Monday, August 31, 2009

Brandy, Your a Fine Dog

What a fun night! After Linda got home from hanging out at the big Town Center near our house, there was still an hour of daylight. She put on the front pouch that she sometimes uses when we are in crowded places. Instead of going where I have to be careful not to get stepped on, she took me back on the wooded trail. We hiked for a whole hour. (She hiked, I walked about 30% of the time.) There were not any deer because for once, there were other people and dogs hiking too. Unless you are super quite, the deer go into hiding. I did see a Yorkie, Basset Hound, and one of those big dogs who bring you a little barrel of brandy when you get stuck in a snow avalanche.

Ummm... Is This Weird To You?

Linda has a pillow on her bed with my exactly likeness on it. Her friend Leslie had it made for Linda's birthday. She really likes the pillow, but she does not want it to replace me, no way! There is a whole sub-culture in Japan called "Otaku" where men carry around pillows with girl anime characters printed on them. The men pretend the pillows are their girlfriends, they even go so far as carrying them around town and going on romantic dates. The men who love the pillows are called "2-D" (as apposed to having a real "3-D" girlfriend.) At least the pillow girlfriend does not whine or demand that the man put down the toilet seat. Maybe it's not such a bad idea afterall.

Laundry, Here I Come!

Yeah! Linda bought a new dryer today at our local big-box hardware store. The men are coming tomorrow to take the old one away and install our brand new one. I can't wait to burrow down into the warm, comfortable pile of towels as soon as they come out of the dryer. Linda went out back and cut down the redneck clothes lines she hung yesterday. Plus, Taylor bought another house that he is fixing up to resell. There is a 5 year old stove and fridge that he will be replacing with brand new models. Guess who gets the old ones? We do! All we need now is a new dishwasher and all the appliances will be in working order. This is the exact dryer we are getting.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's a Clothespin?

Linda had no success getting the clothes dryer working yesterday. The part we thought was broken was not the problem after all. Since Linda was out of sheets and towels, we had to do the laundry anyway. She went to the Dollar Store and picked up an old fashioned clothesline and clothespins. Next, she strung the rope from the deck to the back fence. It was so high she could barely reach it. By the time the sheets were hung up, they were almost touching the grass! I hope that the neighbors don't call the Home Owner Association police. If they do, Linda will get in big trouble since it is against the law to hang your clothes outside. I hope we get a new dryer soon. I miss snuggling in the warm clothes.

I Love Sundays!

It was so fun at the dog park today! My new haircut was a huge hit with the rest of the dogs and humans. My boyfriend, Snickers was there and super happy to see me. We played for at least an hour. I got him to roll over on his back every single tussle we had. He adores me, it's clear to everyone. I even let him get inside my black carry-me bag, at the same time I was sitting in it. Snicker's human said we were "Shacking-Up." (I know, its the same name as my last boyfriend! What are the chances of that? It must be fate.) I'm tucked under this woman's arm and Snickers is the Chihuahua in the photo with his back to the camera. (The photo is from last week before my haircut.) He's from championship bloodlines and was bred in Russia. I wish I could still get pregnant. We would make beautiful puppies together. I'm going to nap the rest of the day, I'm pooped from all the frolicking!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Crazy Family

I've been looking through some old photos. Things got pretty crazy after Linda's birthday dinner last year. For some reason, everyone started posing with the life size baby polar bears and a 20 foot pink stuffed snake. I was hiding just in case they started making me wrestle the killer snake. Poor Taylor, he's smashed on the bottom of 2 polar bears, one wife and a big sister.

Nessie Exists

Finally, after years and years of sitings, Google Earth captured a real photo of the Loch Ness Monster. The beast that was seen on the 22-mile loch is 65ft long and has a body, tail and four legs. Many people think that Nessie is a Plesiosaur (extinct, or so we thought.) I can't use the photo from google earth because it says it is copyrighted. You'll have to trust me on this one, it is the real deal. (Or maybe it's just a big floating log, but it looks real!)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Scared Face

We had a very loud and violent thunder storm last night. It scared me so much that I could not sleep. Today after classes, Linda tried to take me out for a walk. It had been raining earlier, but the sun had come out. When I felt the wet grass, I started crying and would not walk. She carried me across the lawn to the sidewalk, but I still just sat there crying because I hate getting my feet wet. She brought me back inside and took my harness off. Before she got two steps into the living room, I made a bee-line to the bedroom and hid under the bed. If this behavior continues, she is going to call Cesar, the Dog Whisperer. He'll "Tsssss" me and make me be calm-submissive. I hope I don't have to go to south LA and live with his pack. There are about 40 Rototillers and Pit Bulls all in one fenced area. Not so much fun for a 5 pound Chorkie.

The Pizza Guy Scares Me

When Tier and Taylor were little, they had one of the original Nintendo game systems. One of their favorite games was Noah and the Ark. Noah had to pile up all these animals, one on top of each other, and carry them into the ark. Linda can't remember all the details, maybe Tier will log on and let us know. There was another NES game called Bible Buffet. Despite it's name, there was actually no Bible references or spiritual lessons in the game. Wild and evil food ran around trying to kill you. All you had to defend yourself was a fork, knife and spoon. For some bizarre reason, you also had exploding oil drums as weapons. I'm not sure why I'm even writing about this since I don't have thumbs and can't play games.

Lucky Lucky

A turtle lived up to his namesake. Lucky is indeed one lucky turtle. He was just chilling in his owners backyard when he was attacked by a critter who destroyed his front legs. Since his owner Sally is a wonderful person, she rushed Lucky to the vet to see if he could be saved. The vet took one look at Lucky's mangled legs and knew they had to be amputated. Oh, no...Lucky wasn't so lucky after all. Then the vet got a great idea. He attacked plastic chair sliders to Lucky's stubs and found out that if the turtle pushed with his back legs, he could slide along without any trouble at all. Yeah! I love happy endings.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miss August

Tierney just came home from working 12 hours. Said said she forgot how cute I looked with my new haircut. Linda said I'm so adorable that it squeezes her heart when she looks at me. I do love the new found freedom of no long matted hair getting in my harness or messy things happening when I go number 2. I look so much younger because all the gray hair is gone. I just can't wait to go to the dog park this weekend.

I Love This Photo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Love

Taylor and Sarah had such a romantic time on their anniversary trip. They left at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and drove all night so they could get to the North Carolina beach by 6:00 a.m. to watch the sunrise. Taylor wrote her a wonderful letter which she read on the beach as the sun came up, then he gave her an incredible ring with chocolate and white diamonds surrounding an emerald. During the weekend, they frolicked in the surf, ate crabs, did some sightseeing, played golf, and smooched a bunch. I am so happy they have each other.

How many drug dealers does it take to stuff a turkey?

Only one, but you really have to squeeze him in there. Drug dealers think they are so tricky, but they always seem to get caught. Sometimes they try to smuggle drugs into the country inside souvenirs, stuffed inside bras, hidden in the soles of shoes, but this one seems to take the prize. Drug men sewed the capsules of drugs inside 2 live turkeys then put the live birds inside a crate. Peruvian police had a tip the men were smuggling drugs, but they could not find them anywhere. Then, someone noticed that the turkeys were extra fat. They checked the bellies of the birds and found a fresh scar. Sure enough, they operated on the birds and pulled out the drugs. Both birds survived the operation. (I'm sure someone killed them and ate them for dinner later.)


I just got home from the groomers. I got a new hair cut, nails trimmed, teeth brushed, ears cleaned and the "you know what" expressed (which was extremely unpleasant!) Now I won't be teased at the dog park about my unruly hair. I look so adorable that I keep looking at myself in the mirror on the closet door. Linda thinks I look a little bit like Snickers dog. I have the same coloring and now my hair is cut the same way his was.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No If's, Ands, or Butts

Oh great, I heard Linda on the phone today. She is taking me to the Vet tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. I have been having a little itch problem in a very private place. I heard the word "express" and the word "glands". I'm not sure what that means, but it does not sound fun. If everything comes out O.K., the groomer is going to come and meet me at the office to give me a haircut, manicure and brush my teeth. I hope I get a pretty bandanna and fancy barrettes. I'll post my makeover photo tomorrow.

Beware: Mad Cow

In the last 2 months, four people have been trampled to death by cows in a rural area of London. The rouge cows can charge and become aggressive without warning. One lady was stomped on when she was walking in a field with her two dogs. The authorities are saying to let your dog off the leash when you walk past cows. The cranky cows will try and kill your dog, not you. I know without a doubt that Linda would NEVER sacrifice me to the cows. She would just find another path to walk that did not have mad cows milling around. I wonder if Sarah has ever seen a killing cow in action? She grew up on a giant dairy farm in New York State.

Le-go of my Lego

What's 12 inches long, costs $4,300, takes a week to make and contains 15,000 lego bricks? A giant Lego Giraffe tail, that's what! For the 4th time, someone stole the tail off this 20 foot tall sculpture outside of the entrance to Legoland in Brazil. Since it keeps getting stolen, why don't they hide a camera up on his head so they can catch the tail-robbing thief? They could also hook up a siren that goes off when someone tries to grab the tail. Someone needs to be done to catch this thief before he does something serious like steal a leg.

Yabba, Dabba, I DO!!

Weddings are wonderful, but most of them are exactly alike: tux, white gown, bridesmaids in dresses they will never wear again, punch, cake, etc, etc, etc. We watched a great YouTube video of a couple who had their wedding party dance down the aisle wearing sunglasses with their wedding duds. It was big fun. This wedding looks even better. The bride and groom love the Flintstones (who doesn't?) and decided to have a full Bedrock celebration. Even the guests dressed up. I wonder if they made their getaway in the foot powered car? Click on the photo to see the bride and groom up close. She really looks like Wilma!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Kids

Turns out that Babies Who Poke Choopie are pretty wonderful after all. The little girl was really sweet to me tonight at soccer. I was sitting on the blanket next to her and her little brother. She was eating cheesy crackers and I was drooling cause they smelled so good. She shared some crumbled crackers with me that she had stuck to her hand. I licked it all off, which she thought was hilarious. Linda let me eat a few more crumbles before she said no more, but Ritz Cheesy Bits are soooooo good. The boy baby pulled my hair once, but I did not mind one bit. I would have loved to stay longer, but the bugs were eating Linda and she wanted to leave. When we first got there, I got to walk through the woods and smell some deer poop.

My, What Big Teeth You Have

Every morning before anyone is up, Chip meow's at our bedroom door. I sleep in the big bed with Linda and Chip sleeps in Tierney's bed most nights. Tier leaves her door open, so Chip comes and goes as she pleases. Around 6:30 a.m., Chip starts the meowing and head butting our door. She is hungry and wants her food NOW. Linda makes her wait until she is read to get up, but it is hard to sleep with the loud head butts. Once in awhile she will run down the hall and body slam the door. (Chip, not Linda.) When it is time, we have to take turns who gets fed first. One day, Chip gets her food first, the next day it's my turn. Chip hates it when I get fed first. She throws a hissing fit. Too bad cat, you need to wait your turn just like I do. If Linda was not standing right there, I bet she would attack me because she is jealous. A lady from Pennsylvania made the mistake of feeding her dog before she fed her boyfriend. The man started yelling at her to feed him first and a fight ensued. The lady grabbed a steak knife and stabbed the man dead during the fight. She is in jail waiting for her trial.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Guy's Hair is Worse than Mine!

Once again, my crazy hair was the only topic at the dog park. If Linda does not get me to the salon, I am going to do something stupid I might regret. I'll run away from home and try to find Dog's Day Out by myself. It's so embarrassing to have people laugh at me. I'm really just fed up. A Barber who owned the barber shop next to a convenience store was fed up too, but he was fed up with rotten jerky. He bought some beef jerky from his neighbors store for a snack. He even fed his dog some of the jerky. Both the man and pet got sick. The barber was so mad, he went back to the store and tried to rob the owner. The owner, who gets his hair cut at the Jerky Mans barber shop, called the police and ran the Jerk down with a baseball bat. The police man came (who gets his hair cut by the Jerky Man) to arrest the man. This is the second beef jerky post in one week. Go figure.

Today I Was the Big Dog

We just got home from the dog park for our normal Sunday romp. I am always the smallest dog, but today... there were 3 Chihuahua's smaller then me and 1 bigger! For those who can't add, that is 4 HuaHua's and one Chorkie. (That's really 4 1/2 Chihuahua's.) One couple bought the two smallest dogs. One was so tiny it looked exactly like my size when I first came to live here. Snickers (yes, same name as my Big Boy) was my favorite. He is a long haired Chihuahua just a 1/2 pound bigger then me. We ran, tumbled, chased each other and smelled each others butts. What a great time! Snickers human was named Bill. He wanted to take a photo of Linda and I because he never saw a Chorkie before. I'm not sure why he wanted Linda in the photo. Maybe he's never seen a girl before. Since we did not get to take any photos, I decided to post a picture of Chip since she never gets any face time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Feel Your Pain

I am SO bored. I was alone almost all day. There has been no walk or dog park today. There isn't any Dog Whisperer shows on TV. It is currently thundering and lightening, pouring rain and windy, so any night walks are out of the question. At least I have company and don't have to be alone during the storm. Linda is supposed to go out tonight, but she is tired from teaching 4 straight hours today. I bet she decides to go and I'll be left here with Chip Cat. I'm depressed and I need a hug too!

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love will make him wag his tail.

Good news on the broken dryer bru-ha-ha. Linda's friend came over to look at it. He's a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy who can do all sorts of repairs. Of course he spent the first 15 minutes crawling around the floor playing with me. How can anyone resist how cute I am? Then he pulled the dryer out and took off the back. There was so much money hidden behind the dryer. We collected enough to go out for ice cream later. There is this tool that you stick in to see if the electrical part is working in the heating element. It was broken, so now we know what the problem is. Linda is going to order one Monday and he'll come back and put the new one in. Yeah! We just saved about $350. The exact amount to buy a doggy pal for me on Sunday at "Friends of Homeless Animals" adoption day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mister, Do You Have a Quarter?

One of my favorite things is when Linda takes the hot clothes out of the dryer and puts them on the couch to fold. She says "Laundry" and no matter where I am or what I am doing, I come charging downstairs and burrow deep into the warm clothes. She always leaves a warm towel or tee shirt for me to sleep in while we watch TV. Tonight, tomorrow and probably for a future days to come I won't be sleeping in the warm laundry BECAUSE OUR DRYER IS BROKEN! Linda has been keeping it together and not getting upset as she called around to get it fixed. It ends up we need to spend our saved pennies to buy a brand new one. Since it is from 1983, the repair man laughed and said the model number wasn't even in his Whirlpool parts book. She is going to go tomorrow after teaching to look at new ones. Since the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher are all from 1983, we might as well get those before they break. Really, it is amazing that they have all worked as long as they did. Until we buy a new dryer, Linda is going to have to dig some quarters out of the couch to go Tiny Bubbles.

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Linda just tried to take me for a walk before the storm arrived. The wind was blowing so hard that I had to walk sideways. We had to run home because thunder was starting. Then big drops came down and Linda had to pick me up to run faster. We made it home it time. Then there was a huge thunder clap that scared the fur off me. I'm shaking and whining huddled up under Linda's arm. Wait, we just looked outside and the sun is back out! What the heck!! It was hurricane winds and now it is calm and sunny. Weird.

MISSING: Hudson Hayward Hemingway

Oh No! Another dognapping in the news. A man was celebrating a friends birthday at a party in a bar. He brought along his little 4-month old teacup Chihuahua named Hudson.....(see above). He let a man hold the pup for a second, and when he turned around, the man had disappeared with the dog. Hudson is light-cream colored with a pink belly and ears. She has a pink earring in each ear (!?!). The suspect is a man with a tattoo of Britney Spears on his arm and neck. He is thin, about 5'10", light brown hair and weighs 160 pounds. It should be easy to find the man since there are not too many Britney tattoos. I so hope that Hudson... (see above) is reunited with his frantic human. Until then, the guy could carry this little Chi-Chi purse and around with him so he does not feel so lonely. (Tierney actually has this purse. I need to ask her where it is because it would make a good Choopie carrier.)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


What is beautiful, gray and wants to wear a glass slipper? Cinderelephant, that's who. There is an update on the Motola story I wrote last week. (Motola is the three-ton elephant who had her leg blown off by a landmine. She was fitted with a custom made fake leg.) Unfortunately, Motola went to lay down and bent the new leg. They had to take the fake leg back off to fix it. The Prostheses Foundation (they also make legs/arms for people) will reattach it on Saturday. Someone should have tested it before hand to make sure it would hold her weight when she moved around. Poor girl, I'm sure she just wants to be able to run and play with the other elephants.

I'm Not Jealous

This is Mimi the Chihuahua. This is Mimi's Juicy Couture collection. So what if she has more Juicy clothes than Paris Hilton. If you ask me, pink is NOT her color. I'm not jealous, really I'm not. (p.s. Mimi, if you ever read this.... I'm not too proud to wear hand-me-downs)

Chi Wow-Wow

What a great idea! Why didn't Linda think of this? Chi Wow Wow makes dog backpacks for tiny breeds. The back pack slips right over our harness. We carry carry our own treats, clean-up bags, or even our humans house key! When I don't feel like carrying it anymore, it has a detachable wrist strap so Linda can carry it. When I feel like playing, it has a squeaker inside. You can buy yours at I'm getting the brown and pink peace sign.

Bark Watch

They don't wear sexy red swimsuits, but these Italian lifeguards are patrolling the beaches saving peoples lives. From the time they are just 4 months old, these guards complete a 2 year training to recognize when a swimmer is in distress. They learn to swim out and grab the drowning folks to tote them back to shore. These hairy heroes are Labradors, Newfoundlands and Golden Retrievers! There are still people life guards, but these dogs are doing a great job in keeping the beaches safe and sound.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meat Haute Coutoure

I'm starting my Christmas shopping early this year. I've found the most perfect present for Tierney. She tends to leave her laundry on the floor and I like to curl up on it because it comforts me and I miss Tier. If I buy her this, I can kill two birds with one stone... lay on her laundry and have a snack. (What a horrible saying! I would not even kill one bird, let alone two.) Plus, she just loves fancy panties and things from Victoria Secrets. These panties are not from VS, but they are way better. Called "brief jerkies", these undies are made totally from beef jerky. The ad says each pair is "made to order from the highest quality dried preserved meats we can find at the local convenience store." As you can see, they are even decorated with rhinestones. They don't come cheap though. Each pair cost $139. Buy your own pair on

Shamu the Big Fat Whale

Taylor and Linda were just talking about what he should do for his 2 year wedding anniversary. Linda suggested Hershey Park. They could get chocolate body wraps. Taylor said maybe the beach because Sarah loves the ocean. He said that he could go to Ocean City, Md. to visit Sea World and see Shamu the big fat whale. Linda said she did not think there was a Sea World in Maryland, but he said that was where Shamu lived. Not. You have to go to Orlando or San Diego to see Shamu the big fat whale. Good thing too. A lady is suing the dolphins at a zoo water show. The dolphins were trained to splash water on the people watching the show. She slipped and hurt herself on the wet floor. Now she is upset that the zoo trained the dolphins to do such dangerous stunts. Duh. Oh, that reminds me. One of my first blogs was about a women who sued a museum because her kid stepped in dog poop on the sidewalk outside the museum. She said it wrecked his shoes and caused them to have a bad day. Double Duh.

Flip-Flops can Kill You!

Not because you are clumsy and fall through a plate glass door (Linda knew someone who really injured themselves by doing that), but because of 13,900 bacteria that can cling to the Flops. The University of Miami (home of the Flip Flop) did a study on a pair of FF and found all sorts of shocking bacteria way too gross to list here. They even had the lethal germ Staphyloccoccus on them. If you have an open blister or cut on your foot and the germ gets in it, you could be a goner. Also, if you touch your Flips with your hands and then touch your hands to your mouth... another gross-out. Just wearing the FF's for 3 months over the summer months would expose you to all sorts of germs including fecal bacteria and even E. coli. What's a girl to do with all 13 pairs of her favorite J Crew Flip Flops? I guess wash and disinfect the bottoms often, don't wear them indoors and wash your feet right after wearing them. Linda and Tierney love their flip flops and will have to change their wearing habits.

I'm Sorry, Really I Am

Boy oh Boy, did I get in trouble this afternoon. While Linda was teaching her 3rd class of the day (I admit, I'm acting out because she is never home anymore) I entertained myself by emptying Chip's litter box all over the family room floor. Not only did I take the poop out, I chewed on some too. Linda walked in and I was doing the "how far can I melt into the floor" hiding act. She picked me up and could immediately smell the evidence. First she had to clean up the mess on the floor then wash the carpet. (Now she is really getting mad). After that, she gave me an entire bath including washing around my mouth and cleaning my teeth and tongue. (Did I mention she was mad?) Instead of the usual cuddle towel dry, she just stuck me out on the deck and made me stay out there alone and dry off in the sun. Now I'm trying to make it up to her by being adorable but she is not buying any of it. What happened to the unconditional love she is supposed to show me?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I need a pal

I'm glad Linda had a fun day today, because I certainly didn't. Usually Tuesday is our day to chill together. We sleep in, go for a walk, hit the dog park, watch The Dog Whisperer and play with toys. She only has one class in the evening and is usually home by 7:30 at the latest. Today, I probably saw her for a total of 2 hours from the time we woke up until now, when we are getting ready for bed. She subbed a morning class, met friends out in the country for lunch, subbed another class, taught her own class, then met friends for a wonderful Thai dinner. She walked me in the morning before she left and then at 9:30 when she got home. Of all the nerve!! I'm just sitting on the bed crying my head off because I am mad. I should be thankful that she is with me as much as she is. Some dogs are home alone all day and into the night all the time. I need a buddy to keep me company. This cute girl could be my twin.

Camping Fun

Here are the photos from Tier, Taylor and Sarah's camping trip. They looked like they had really big fun. Highlights: Sarah's dad Tom saw some bear poop not to far from the camping area. They made a big rope swing into the lake and even a zip-line 30 feet off the ground. You climb this tree, hold on for dear life, then let go and drop into the water. If you did not drop soon enough, you fell on the ground or hit the tree on the other end. Of course Taylor did it a bunch of times and even did a back flip into the water. If Linda would have been there she would have had a heart attack watching. They made s'mores. They played soccer and football. They dug their own latrines. Sounds like maybe I should go next year. (photos: Taylor & Sarah; Katie, Tierney, Dawn, Lindsay and Jenn in front of El Casa Grande; Lindsay, Tier and Jenn eating a S'more; 150 of Tierney's closest friends.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stuffed Choopie

I know what I want to get Linda for Christmas. A lady named Amelia has a business where she will design a stuffed animal exactly in your pets image. She hand makes them out of wool and fur. You have to send her a bunch of photos and a lot of money. Wait patiently, then one day an exact duplicate of your little pet comes in the mail. It is pricey, the smallest dog without long hair starts at $225. You can also get little outfits too. If you want to look at her web site, go to She also does cats, rabbits and horses, but as everyone knows, the only pets worthy of their own toy are dogs.

You are my Sunshine!

One of my nightmares is that I get separated from Linda. I'm the first to admit that I would not be able to make it on the streets alone. A 77-year old women has a little Yorkie who she absolute adores. Sunshine was dognapped from his owners condo a week ago. Luckily, she had a microchip put inside him. (I have that too!) The Yorkie was found wandering the street one week later, 1,000 miles away from her home. He was dognapped in Dallas, Tx. and found in Miami, Fl. Sunshine was reunited with his owner who flew to Miami to pick him up. He was a little sick and disoriented, but he will fully recover.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rated R

Please do not continue reading this post if you are not over 18. I don't want to warp any young children who might read my blog, but this is newsworthy. The new Doggie Love Doll has just hit market overseas. It is designed for those randy male dogs to hold on to and get jiggy wit' it. The developer said it will save peoples legs, pillows and stuffed toys from unwanted advances from over zealous male dogs. It's kind of wigging me out to be honest.

This Fur Makes Me Look Fat!

At the dog park today a lady asked me: "Whoa little pooch, you are having a bad hair day, huh? I was so embarrassed, but it is not my fault. Linda has not taken me to the stupid hair groomer so I look like a stray who is left to wallow in her filth. OK, that remark might have been uncalled for. But seriously, PLEASE, take me to get my hair cut. I am no longer the prettiest dog at the dog park and only 9 out of 10 people at Pet Smart said I was the cutest dog they ever saw. Just look at my fur, it's a hot mess.

Only 125 pounds more then me

We just came back from a trip to Pet Smart to visit all the dogs up for adoption. As usually, there were some very friendly dogs who would have been great companions for me. There was one I really liked, a Great Pyrenees. She was GIANT size but very very gentle. I could have sat on her nose and rode it like a pony. This is not the actual dog, but it looked identical except it was shaved of it's white fur. After that we stopped at the dog park so I could check out the action there. I was not the littlest one there today. A 5 month old Chihuahua, 1/4 pound lighter then me was making her first trip to the park. I showed her where the water and shade was and how to treat the rougher dogs. (You run to your human and stand between their feet.) After 15 minutes I jumped back in my carry bag to tell Linda I was tired and hot.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Tonight I found out that I have Podophobia, an intense fear of feet (at least giant size 15 feet.) Taylor and Sarah came over tonight to tell us about the camping trip. Taylor's bare feet were scaring the fur off me. Linda even put a treat near his toe, but I was petrified of it. It's a good thing Tier does not have pupaphobia. Not to be confused with popeaphobia. Pupaphobia is fear puppets and she is a puppet master. Popeaphobia is fear of the pope. These may seem the same, but are two completely different real medical phobias. Tier does have one of the top ten phobias, colrophobia or fear of clowns. Linda could have aektorophobia. That's fear of live chickens. She has never been around live chickens, but does think they are scary and weird looking. Some people can't even go into Chik-Fillet because they are so afraid of chickens. If you have a fear of long words its called sesquipedalophobia. I guess you can't tell your Dr. you have it because it is a long word and you will panic. Some jokester must have named it. Obviously Chip does not have catisophobia. Even though it sounds like a cat phobia, it is just a fear of sitting still in one place. Some days Chip stays in Tierney's bed for 14 hours at a time. Linda also could suffer from genuphobia. That is the fear of knees. She is always afraid her other knee is going to break and need to be replaced too. I could go on and on with funny phobias but late and I don't have somniphobia.