when she left to meet her coffee friend at 7:45 this morning. Later, Jerry came over for lunch and then they went to the Apple store (Just imagine a store that just sells apples? Jerry said he loves his Apple IPhone! ), the Container Store, (Why would you need a store just for containers?) and then Home Depot to get a big jug of water. Linda is staying home with me tonight instead of going to play with the babies since she is a little woozy. I'm happy about that!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This is Just Wrong

These Chihuahua's look so sad. I know I would be sad if I had to wear one these silly looking outfits. I do miss playing with other dog's my size though. It would nice to be part of this group just to hang out and chill with them. Linda's friend has a niece who just got a new Chorkie pup for Christmas. We are going to set up a play date. I'll make sure to get a lot of photos. Maybe we can go to the dog park if it is nice out.

Psycho Snowman

Maybe the Mayor who wanted to prohibit Snowzilla from being built was right after all. There are 7,ooo very dangerous snowman on the loose right now. Hallmark cards has recalled the snowman-globes because if they are placed in the sunlight, they act as magnifying glasses and catch nearby materials on fire. Anyone with one of these snowglobes are encouraged not to keep it away from the light. I won't be making the Choopzilla in our yard after all.

A Bone Today.. .A Filet Mignon Tomorrow

That's how criminals start out. One day you steal a $2.79 raw-hide bone, the next time you aren't satisfied until you pick off a $15 steak. I pooch walked into a supermarket in Utah and headed straight to aisle 16, the pet food aisle. He grabbed a bone and made his way out of the store. The whole heist was caught on video tape. The store manager ran up to the dog and told him to "Drop It!" The dog just moseyed out of the store and continued down the street. I wonder if they will do a line-up at the police station and see if the manager can pick the thief out. I say give the dog a break! Maybe he just wanted to bring home a nice Christmas present to his pups.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pray for a Miracle

These are 3 of Linda's good friends. From the left: Anne, Carol and Mary. This is during their outing to the National Gallery of Art. The girl in the pink, Carol, is very sick and in the hospital.
Linda spent last night and today in the ICU with her. She had an emergency tracheotomy and is trying to breath without the respirator. Linda has been sad and I've been trying to make her feel better by being a good dog and doing lots of cute things to make her laugh.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

I am so tuckered out from all the excitement of opening presents and playing with all my new toys. Taylor, Sarah, Tierney and Linda made such a huge mess with all the wrappings, boxes and ribbons. It was fun, but I was overwhelmed with too much going on at once. After they left, Linda got her shoes on and took me for a long walk. Now I'm going to sleep the day away!

Family Tradition

There is a family tradition at our house to go to IHOP early Christmas morning. I could not go because dog's are not allowed in restaurants, but they showed me the photos as soon as they got home. Tierney broke her rule and wore her pj's out in public. Tierney and Taylor wore their pj's too. Linda did not get the memo and wore her regular jeans.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Hope He Comes to Life One Day....

Like magic, Snowzilla mysteriously reappeared before dawn on Tuesday. Someone ignored the stop and desist order and built a gigantic snowman in the Power's front yard while the family slept. It's even bigger and handsomer then ever. Snowzilla is 25 feet tall and wearing a black stovepipe hat and scarf. The mayor and other people are upset, but something tells me if they tear it down, he will just appear again and again. I can't wait until it snows in our yard. Linda is going to build a Choopzilla! It will be at least 10 times my size! (which puts it at about a regular size dog.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Death of Snowzilla

The famous giant snowman in Anchorage, Alaska is no more. For the last 3 years, the Powers family has built the giant 22 foot snowman in their front yard. It is so big I could probably fit right in his mitten. Even news crews from Russia and Japan came to film him. His corncob pip and carrot nose were accompanied by two eyes made out of beer bottles. Authorities decided that it was becoming a public nuisance and told the family they could not build it anymore. Bah-Humbug!! Thumpety Thump Thump... Look at Snowzilla Go!

Monday, December 22, 2008

On the 9th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me.....

Jerry is coming over to do the Christmas present exchange. I am so excited and have been whining all afternoon. I know he will get me some really great presents for 2 reasons. 1. Because he loves me and spoils me 2. Because he loves me and spoils me. Wait, they are the same reasons. Tierney is also excited because he went to "Nordstrom's" for her present. Anything from that store is A-OK in Tier's book. I'd be happy with just a squeaky toy. Today, a friend of Linda's gave her a beautiful hand-made and carved wooden box that they made. It is just the perfect size to store a bag of Choopie cookies, although she told me it is for her jewelry. UPDATE: I got so many toys and treats! Even Chip got presents. She is letting me play with her catnip mouse, it is really fun. Tierney and Linda each got vintage Ed Hardy shirts and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tootsie Roll Baby

I told you the babies were going to dress up like candy! Check out Linda's baby Tootsie Roll, Lily. She was so good and did not puke once during the Christmas pageant. All 9 babies went out on stage and sang songs to the squealing delight of all the parents and grandparents. The 1 & 2 year old kids were dressed up like fat M & M's, the 3 & 4 year olds were gingerbread men. The 5 & 6 yr boys were tin soldiers and the girls were fairies. After the play, there was a huge gala in the gym with lots of food. I wish I could have gone to see it. Maybe next year I can play one of the manger animals if they do a Nativity scene.

Sugar Plum Fairies

Get ready for some awesome photos! Tonight, Linda is wrapping up all the babies for the Christmas play. They are going to be dressed up as pieces of candy. M & M's, Smarties, Chocolate Kisses, lolly pops. How adorable is that! They are going to be carried out on stage during the Sugar Plum Fairy song. I hope that the one Linda will be carrying does not throw up on her during the pageant.

How Not To Wrap a Present

Linda spent the last two hours taping pretty paper onto a bunch of boxes. She said that every year, the family has a contest who can do the absolute worst wrapping job. Taylor always wins, but sometimes Tierney's presents are a close second. I'm not sure why she is spending all this time cutting and taping, but the cardboard rolls the paper comes on are the bomb! I love empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls even better, but these suckers are 36 inches long! As soon as I try and figure out how to get one out of the family room and up the stairs, I'm going to hide it in my snuggle bed so Linda won't take it away from me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore

How in the world did I miss this story? It happened last June in Illinois, not Kansas although that is where is seems like it should have taken place. A Rottweiler named Chase was playing in his backyard when a tornado picked him up and took him on a ride like Toto & Dorthy had in the Wizard of Oz. Poor Chase was up in the air going round and round in the midst of the tornado. He was found just a block away from his home (not in the land of Oz) dazed, but alive. It's a good think the Flying Monkeys did not get him.

Purse Puppy

I ran like the wind today during our walk. I was home from 8-3 p.m. without anyone but Chip for company. She explained that after work, she went to Jerry's art show and ended up staying a lot longer then she expected. When Linda finally got home, she let me run and run until I was tuckered out. During my nap, she went back out to meet a friend for dinner. I wonder if she misses the point that the whole idea of having a purse puppy is that you are supposed to put it in your purse and take it with you. Maybe I'll buy her this necklace for Christmas to remind her. (She actually really wanted to buy this but it was too expensive.)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hungry Jack's Back!

I'm begging Linda to take me to Taylor's football game tonight. She's taking me to his soccer games and softball games before and it was really fun. His football number is 99 and his name on the back of the jersey says "Hungry Jack." Their team one first place in the hardest division last year. Even Linda does not know how he got that name. The game does not start until 10:45 pm, but I know I can stay up late enough to watch it. She said maybe she'll but me in the front pouch under her sweatshirt. She's not sure dog's are allowed at the indoor sports arena and then I would have to wait in the car for her. Someone would dog-nap me for sure if I was alone in the dark parking lot. I'll just have to stay very still and not wiggle around under her hoodie. UPDATE: Taylor's team lost by a field goal in the last 3.1 seconds of the game. The other team was huge & scary looking. They had professional uniforms and talked a lot of trash. Linda kept hiding her eyes during the game because she did want Taylor to get hurt.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

At Least the Creepy King Smells Good

I know exactly what I am going to get Jerry for Christmas. I already got him one present that I know he wanted. It won't be Christmas unless I get him the new scent from Burger King Corp. BK has launched a new men's body spray called "Flame." You guessed it, the scent is flame-broiled meat! What better scent for my Jerry then cooking beef? Plus at only $3.99, it's an awesome bargain. The marketing ad shows the "King" lying naked by the fire with an animal fur rug covering the whopper.


Can you imagine our surprise when we found a baby fawn trapped in our backyard this afternoon? Our backyard has a six-foot fence and does not even back up to the woods. Linda and Tierney hatched a plan to made a breadcrumb trail to the side gate Linda had opened. All was going well until Peter (that's what Tierney named him) made a run for it and bound over the fence into the next yard, which is also fenced. We were able to get his photo before he made his escape. He kept bounding from yard to yard until he found a yard that was not fenced. We just hope that Peter does not get hit by a car on the main street. Good thing Snickers was not in the back yard or poor Peter might not have been alive to tell the other deer about his adventures.

First Down!

Some Sunday's Linda watches football. There is a big game coming up called the Super Bowl. I'm not sure where she is watching it this year, but she better bring me with her! I'm going to bring this Super Bowl Party Pack just for dogs so I can party with the humans. The pack includes a football, six 12-oz bottles of Cockadoodle Brew, one bag of Nathan's All Beef Snacks and best of all... three bags of Woofy Popcorn. You all know how much I love popcorn. I just hope there will be other dogs to party with or I'm going to get pretty drunk on the doggie brew! I won't be getting too many 1st downs if I'm tipsy.

Furniture fit for a Princess

I really have not given much thought to what I want for Christmas. Until today. Just look at this 3-piece leopard stripe furniture set, just for princesses under 20 pounds! It includes a mini bed with a matching comforter and pillow, a mini sofa and a mini chaise lounge. All three pieces are only $206. Now that Taylor has moved out, maybe Linda will convert his old bedroom into Choopies room. Sleeping in the kitchen is not very cozy. She could set up this furniture, move my toys and food and even move the pee-pee pad in there. She could even keep the radio on since it keeps me company.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dog Movies Rock!

Chip and I are both sitting on Linda's lap... at the same time! I let Chip lay closest to her body because I am nice and prefer others above myself (really it's because she can kick my tail if she wanted to.) I am laying down on her knees just chilling. I'm keeping my eyes open and ears back just in case Chip gets a little touchy and decides to take a swipe at me. Oh, I forgot... the movie Marley and Me is opening on Christmas day. Linda's friend has a Marley dog and asked her to go to the opening on Christmas night. I'll have to stay home by myself. Hopefully, I'll get a lot of new toys as presents to keep me entertained.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The opposite of a girl is a boy..... Robin

Linda told me she went to Red Robin with Jerry for dinner. I know they are vegan/vegetarians, so I'm not sure why they were eating robins. Plus, isn't Red Robin a super hero? Linda used to love watching Batman and Robin on TV when she was little. Robin always said the stupidest things.

I've been bored today. It's too rainy and cold to walk outside tonight, Tierney's been gone all day, Linda's been teaching and out with friends... that just leaves Chip and I home alone. I hope one of these Sundays when we go to the dog adoption fair Linda gets me a new buddy. I miss Snickers so much. He was my bestest friend in the whole world. I just found out that Dipsy-Doodle, Tierney's hound dog at her Dad's house, had to go to dog heaven this week. She was old and had a bad infection that would not go away. I met her a few times, she just barked and barked at me, then ran and hid.


I am so excited for Jerry. This Saturday, I am going to go to his art show at Atlanta Bakery. He took me to his ArtKlub on a Sunday morning last month. It was a bunch of people who sat around with pens, pads, computers and said over and over how cute Choopie was. I love being the center of attention. It's amazing they have a whole club just devoted to me! I guess the days I don't go they draw and create things. I wonder if there will be any sketches of me hanging on the walls? I'm sure if there is someone will buy it for a Christmas present. Once he was going to do a comic book featuring me taming a giant viking man, but I'm not sure what happened to it.

Monday, December 15, 2008


When I was little, I used to raid Chip's litter box. It is embarrassing to admit, but for some reason it was an irresistible urging I could not stop. After I put together that every time I went to the litter box I got a bath and my teeth brushed, I stopped. It would have been a lot less painful if Linda bought me S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) It contains Glutamic Acid and has other things in it that makes the cravings subside. You just mix a little in the dogs food and the cravings disappear! Check it out on Amazon if you have a dog who eats poo.

He Won't be Guiding Anyone's Sleigh Tonight

Merry Christmas !Merry Christmas !! Merry Christmas!!! I want to see how quick I am going to get a comment that I should say "Happy Holidays" so I don't offend anyone. Three true stories. Number 1: A women was told by her home owners association to take her Christmas lights down because they might offend some of her international neighbors who do not celebrate Christmas. Number 2: The local elementary school could not decorate the classroom in green and red streamers because those colors typically represent Christmas. Number 3: An entire Holiday Pageant was recently canceled because it included the song "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" because it says "one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa...." Once you start dissing Rudolph, things have gone too far!! I understand how Baby Jesus might offend someone not of the Christian faith, but come on people, a flying deer with a bright red nose? Maybe we'll have to start using this Chihuahua dressed up as a reindeer instead of the real Rudolph.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Whew! Linda smells like 10 babies all spit up on her at once. Oh wait, that is what really happened. She said the babies were all crying and spitting everywhere. She loves it though and I don't mind sharing her on Sunday nights while she volunteers at the nursery. We took a long walk today before she left, so at least I got my exercise. I'm going to sleep in the laundry pile tonight because I just love the smell of the sweet little wee-ones. She said none of them were as clean as this pile of babies when the parents came to pick them up.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why did the alligator cross the road?

Apparently it was the chicken's day off! Or maybe he wanted to go to Disney World. A 5-foot alligator tried to cross a very busy street in downtown Orlando. An off duty police officer taped the gator's mouth shut and tried to stuff it in the back of the cop car. They eventually got him in the car and released him back into the wild. I'm not allowed to cross the street. During our walks, Linda picks me up and carries me across the street. She thinks I'm too little to cross on the leash. At least the alligator wasn't trying to get into someone's house!

Princess Choopie

This is the longest I've gone without posting. Whoa! It's just that Linda does not let me use the computer without her. She has been so busy and is hardly ever home in the evenings. When she does get home, she hugs and cuddles me but we don't go down stairs to the computer. Jerry came over for dinner last night. Linda cooked some yummy smelling food that I could not try any because of my diet. After dinner they watched a scary TV show. All was fine until I realized I wasn't the center of attention. I was biting Jerry, scratching at him and barking like crazy and he still was just barely petting me. He kept telling me I was jealous. I think I like it better when Linda is alone on the couch and Jerry takes me to his house. I'm the Princess and want all the attention all of the time thank you very much.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brrrr! It's Cold Outside

It has been too cold to take our walks. Two of Linda's friends sent her the same video clip of the dog playing in the snow. I'm not sure I remember what snow is, but this pooch looks like she is having fun. As soon as it snows, Linda is going to let me test it out on the deck before we go for a walk. I already know I hate getting my feet wet, so I doubt I'll be flying along bounding in and out of the snow piles. I am not too proud to admit that I love a warm lap under a blanket fresh from the dryer.

Monday, December 8, 2008

G'Noort, Krypto, and Ace

No need to fear... Underdog is Here!!

Dogs are really mans best friend. They are also each others best friend. In a truly heroic act, a dog pulled his buddy out of traffic on a busy highway. His friend was hit by a car and lying in the dangerous road. The hero dog risked his own life to pull his friend to safety. Cars swerved all around them, but no one stopped. I can hardly believe people kept driving by. At the end of the video, a highway crew finally stops. I could not watch the video because it would have made me cry. Here is a still from the video. Anyone know who the three dogs in the heading are?

Three Dog Night

Only in this case, it was a two puppy night. Little Jaylynn Thorpe, 3, who lives in Virginia got lost in the woods after wandering from his baby sitters home. Twenty-one hours later, he was found huddled in the woods with his 2 puppies laying on top of him to keep him warm. 300 people searched for the boy who was a half mile from the house. When he was found, he told rescuers he wanted to go hunting and fishing. Maybe he better wait until he is a little older. This is the actual photo of one of the Hero Puppies. I hope Pet Smart donates a years worth of food and toys to the dogs. (Hint-Hint..... Since I know some of the big-wigs at Pet Smart read my blog.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Very Beary Christmas

Things are getting stranger by the minute in our house. Tonight, Linda and Tierney took the pine tree that Tier cut down yesterday and put it in a stand inside the house. Then they put little white lights on it and covered it with Christmas Bears. Linda probably has 100 or more bears from Starbucks. Jerry bought her the first bear in 2001, and she has not missed one in 8 years. The tree looks really cute. They are calling it a Christmas tree. Interesting... I can't wait to see what else they put on it. I hope Chip does not think it's a climbing tree. I'm sure Linda will not be too happy if it ends up tipped over onto the white carpet.

If You Can't Run With the Big Dogs....

.....Stay out of Pet Smart on Sunday! Ever since the rumble in the dog park the other day, I am skittish around other dogs. I used to love the Sunday Pet Smart outings. It is dog adoption day on Sunday. I have loved running with the big dogs all round the store. I even made a full grown Pitt Bull fall in love with me a few weeks ago. Today, even the smaller dogs were freaking me out. I kept telling Linda to pick me up, but she encouraged me to try and make new friends. Once she told me to stop being a weenie! I'd like to see her surrounded by ten people who are twenty times her size all sniffing her at once. As always, I waited until I was in the store to go number 2.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It the shoe fits...

All this time we thought Chip might have a tumor on her back. It is a lump near her tail that she won't let Linda pet or rub. Her brother cat who used to live here was named Licorice. He was a wonderful, gentle cat but died from cancer. We thought Chip might have cancer too. Linda has been spending extra time with her. We even looked at buying her this cool bed to make her feel better. She loves to sleep in all my beds, so getting her one of her very own makes a lot of sense.
Turns out that when Jerry checked her out he said it was just a big matted ball of fur. If that's the case, I'm ordering this bed for me and Chip can have the hand-me-downs.

Choopies own personal p-tree

Tierney just came home with the strangest thing. She was super excited and had Linda hid her eyes. Don't ask me why, but Tierney and her friends carted an entire tree into the house! They went to a tree farm where you pick out your own tree and saw it down. It's green and has these needles on it that smell strange. Why would she want a tree inside the house? Oh... now I get it. It's a tree for me to sniff and pee on when we can't go outside for our walks because it is so cold. Thanks girlfriend!

How many blondes does it take to remember a leash?

I'm bummed I did not get to post yesterday. Linda was super busy all day. She got home late and we went right to bed. Luckily, Tier did not go to school yesterday, so at least I had company. Today was another long work day for Linda. Jerry picked me up and took me to his house. I love Ink the Cat, but she is not so sure she loves me. I tried to play with her, but she ignored me. Sometimes cats think they are all-that and better then everyone else. Walking on the trail is my favorite thing to do with Jerry, but because he can be a little BLOND sometimes, he forgot my leash and blue coat. I did go for a walk, but he had to tuck me inside his coat. That's fun for a few minutes, but not for a long walk. I did run in the back yard for a little while, that was kind of OK. Later on, Linda and Jerry went out for dinner and grocery shopping. They always bring me back a new toy but today I was dissed! It's OK, I know I am loved anyway. Since Jerry forgot my leash and did not bring me a toy, I thought I would reward him by posting this super-attractive photo of him. Cute, huh?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I won't be wearing the bonnet

The weather people say it is going to snow on Saturday. I really don't like the cold. Linda was showing me a video of a dog playing in the deep snow. It looked like it was having fun.. but since I'm only about 6 inches tall, any more then a dusting and I'll be a goner. Linda needs to get me a stroller or a little sled to pull me around in the winter weather. This Chihuahua has the right idea. She is even taking her toys for a walk with her. That hat has to go though. I'll be wearing my fur hood and blue coat.