Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Need Dog Prozac

Chimmie is out of his mind tonight! I've never seen him like this. He is crazy beyond words. Linda can't calm him down, he has been running, wrestling, jumping, and basically acting like a manic for the last hour. It's been too rainy to take us for a walk, so he is just exploding with excess energy. It's only 9:41 and Linda has decided enough is enough. We are all going to bed. Good night.

Kenya Maasai Compete With Farting Mongoose

No lie, this was the actual news header. It seems that the Kenya Massai raise honey. The local mongoose have figured out a way to steal all the honey from the farmers. At night, the mongoose climb the trees to where the bee hives are. They then pass gas (a much better term then farting) and the horrible smell cause the bees to leave the hive. That's when the mongoose knock the hive to the ground and gobble up all the yummy honey. I'm going to ask Tierney about this. In just a few weeks she will be heading to Kenya to hang out with the Massai. She'll get to the bottom of this story and see if it is true or just a bunch of hot (smelly) air.

A Morning in the Life of Linda

So much of Linda's time when she is at home is shuffling dogs around. Since Chimmie eats all of my food the second she puts it down, we have to be fed separately. He gets up an hour earlier than I do, so he has his first bathroom outing and then his breakfast immediately followed by a second bathroom outing even before I am out of the big bed. Next, Linda makes me get up (if she can find me buried under the covers), lets Chimmie inside and puts me outside. She makes my breakfast while I'm taking care of business, lets me back in and puts Chimmie back out. Lately, Chip cat has been bullying me away from my bowl, so I have to be fed in the hall bathroom with the door shut so I can eat in peace. Meanwhile, Chimmie is back outside while I'm eating because he body slams the door to get to my food. Following all this? After I eat, I have to go back outside while Chim is inside licking my empty bowl praying that more food magically appears. Somewhere in there, Chip cat gets fed too, but it's super easy since she rules the house. Even Chimmie would not dare try to get within 2 feet of her while she is eating. The rest of the time is spent taking toys away from Chim that he's destroyed, rescuing me from a wild wrestling match, or taking turns letting us out back to pee.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angry Birds in Space

I have no idea who George Bray is or even if this is remotely true, but if it is... I'm glad I'm a dog and not part of the human race.


I know Chim is part of the family and I do love him in my own Choopish way. But, and there is a big BUT (not that kind of Butt) I am kind of over him ruining my favorite beds, toys and hogging lots of Linda's time. Today was the last straw. He has not had an accident inside the house in forever. He lets Linda know when he has to go outside. During the night, he might use his pee pad in an emergency. Fine, I totally get that. This morning, he did a giant (GIANT) size pile on MY pee pee pad! What? I get weird about bathroom issues as it is. Now, I'll have to deal with the trauma of seeing that over and over in my mind. Linda cleaned it up right away and scrubbed the floor under just in case there were any lingering odors. She said to get over it and not to get any revenge ideas to pee on the carpet. I put a photo up of just a few of the 100's of toys he's destroyed. I didn't think you would want to see the pile he left.

He Actually Can Sit Still

Chimmie and Chip slept until Linda's alarm went off. Both Linda and I were extremely happy we did not have to listen to all the complaining again this morning. Chim was exhausted from a late night of crazy wrestling and rough playing. She had to carry him out of his bed to the backyard. After his breakfast and another trip to the yard, he is now sitting quietly chewing on a toy! Totally true. Usually every single minute we are on the computer, he is throwing toys on the keyboard or climbing up to Linda's shoulders. (OK, maybe I typed that a little too soon, he just jumped on Linda and shoved a moist plushy toy he has been gnawing on into her neck.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Furry Alarm Clocks

Having pets can me a lot like raising babies. They are completely dependent on you for their shelter, nourishment and love. It's not like Chip can fend for herself and hunt for her breakfast in the fields. She is totally a house cat. I know there is no food in the bathroom where Chimmie sleeps at night. But do they both have to start up crying, yowling and yipping at 6 a.m? They act like they are starved. Both of them ate 2 meals yesterday and had a few cookies too. Linda had to get up since neither one would shut up. Finally at 8:30 she made me get out of bed (I was hiding way down in the covers trying to make her forget I was there) to go to outside and eat my breakfast. Now it's 8:37 a.m. and I'm snuggling back down for my first nap of the day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Friends

Chimmie is as wound up as I've ever seen him. Two of Linda's friends came over this afternoon and one of them played really ruff with him. Wrestling, play fighting, tug of war and throwing toys.... all of Chimmie's favorite activities. He used to have a Chihuahua and he really loves playing with Chimmie. They are coming back over in a little while for round two. I did not want anything to do with either one of them. I'm so shy with people I don't know very well.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The T-Bone Saga

There is only one t-bone steak and I want it too. Chimmie will NOT share it with me, even for a second. The only way I get a chance to chew it is if we take turns out on the deck. I wait patiently at the sliding glass door for my 15 minutes. When I'm outside taking my turn, Chimmie body slams the sliding glass door trying to get to it. This is our first ever real bone. We have had the store bought kinds that are in a plastic package and only meat flavored, but never anything this luscious. Next time Linda goes out with her friends, she is going to buy someone a t-bone steak dinner just so she can take home another bone for us. It's 9:22 p.m. and Chimmie is out on the deck in the cold chewing it. Linda said it can't come in the house since it's kind of gross.

My Bone!

Our neighbor man used to love Snickers. They were big buddies for Snickers whole life. Paul did a lot of BBQ'ing out in his backyard. Snickers used to wait patiently at the fence line while the meat was cooking. He knew if he sat there quietly, Paul would throw the t-bone over the fence when he was done eating. Yesterday, he met Chimmie for the first time. Since both dogs look identical (except for size) and took an immediate liking to Chim. Sure enough, Paul was grilling a giant steak that afternoon. He asked if it was OK that Chimmie got the bones and of course Linda said yes (as long as it was just big steak bones, no chicken or pork.) Now, there is one HAPPY Chihuahua in our backyard chewing away on a t-bone. Linda can't get him to come back inside the house, which is fine by me.


We all woke up to a dusting of snow on the grass at 7 a.m. Of course Chimmie ran right outside to take care of his morning business. He acts like it does not even phase him. I hated the crunchy grass under my feet and decided the inside pee-pee pad would be a much preferred method for today. During the night, a big bag of ice melt pellets appeared on our front porch. I'm surprised that I didn't hear and bark when they dropped it off. Linda said she knew who did it, but he has ninja-like skills that even dogs can't detect! I want a ninja outfit to practice my stealthiness. Chip won't be able to see me coming!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carry Me

Linda got an email from my vet that said I'm due for 2 shots. She is going to make an appointment for this Tuesday. While I'm there, I'm going to get a haircut and my nails done. Tierney picked the almost shaved, super short cut so that is what I'm going to get. Chimmie still needs to get his lost and found chip implanted, but she is not sure she wants to do it all on the same day. It's not that easy taking us in the car together. He is too big to fit in any of the carry bags and we don't have a doggie seat belt to hold him in place. Maybe we can use his red pup tent! That will work fine. She can just put it in the hatch back of the car. I love this dog back pack. My old carry me pack is way too small for me now. This one is for dogs up to 22 pounds, so it should be OK for Chim for at least another month or so. Linda would have to buy two, one to wear on the front for me and one on her back for Chimmie.

Noah to the Rescue!

Isn't Noah the cutest baby ever? One of Linda's favorite days in a long time is when she got to watch him for the day. He was just perfect. He never cried, took 2 naps, ate his whole bottle, didn't throw up once and pretty much laughed and smiled the whole entire time he was awake. She loved it when Taylor and Tierney were babies. She had all sorts of energy then. There were days she would teach 3 hours of hard classes when Taylor was only 3 months and Tier was 2! Even with no sleep at night, she still never slowed down. This afternoon, Linda is being lazy and not wanting to walk us. She said it's because she taught a super hard class at 9:00, a very intense TKD class at 11:30 and then did 45 minutes of contact sparring for the next class. One of her black belts scored a side kick to the ribs and she is a little sore. Plus, she just finished scrubbing the whole entire house, did a few loads of laundry and finally, at 4:00 ate some leftovers for lunch. She should still have enough energy to walk us, even if it's a little walk. I think after she sits down for a little rest, she'll recharge and take us for a short walk. Either that of is she sits down, it's going to be for the entire evening! If Noah was here, I know she would pop him in the stroller and take us all for a long walk!

Shar Pei vrs Baby

A few news reports said some areas might get up to 4" of snow tonight. I'm officially protesting. Spring has sprung and I think the snow should go away and stay away until next winter. It's time for fresh spring haircuts, long trail walks and definitely time for Chimmie to spend most of his days out in the back yard. At least Linda does not have a lot to do today. After work at 1:00, she said she'll be home most of the entire day and evening. Some people might be coming to our house tonight, but not the giant crowd of almost 30 people who came a few weeks ago. I don't mind that so much because there won't be babies or toddlers. Even if there was, they mostly cluster around Chimmie because he likes them so much. Who is cuter in this picture, the baby or Shar Pei? I bet that poor dog gets his wrinkles pulled all the time by his baby. Ouch!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Downward Knifehand & Long Fist to the Throat

We just got home from a very late night walk. It's almost 11 p.m. and very chilly, but Linda was gone for over 5 hours and she felt bad that Chimmie was stuck in the bathroom that whole time. Sometimes I wonder if it is smart to walk us that late. A bad guy could jump out from behind a tree and get us. She said not to worry, she has ninja skills. If only Chimmie would just be a good boy, she would leave him out with me. So far he's chewed the carpet and corner of the molding when he's been alone. She wishes she had some kind of hidden camera and a little electric buzzer collar. This way when he starts to do something bad, she could remote control a little buzz and it would make him stop. We saw this on Cesar and it worked great. Tierney said we should send the Dog Whisperer a DVD of Chimmie being Chimmie. He would probably get picked for the show.

Muffin Tops Are No Longer Muffin Tops

At one of Linda's favorite cafes to study and read, they sell little muffin tops. Instead of the whole high calorie muffin, you can just buy the top part. Pretty good idea, you can have your cake and eat it too! Now, the Oxford English Dictionary has changed the definition of muffin top. Here is the new meaning: "a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers." It kind of makes you think twice before enjoying that lemon poppy seed or blueberry muffin top. Who wants a protuberance of flesh?

Yeah for Tierney

I just passed the 2,400 post mark. It won't be long before I get to 2,500..3,000...who knows how far I'll go with this blog? Tierney just started her blog, she probably only has less than 100 posts. Her blog (www.rubywoolovesyou) is so amazing, that she has already been asked to write a guest column for a very famous fashion blog! I'm so proud of her and only hope that someday someone asks me to do a guest column. She told me that I need to start leaving comments on other dog's blogs and get them to "like" me. OK, I'm going to go look for one right now and start my way to blog stardom!
p.s. Tier and Linda have a tradition to take a photo after every major church event or holiday. It's fun to look at all the photos over the years. This one is from after the sports banquet.

Even I'm Smiling!

Linda is pretty darn happy right now. (Yes, she did find the missing coffee mug on top of the kitty litter container ((bad Chip)), but that is not why she is doing her happy dance.) She just found out a few minutes ago that she was excused from jury duty! She would have had to go for at least 2 weeks in May. The nice people at the selection department were kind enough to listen to her plea to be released. Yeah! That means no 10 hour days alone for Chim and I; no back pain or knee pain for Linda from sitting too long and she won't need to find 42 subs to teach her classes! Besides those things, she said with all the money she would have lost from her not working for at least 2 weeks, we would have had to believe God for the ravens to feed us. (Which would really not be such a bad thing at all.)

Have You Seen This Mug?

Bright and sunny, but there was a layer of frost on the deck railing this morning when we went outside. Linda's day isn't too crazy, so we should have time for a long walk later this afternoon between classes. Right now, she is tearing around the house trying to find her coffee cup. She put it down somewhere when she carried the laundry baskets downstairs, and it seems to have grown legs and walked away. (Oh no, I just had a thought. Maybe it was tossed in the washing machine by accident. I better tell her ASAP!)

Instead of family night, she has a Sports Banquet tonight to honor all the kids and coaches who played on their basketball team this past year. That means no fun for the dogs since we are not invited to the dinner. Taylor should be at the head table since he helped coach. If she takes any good photos, I'll post them. Maybe she can snag us a few bites of leftover chicken!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hope It's Decaf!

No, this isn't Chimmie drinking Linda's iced coffee, but it sure looks like him when he was little. It's his tiny twin, for sure!!

Official State Dog: Chorkie

There is a war brewing in Maine regarding the states official treat. I didn't even know states had official treats. I think there are state flowers, state birds, state songs and state flags... but state treats? Anyway, the Maine House of Representatives has passed a bill that makes Whoopie Pies the states official treat. (Blueberry pie is Maine's official dessert.) Now the vote goes to the senate. If I owned the Whoopie Pie company, I would be doing some mass promotion to go along with all this publicity. There has been coverage of this important news event for the last 3 months in Maine. That got me thinking, what other official things to states have? Here is some of the things I've found. Official State: firearm; emblem; motto; fish; wine; tree (redwood); fossil (prehistoric monster); sport (jousting); beverage (water); jelly; muffin; mushroom; pepper; dance; question (red or green?); soil; ghost town; wasp; possum. The list is endless, but very entertaining. I am going to submit myself to be my states official hybrid dog.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Ugh, still raining this morning. We totally missed our walk yesterday and looks like early today is out too. I see lots of dogs walking by our house when it's raining, they don't seem to mind a bit. Even Chimmie acts like nothing is different when he goes out back in the rain. I dislike it immensely, from getting my paws wet to the feeling of the rain on my face. The few times we've gotten caught in the rain during a walk, I just hunker to the sidewalk crying and don't move. Linda picks me up and shoves me inside her jacket until we get safely home. I feel the same way about snow. Guess you could say I'm a fair weather kind of dog. I'll have to look forward to tomorrow. Look at Tierney, a little rain isn't going to ruin her adventures!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wait... What if your both??

Due to very popular demand, Linda told me I could turn on the comment section of my blog. We turned it off last year because we were getting so much spam. Plus, two people let some nasty comments about me being from a puppy mill! Of all the nerve. I was NOT from a puppy mill, but was born in someones home to two parent dogs who loved me very much! Anyway, feel free to leave kind, nice and unspamish comments. Thank you.

Which Would Ruby Woo Pick?

Here are photos of me sporting 4 different hair cuts. The first one was a spring cut I got a few years ago. It's basically just a trim and it keeps the overall length that Yorkies are supposed to have. The second shot was a total buzz cut. Linda had the groomers at the vets office do this style. It's OK for summer and it does make me look slimmer, but do I look cute? The third photo was my "expensive" cut. This one set Linda back $65. The style is short but still a little fluffy. Finally, we have my last fall grooming photo. The girl kept in short on the top and longer around my legs. Which cut should I get for spring?

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

To help you make your decision to adopt a dog today, I found one of the cutest puppy photos ever. I'm not sure about the whole pj's trend for little dogs, but you have to admit... she does look cute. Here are some local organizations you can check out to adopt your very own dog: Friends of Homeless Animals; A Forever Home; HART; SPCA of No. Va.; Lost Dog & cat Rescue; and of course your local animal shelters. Make the call today and bring a whole lot of love into your life!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run, Don't Walk your nearest animal shelter or rescue organization! Tomorrow, March 23rd is National Puppy Day. Go "like" them on facebook and check out their website. Everyone should adopt a puppy (or a full grown mutt) and you'll never been lonely or feel unloved again. We make Linda laugh and smile at least 20 times a day and love her unconditionally. OK, better make that 18 if you subtract the 2 times that Chimmie is a bone-head and does something dumb. Even then, he usually is so funny about it that she laughs anyway. Take the time she caught him chewing the corner of the floor molding. She put hot Tabasco sauce on the wood so he would stop. A few seconds later she came down the hall and he was licking it all off!

Are You My Mother?

I've told you how Chimmie nurses on his favorite bed. He pretends that its his Mommy and just lays there with his little eyes shut and sucks until he falls asleep. Looks like he's found a new Mommy. Now he is nursing on my panther's ear. I keep the panther in my kitchen bed to snuggle up against when I'm alone. Today, he dragged it back to the den and decided that the ear was the perfect thing to nurse on. If he makes a hole in it, I'm going to have to put my paw down. I love my panther and do NOT want the stuffing all over the house. Linda made the executive decision and took it away from him.

Can I Come Inside Now?

Maybe if I sit really still and be quite Chimmie won't want this exact spot on the deck. (Read below.) Ummmm..... Linda, I need a spring hair cut like RIGHT NOW! My hair is so long you can't even see my legs anymore.

What? You Talking About Me??

I'm not too keen on this whole outside thing while Linda is home. She said that on nice days, we have to spend more time outside on the deck and in the yard. That might be fine for Chimmie who loves to explore the yard and find all sorts of treasures to chew. I don't like it very much. No matter where I go to in the yard, he comes barreling over and pushes me out of the way. If I try to lay on the furry bed, he comes and commandeers it. Next, I'll be minding my own business trying to find a place to do my business and he has to pee in the spot I like first. Forget playing with any of the toys outside. The second I decide one might be fun, he yanks it out of my mouth.

Chalupa Wins!

Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week. We don't have to get up super early. Today, we slept until 7:15 and then Linda let me stay under the covers until 8:00 while she took care of Chimmie and made coffee. Her first class isn't until noon, so it means she spends the entire morning home with us. Today she has chores, reading and studying to do so there won't be a walk, but she said this evening we will go for a long trek after she gets home from church. She also figured out a new way to feed me breakfast. It stresses me to eat in the kitchen while Chim is body slamming the sliding glass door so he can break through to eat my food. Plus, Chip will swoop in and push me out of the way to take over my bowl. Now, I run in the hall bathroom and she feeds me in there with the door shut. I can take my sweet time without having either Chip or Chim breathing down my neck to gobble my breakfast. When I'm done, I just do a little whine and Linda lets me out! Perfect solution. This little baby must be giving CPR to the poor cat... or maybe she just loves it a lot.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Six = One

Here is a photo of guy holding all his pet Chihuahua's. You wonder why I'm posting this? Just to show Chimmie that he weighs more than all of these little dogs combined! How come he could not be a normal size Chi like the one on the far right? Even the biggest one is half the size of Chimmie. Oh well, we love him now and couldn't part with him even if we tried. Although I don't mind if he wants to spend a weekend or two with Paul to give me time alone with Linda.

Ninja Doritos

If anyone can read the writing on this package, would you please email me and tell me what flavor this is? Thank you very much.

Chicken Little

This is an actual news clipping from a small local paper. I can only wonder the burglar was thinking during this break-in. Everyone knows that popcorn does not have enough protein for the bird to lay good quality eggs. Duh.

The Truth is Out There

Today is National Alien Abduction Day. For real. I don't know much of the history, but people have conventions, fairs and do all sorts of extraterrestrial kind of activities. I am going to make sure Chip Cat spends a lot of time out on the deck today and keep my paws crossed!

Weird Weather

I woke Linda up very early this morning (sometime around 4:00?) minutes before the first downpour of rain started. I could sense something was going to happen. I cuddled up to her face then pushed myself under the covers just as the LOUD hail and pounding rain started. My little body was quivering with fear. Chimmie did not make one sound in the bathroom. Linda thought for sure he would be yelping to be let out when the thunder started. That's the weird thing about him. Thunder storms do not scare him, but another dog sniffing his butt is enough to make him have a full blown panic attack. This morning there is chunks of hail piled up on our deck. Weird weather happenings since it is supposed to be in the mid to high 60's today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One in the Same

The bigger Chimmie gets, the more Linda is sure that he must have some Snicker's blood in him. Maybe when Snickers and Sheba got out that last time, Snicker's had his way with Chimmie's Grandma, then the bloodline just was passed down. He looks so much like him its eerie. Now that he is past the 6-month mark, he is starting to act like him too. Chimmie is gentle with babies. He lets you take a bone out of his mouth. He loves the sunshine on the deck. He adores kissing Linda and snuggling against her whenever he gets the chance. Chim never complains about being locked up in his room, no mater how long he is in there. He's a great eater and will gobble whatever dog food Linda puts in front of him. The one area where he is different is that Snickers was not afraid of other dogs, he just wanted to challenge them to show he was The Big Dog. Snick's was very, very protective of Linda, inside or outside the house. Chimmie just runs and hides when he thinks danger is near, even if it's leaves blowing across the trail.
p.s. Look at his shoulder and neck muscles! No wonder he weighs 12 pounds. There isn't an ounce of fat on his body... it's just so solid.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moon Pie in the Sky

No, not that kind of moon pie. A rare confluence of factors will make the moon a super perigee. (I copied and pasted that line from a news article in case you were wondering how I knew what confluence and perigee meant.) In other words, the moon is GIANT! It is so beautiful, I just want to howl and bay at it all night. It's making Chimmie more crazy than normal. He is throwing his bunny on the laptop over and over trying to get Linda to throw it. Her poor arm is all scratched up from him pawing her to play with him. Buddy, just take a chill pill already!! We are about to put you on doggie Prozac if you don't calm down. All this talk of moons is making Linda crave one of those old fashioned Moon Pies she had as a kid.

And The Winner Is.....

Last year when Linda went to the annual dinner meeting at the YMCA, she won an XBox as a door prize. We don't have any games to play on it, but it comes in handy for Netflix's. This year, she did not win anything. There were two 48" flat screen TV's and blue ray players. There were so many restaurant & store gift certificates that she was sure she would at least win one. She was hoping for the $75 Morten's Steak House prize because Taylor, Sarah and Tierney would have loved it. (Plus, I would get a doggy bag with yummy bone!) Her number did not come up for the 10 free oil changes at Jiffy Lube. She did not win any spa packages or an $800 portriat session with a famous photographer. Oh well, she said the food was catered by a nice Italian restaurant and she was able to talk to an old friend she had not seen in a long time.

Read This Ruby Woo

I thought since Tierney has been ignoring me on her Ruby Woo fashion blog, I thought I might give her some inspiration to do a post about fashion trends for small dogs. I think this rose bud dress would be perfect for a trip to the mall or to get my nails painted. The color beckons spring and it would really look nice with my brown eyes. The pleated navy dress trimmed in red, white an blue ribbon has a nautical feel and would work for lunch outside at Corner Bakery or The Bagel Cafe. For those special evenings when Linda might want to dress me up for a night at The Town Center, a slinky little leopard sheath would be just right. Don't you think the black belt adds just the right touch? Finally, I'm torn on this last dress. The bright purple ruffles are right in style, but I have a sneaking suspicion that in would not be the most flattering cut given my full figure. p.s. Not to be catty or mean, but do you think they might have been able to find cuter models for the clothes?

Just Another Saturday

Jerry took us in the woods on the long trail walk this morning. This is one part where we have to be carried across the water. In this shot, the water is low. Sometimes the water levels get even or even over the stepping stones. It's getting harder and harder for Linda to carry us both across. It's a good thing Jerry was able to take us today because Linda worked until 1:00 and she also has a work meeting tonight. It is beautiful out, low 60's and a light breeze. I made it the entire time on the trail (45 minutes) and just had to be carried a little while in the neighborhood when we left the woods. Then, Linda sat out on the deck for an hour with Taylor and a friend from church. I rested in the sunshine while Chimmie chewed up and swallowed big sticks. Taylor said it was going to hurt more coming out than going in!! Maybe it will teach him not to chew up things he shouldn't.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Time

We went to our first family night of the year! Family night is when all of Linda's church family (and some of their little dogs) get together for sports, board games, cards, food or just to hang out and talk. I got to see Tierney, Sarah, Taylor, Gretel and baby Noah. Chimmie did surprisingly well. He actually liked Brodie (a Shorkie who belongs to Sarah's brother.) Chim was super gentle with the toddler who was rough petting him. (Linda told the women not to worry, you could not be too rough with Chimmie. He likes to wrestle!) The same little girl put a death grip on me and I let out a little squeak. She followed us everywhere we went. Linda walked us through the woods, out to the big deer field and we even sat in the gym for an hour watching Tierney and Taylor play basketball. Neither one of us got scared when the loud buzzer went off at half time. Since it was too dark to take any photos, Linda told me to use this one of her old cat Lickey. He had a big tumor in his belly and died. He was a good cat, not crabby like Chip.

A Real Chihuahua

This is a friend of mine from the Purse Puppy group we used to be a part of. I forgot all about this photo. It was 2 years ago, I was probably only about 4 pounds then. This Chihuahua is a 3 year old little girl (we can't remember her name.) Look at the size of her! That is supposed to be Chimmie's size. I am towering over her!! Why oh Why didn't he stay tiny? Then I could have been the boss of him!!

Zombie Chimmie

Look at the size of his belly when he was a newborn! That is a lot of Mama's milk!!

Chimmie's Siblings

Chimmie would fill up his entire newborn bed if he were to try and fit in it today.