Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper

Tierney went with Linda to the gym tonight to take her Body Combat class. It's a mixed Martial Arts class set to music. Added together, they probably burned 1,500 calories. That is more then I eat in a whole week, maybe two weeks. Even though Linda was pooped, she took me out for my second walk when she got home. I was careful not to run or make her walk too fast. I can always tell when her knee hurts or she is tired. Both girls are going to sleep good tonight.

The Dog Ate My Homework

There was a little girl on the Dog Whisperer who called Casar because her dog kept eating her homework. (And all other papers that were left around the house.) Of course Cesar went "Tssst! Then did the hand-bite one time. Walla! All fixed. This women in Washington State better call Mr. Whisperer. Her dog went in her purse and ate all her checks. In order to pay her bills, she found an old checkbook from her former husbands bank account. I guess the lady thought her X-husband would not miss the thousands of dollars she used from his account.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

I would love to compete in a pageant. Just imagine how fun it would be to strut the cat-walk and have people oooh and ahhh over your ever step. (Oh wait, that already happens everywhere I go.) I'm still in the running to be chosen as a pin-up for a Chorkie calender. One competition that I would not have any chance of winning is the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. This year, a boxer-mix named Pabst won first prize including $1,600, prizes, toys and even a modeling contract! Guess which dog won the ugliest dog and which dog is the calendar dog?

Smarter than the Average Bear

I love veggies. My top favorites are sweet potato, corn, and peas. I'm not allowed to have chocolate, so I don't know if I like that better then corn. A Yogi Bear broke into a ladies kitchen in California and made a bee line to the fridge. He opened the door, pushed aside all the fresh veggies to get to the fancy chocolate. He ate the entire box. Then Yogi tried to open a bottle of champagne, but could not get it open. The women came home and discovered the bear chowing down on the kitchen floor. The cops came to nab the suspect, but the bear made for the hills and escaped. Maybe the he bear was a she bear since the chocolate was the go to.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

"No, I am your father..."

Linda owns 2 Tae Kwon Do schools. This Saturday a few of the kids were treated to a visit from the local fire department. They little boy holding his ears was afraid of the breathing sound that the fireman's oxygen tank was making. He said it sounded like Darth Vader. The boys also got to go inside the fire truck. Woo-Hoo, how much fun is that?

Final Results

Well, this year's Hoop-it-Up tournament did not have such a happy ending. The boys lost in the 4th round and did not get to compete for the title. Taylor still did awesome and had some fancy hook shots and strong drives to the basket. It turned out that I could have gone because the weather was super cool and they set up a giant awning for our fans to sit under. Next year they are not going to wait to the very last day to sign-up and actually have some practice time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hoop - D- Doop

We just got word that Taylor's basketball team is going into the final day of play in 2nd place! They are playing in the Washington D.C. Hoop it Up: 3 on 3 Tournament. Supposedly, the DC tournament is one of the most competitive in the country. They only lost one game today in OT, and that was to the highest rank team in the whole competition. Their team has won 1st place every time they entered. Taylor even qualified for the World Championships in Orlando Florida a few years ago. Guess what? They won first place in their division again! Linda will be going tomorrow to watch. I'm trying to be supportive, but I have to stay home alone...AGAIN!
The games are held in the parking lot of RFK Stadium and it will be too hot for me to be outside all day. Maybe Jerry will come back and pick me up for a few hours of fun. This is Taylor (50) playing in his Jr. year of high school. He was schooling that kid!!

Oh, This is Big Fun!

I'm on a collage frenzy!

Photo Master

Wow! Linda figured out how to make a cool smash-up of photos with her photo software. This took exactly 3 seconds to make. Now that we know how to do it, we are going to be able to post way more exciting photos. Isn't Tierney gorgeous?

Linda saw a Baraat today!!

I had an exciting Saturday for once. Not that I'm complaining about my home and family, but Saturday's can be a boring lonely day for me. Linda had to teach 2 classes and perform a demo today so Jerry came over to take me on a field trip to his TH. I played with Ink cat, walked on the trail and watched a scary dinosaur show. Every time the T-Rex roared, it reminded me of the Dog Whisperer, but with scary creatures. It kind of freaked me out. At the TKD demo, Linda did board breaks, patterns and even a self defense demo where she dropped a giant man. Later in the afternoon, Linda told me about the most wonderful wedding she saw at the Towne Center. The groom was riding a white horse down the street with drummers, dancers and people clapping all around him. (Called Baraat) He was going to the front of the the Hyatt to greet his bride. Everyone was dressed in the most spectacular Indian robes and head wear. (Couple in photo are not the actual people who got married.) We are resting now because Linda scrubbed the deck furniture sparkly clean.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Imagine if they used Doritos?

It's been a slow news day. I was just about to give up and not post tonight. Then I came across the story of a couple arrested on domestic assault charges. A man and his girlfriend got into a very heated argument. Unfortunately, one of them went for a weapon. The weapon of choice: A bag of Cheetos. When police arrived, there was evidence of the Cheetos assault. (Orange smears on their faces?) Both of the Cheetos bashers were hauled off to jail. They were able to post there $2,500 bond. My favorite part of the news story is when the reporter kept calling them Cheetos Potato Chips through the whole article. Are Cheetos actually Potato Chips? The photo is not from the domestic fight. As a practical joke, some guys emptied 400 bags of Cheetos on a coworkers desk.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Choopies Short Day.

I feel so much better. I had a short walk in the morning, but it was already over 80 degrees and we kept it short. After Linda's classes, I took a short nap with her since she was spent. Nothing beats cuddling up on the bed for a daytime siesta. In other news, Tierney started working today at Sarah's work at the Dr.'s office. She is filling in for Megan who is going on a short vacation. (Tier said Megan reads my blog everyday. Hi Megan!) I'm glad she found a job, but it is only temporary. After work, Tier did her exercise video. This time I did not do it with her since Monday I had a little seizure after all the excitement. Later on, she met Linda at Red Robin for veggie burgers. It's been a quite evening for me. I did find time to dig in the litter box and bring Tier a surprise while she sat on the couch. Ewwww! She was totally grossed out. (ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..) I stopped laughing when Linda had to brush my teeth. Speaking of Ewwww.. check out Tier and Sarah's faces after a fun day at the Fitch Dairy farm. I wonder if that is mud or......

Playing Opossum

A baby opossum must have decided he wanted a soda instead of working out. Sometime you are just too tired to hit the treadmill. The critter climbed up into the soda machine at a Binghamton, NY health club. The club manager found the the baby hanging upside down below the soda dispenser. Someone came with a key to the machine and got Possy out. He was released into a nearby graveyard. I did some research and they should have visited the website www.opossum.org/orphans.htm. In fact, I recommend everyone check this informative site which goes into great detail what to do if you find an orphaned opossum. There is a whole section on how to "stimulate to eliminate" using a warm cotton ball. Who would have thought? P.S. Photo is not the actual opossum found in the machine. He is pretty cute though.

Chip to the Rescue

Not the cat kind of Chip, but the computer kind of chip. I'm glad that I have a micro-chip hidden under my skin. The vet holds this mico-reader over your body and BAM! it tells who your owner is. If I ever get lost, a vet will be able to call Linda and tell her where I am. Once before I was born, Linda found a foo-foo white adorable dog wandering the neighborhood. It had a tag with a 1-800 number on it. She called and the land on the phone told her the dog's owners lived in Taiwan. From Taiwan to our town is more than a few miles. Come to find out, the owner lived here but never changed the info. Foo-Foo lived with us a few hours before someone came to our house to pick her up. Another dog in California turned up at the shelter. The chip said the dog was from Saudi Arabia! The info on the chip said the it was sold to the U.S. Military Training Mission in Riyadh. They can't find the owner, but are still trying. Lot's of people want to adopt him. The shelter officials are hoping to find the real owner. I hope that if I ever get lost people will do their best to find my real home.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Sickness and in Warts......

I love weddings. When Taylor and Sarah got married, it was such a joyous occasion. People in love make me happy. Animals in love make me happy too! I read on the Internet that two frogs got married in a ceremony near Mumbai. The groom Rana and his bride Rani exchanged their vows over the weekend. The tradition says that if frogs get married with the full Hindu ritual, the rain god is happy and their will be a lot of rain to bring much needed water. I love Rani's long yellow braids. There was another frog wedding earlier in the year. Barun (means wind) and Bijuli (means thunder) were married in a ceremony that included songs and gifts for the bride Bijuli. The frogs enjoyed a light repast of flies and mosquitoes before being sent on their honeymoon to the local pond.

My Buddy

I just got word today that another one of my friends went to dog heaven. Buddy was a faithful and loyal dog to his humans Jay, Bobby and Ryan. He was very gentle with me when I went to his house to visit him. I feel so sad that he is no longer alive, but I have hope that he is running free of pain with Snickers and Sheba in the most beautiful woods ever. There will probably be his very own toilet bowl to drink out of with the sweetest and coolest water. (That was his favorite way to drink.) There will also be his own comfy chair and he'll be able to carry his "baby" everywhere. I hope that Jay finds peace in knowing he is truly in a better place. RIP big guy. You will be missed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up to Heaven

Get out your hankies because you are going to cry. Most of my stories are about dumb crooks; smart animals or mundane boring details of my life. This story is heart-warming, sad and happy all at the same time. A 10-year old girl named Colby Curtin was diagnosed with cancer on Dec. 23, 2005 after her doctor found a tumor in her liver. Back in April, Colby was well enough to go see Monsters vs. Aliens at the theater. The previews for the movie "Up" got the little girl so excited that she could not wait to see it. As her illness bought her closer to death, she held on and stayed alive so she could see the movie. The movie was about to open at the theaters, but Colby was way to sick to go. When it became apparent that she would not be able to see the movie, her family began making frantic calls to the Pixar studios. All they got was recorded messages. Finally, they were able to get through to an operator and explained Colby's situation.
In no time at all, Pixar had an employee on a plane with a copy of the movie. It was 9:30 in the morning when she found out her wish was about to come true. She just had to hold on for a few more hours. AT 12:30, the Pixar employee arrived with a DVD and a bag of stuffed animals from the movie along with a movie poster and some interesting background scenes not released. Colby could barely keep her eyes open because of the pain, but her Mom was able to fill her in on what was happening on the screen. She died just 7 hours after seeing her beloved movie. Yeah Pixar! for making this little girls wish come true. Now Linda is crying too.


Slow Day

I'm still not all the way recovered from my seizure yesterday. Last night while we were sleeping I woke up and had another one. Linda just stayed calm and stroked me until I was over it. I fell back asleep around 5 a.m. When we got up, I seemed OK so we went for a short walk. Even though I wanted to continue, I was still only able to walk slow and just a short distance before I gave the "carry" signal. Poor me.

Another job for The Dog Whisperer

Yesterday a hoard of hogs clogged up a highway. I don't know how I missed the story about the baby sea lion roaming I-880 in Oakland, CA. The pup was waddling across the interstate. A cop pulled over at pick up the wayward baby and put him in the back of his cruiser. Once he got it to the Marine Mammal Center, the rascal escaped and hid under the cop car. Workers were able to coax the youngster out and now Fruitvale (named after the town he was found in) is doing just fine. They would have saved a lot of time if they called the Dog Whisperer. Cesar normal works with doggy pups, but I'm sure the techniques work with seal pups too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Hog the Road!

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy fell out of the truck! 72,000 pounds of hogs clogged a highway in Little Rock today. A tractor-trailer overturned and some of the pigs hoofed it to freedom. 90 pigs were in the truck, some weighing 800 pounds. Police helped round up the wiggly pigglys. I'm not sure if any got away but I hope some escaped to freedom and did not become bacon bits. I want these finger piggy puppets. It would be fun to chew them while Linda wiggles her fingers.

Woe is Me!

Oh No! I had another seizure this afternoon during our second walk of the day. This time Tierney was with us. It was only a few minutes before I started having trouble walking, then came the lameness, tremors and breathing problems. We were near the wooded trail, when it happened. Linda sat down right on the trail and prayed I would be OK. She swiftly carried me home and watched me 30 minutes to make sure I would live. I think it happened because I was all wound up doing The Firm aerobic DVD with Linda and Tier before we left. I was doing the stretching and doggy leg lifts right before the walk. It pretty much sucks that I have to be so careful with my activity.

Fowl News!

One of my dreams is to become a therapy dog that goes into senior centers and retirement homes to make peoples lives a little brighter. Now I have some competition. Therapy roosters are now breaking into the field. A women in Montana brings her rooster and a game hen to visit the old people. One man was stroking Alex, the rooster down his back. Alex rested his neck across the mans forearm, just like I would do if you petted me. Oh, I'm jealous.

Mama Says Foosball is the Devil

What would Mama say about this foosball table with Barbie doll players? I absolutely love it and wish we could get one for our house. Long time readers know my obsession with Barbie dolls. I love to carry them around by their hair and chew on their legs and arms. Linda took all the dolls away, so I can only dream about Barbie now.

Role Model

Taylor and Sarah will be married 2 whole years this summer. I can't believe he has been gone that long. Although that is 2/3's of my life. All I remember about him is that he had HUGE shoes that smelled wonderful. I liked to bury my whole body inside. Second, and not so wonderful, he would fly me around like I was an airplane. Linda would tell him to stop but he kept flying me up high. Now that he does not have any pets, he is flying his best buddy PJ around instead of me. It looks like PJ is enjoying it a lot more than I did. Linda is hoping that someday soon Sarah and Taylor will have a little PJ of their own. Taylor will be a wonderful daddy. He is already teaching PJ all the important things like drinking soda and playing video games.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"I always give my bird a generous butter massage" Julia Childs

Linda went into D.C. today to the Museum of American History. Only seeing eye dogs are allowed, so I had to stay home. The main exhibit was the original 200-year old Star-Spangled Banner. She also saw a bunch of Inaugural ball gowns the First Ladies have worn. (Martha Washington was skinny!) The exhibits included Julia Childs T.V. Kitchen, the original Kermit the frog, the Ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz; Seinfeld's ruffled pirate shirt and Archie and Edith Bunker's chairs. Besides the cool museum, the Dextro-Energy Triathlon (which is part of the World Championships) was being held. World class athletes were speeding by on their bikes wearing their swimsuits. The weather was just beautiful too boot. Since she was gone so long and feeling guilty for leaving me, I got 2 long walks and lots of rubs and cuddles today.

Happy Father's Day

I don't remember my biological Father. I don't even know if my Dad was the Yorkie or the Chihuahua. Linda did remember that I was the runt of the litter. My brothers and sisters were so strange looking, that the lady who owns the pet store only chose one pup from the whole litter. The day I arrived at the pet store, Linda and Tierney came in and I captured their heart. The next day.... I was home with my new family! Snickers was my real Pop anyway. He raised me to be the dog I am today. Gentle, empathetic, obedient, loyal and most of all... he taught me that when people get their shoes on it sometimes means "Walk!".

Do Chickens Have to Use Them Too?

A city in Pennsylvania has come up with the craziest idea I've ever heard. If you want to cross the street in town, you are supposed to take a flag from the bin on the light pole. You walk across the street holding the flag, then put it in the bin on the other side of the street. The flag carrying pedestrians are supposed to be more visible to traffic. What if all the flags are in the other bin? Are you supposed to cross the street to get a flag, then recross to cross carrying your flag? I'm not allowed to cross the street, flag or no flag. I can only be carried. I have learned to stop at the curb and wait until I'm picked up. This chicken is probably about to become a chicken patty. Maybe he should have carried a flag after all.

Shout Out to My Peeps!

Home owners associations are taking over the world. A women was evicted from her apartment for keeping Easter decorations on her front door 17 days after the holiday. The door was decorated with a cardboard chicken with a dyed egg, stickers, plastic grass and some Peeps marshmallow chicks. The management company told her that the decorations were classified as "garbage" and needed to be taken down ASAP. To make a long story short, the women was evicted and now there is a big legal battle. To make the matter worse, the women lives on her Social Security check and suffers from chronic illnesses. The Easter Lady is staying with friends while her lawyer battles her case. It's a good thing that Linda's HOA did not look in her TH living room window. Years ago, she kept her Christmas tree up right thru Easter. She just kept changing the decorations from Valentines; St. Patty's, and finally she hung Peeps chicks for Easter.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Solstice Day

Linda is getting ready to go with her girlfriend Chris to a Summer Solstice Pool Party. I have no idea what a Solstice is. Linda told me that it is something that happens twice a year and has to do with the tilt of the Earth's axis. I still do not know what that means. I just hope she does not fall off the Earth if it is tilting. I'm going to post a photo of them when she gets home.
UPDATE: Her camera's flash did not work so she did not get any photos. Other people took some, so I might be able to post one later.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Want to be the Pack Leader

We are watching a very stressful episode of Dog Whisperer. The show is making me whine and cry. When I hear the dogs barking and crying in distress, it makes me so uncomfortable. Every time Cesar disciplines the dog who tries to bite his owner, I cry out too. All of a sudden I started play biting Linda while the dog on TV was trying to bite his human. She made me stop by using the "TssssT" sound. Then I jumped down and went to get my squeaky frog. We played attack the frog for awhile until I calmed down. I have a love-hate relationship with the Whisperer. I love watching the dogs run around in the pack, but I hate the distress sounds of some of the barks. Here I am with a Newfoundland. The owner said he weighed 150 pounds, that's 145 1/2 more pounds then I weigh. You can tell from my body language I was a little unsure of the big beast.

Is Timmy in the Well?

Every time I bark crazy-like, Linda asks me "What's the matter girl, is Timmy in the well?" That was her favorite line from the old T.V. show Lassie. This time, little Timmy really did fall in the well, except the boys name is Jonathan. The boy was working around the farm when he fell 30 feet down into an old well. A local cowboy came to his rescue. Cowboy Reed got out his lariat and lassoed the boy. Timmy-Jonathan was pulled up to safety. Great job Cowboy Reed.

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Soon there will be nothing left that is safe to eat. From spinach to beef, too many food products have been recalled to even list in my blog. Peanut butter hit Linda pretty hard since that is one of her sources of protein. Of course we had that whole pet food fiasco a while back where dogs died from tainted food. Now, Nestle has recalled Toll House refrigerated cookie dough! What the heck? The FDA and CDC said that E. coli might be present in the dough. There have been 66 reports of people getting sick in 28 different states. Who knows what is next on the list? It better not be my favorite cookie-bones!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sent in a Plain Wrapper

Whoa, Linda is so tired that I did not get my second walk. She has been teaching a lot of Kickboxing, Body Pump, Body Combat, Bootcamp, and TKD this week. Every time someone is looking for a sub, she is taking the class. Today, she did 5 hard classes. She lost 3 pounds between this morning and tonight. Tomorrow she has 3 and then Saturday she has 3 more. That's just the end of the week too. I'm making it easy on her by not begging to go for a walk. She might feel guilty and try to take me even though her feet, knees and shoulder are hurting her. Poor girl.... If I could rub her sore muscles I would. I found this old advertisement from a 1956 issue of Mademoiselle magazine. Instead of all the working out she does, she can buy all sorts of diet programs for just .25 cents each. I like the world renowned Famous Banana Diet.

No Swat Zone

PETA is a group of people that want everyone to be kind to animals. I think that is a good idea, but sometimes PETA takes it a little too far. This week, President O swatted a fly during a press conference. PETA people are upset and are sending Prez-O a Humane Bug Catcher that allows you to trap a house fly and then release it outside unharmed. If they ever found out how many ants Linda smushed in the kitchen there would be a PETA riot!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goldilocks in Reverse

We don't have a doggie-door at our house. I wish we did because it would be very nice to be able to go out in the backyard when ever I felt like it. I have to be closely supervised when I run and play in the yard. We have big hawks by our house and Linda said a 4 pound dog would be a perfect snack. We actually saw a baby bunny get plucked out of the neighbors yard. It was traumatizing. A lady in western Colorado had a bear crawl through her doggie-door. The 120 pound pooch had his own door into the mudroom. The bear came in, ate all of the dogs food then calmly left when it was done. I'm thinking if a bear could fit in the doggie-door, a bad man could just as easily squeeze through. Good thing there was a door between the mudroom and the kitchen or he would have sat at the table and ate the porridge.

For Dogs on the Go Who Have to Go

I doubt that I will be flying anywhere soon since I am a stay at home type of dog. Some people jet-set everywhere with their purse puppies. They will be glad to know that some airports are opening pet "rest areas" so we can take care of business before or after we fly. The pit stops include park benches, fake fire hydrants and clean-up supplies. I'm sure the people who travel with seeing eye dogs will also appreciate the amenity. It almost makes me want to take a flight somewhere so I can try it out. Cancun, anyone?

Nurse Choopie

Tierney is home today from work because she is very sick. I have been sitting with her comforting her with love and kisses. I don't like it when people I love don't feel well. It makes me sad. The UPS man just came to the house and usually I bark my head off. Today, I never moved from Tierney's side when the door bell rang. I am the best TLC pup there ever was. I would love to be one of the dogs who go to the rehab centers and work with the sick patients. "Open wide and say Ahhhhh."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paddy Prize

Tonight Jerry dropped off my present from his trip to the UK. I got a little Paddington Bear stuffed toy. Linda said it is way to cute to be a dog toy, so I can only look at it. Pad is wearing adorable little red Wellington boots, a blue wool coat and a red felt floppy hat. There is no way she is letting me chew it to bits. Linda got a bigger Paddy bear wearing a kilt. The bears will join Linda's Starbucks bear collection. She has at least 100 bears already.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swirlie Spaniel

I am SO glad that we don't have a toddler or young-uns around the house. Linda can't wait for grand babies, but I don't know if I'm as excited. A brand new 1-week old Cocker spaniel had quite a harrowing adventure after being flushed down the toilet. A little four-year old boy who lived in the house with the new litter, thought the pup looked dirty so he flushed him down the potty to give him a bath. The frantic Mom (not the dog's mom, the boy's mom) called a specialist who used a snake-like camera to find the dog in the pipe 20 yards away from the house! They dug up the ground and saved the spaniel. Yeah! The newborn dog rescued and is now doing fine. The family might want to consider this toilet that has an elegant sliding table that hides the bowl so no future puppy flushes happen. (What's $11,000 compared to the life of a dog?)

Psycho Dog

Another Pit Bull attack made the news this week. This time, a Pitt (not Brad) entered a house through a doggie door and attacked a 73 year old women while she was taking a shower at a neighbors house. Marley, a brown and white pit bull was initally outside in the yard when the women asked if she could use her neighbors shower. (Very strange, none of the news reports said why she did not use her own bathroom.) Here is the kicker at the end of the story. During a six-month period, here are the most frequent animal bites treated at the local hospital: 39 cat bites; 17 Chihuahuas; 14 Pit Bulls; Labs 13; Chows 12; Pit Bull mixes 9; German Shepherds 7; Boxers and Rottweilers 6 and last but not least : 4 Maine coon cat bites. I don't know why the Maine coon cats were listed separate from the other cat bites. Notice that Chihuahuas are the winners of the most bites after the mean ole' cats. I just don't get that. I am 1/2 Chihuahua, but I would never bite a flea.

Snack-Size Heros

This morning right after I woke up, Chip swatted at me and caught me behind the ear with her claw. I had just jumped off Linda's bed and was tearing down the hall to take care of business. Chip was tearing down the hall the other way to tell Linda she was hungry. We basically crashed heads. It hurt for a little while, but I was more scared then injured. I will admit to be a little embarrassed after reading this story. Three toy chihuahuas cornered a full grown mountain lion in their garage. The Kitty planned to snack on the dogs, but he ended up backed into the rear of the garage while the 3 pint-sized guard dogs kept him pinned for 45 minutes. The Fish and Game Department was finally able to come and tranquilize the hissing critter. Authorities are not saying if the Big Cat was released in the wild or killed dead. I hope it was Born Free.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wig Out

The dog I met today at the dog park got me thinking about my own bad hair days. Since it has been months since my last salon visit, this adorable little wig would be perfect for me. I wish I could get my paws on one for my very own. Even one of my faithful facebook readers commented on my messy mane.


We took a trip to the dog park today. It is a cooler day, so Linda thought she would try a short outing. Last time I had a seizure after we got home, so Linda kept a close eye on me. While I was playing, a man came up to Linda and asked if I was a cross between a rat and a rabbit! No joke, the next second the mans dog came running up to him. It was a Chinese crested hairless dog. Talk about weird looking. Being the kind person Linda is, she did not comment on his pet strangeness. I told her I was tired and climbed into my bag and laid down. I'm sure the man thought his insult caused us to leave. (Photo is not the actual dog. Linda forgot the camera. This dog is a little cuter then the one today.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time for a Trim

It's been over 3 months since I had my spa day at the groomers. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I must admit, I looked so adorable after. Even Tierney said I was looking scruffy when she got back from Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago. Linda has given me two baths since then, but I hate the brush and am petrified of the blow dryer. We are watching the Dog Whisperer to learn how to get me used to the brush and dryer. First, you hide dog treats in the brush and let me eat them out of the bristles. Next, Linda massages me with the flat side of the brush. I need to get used to the sound of the hair dryer before it is used to poof my hair out. (I LOVE to burrow in hot laundry fresh out of the dryer, so this part should not be hard.) I think I need a whole lot of practice with eating the cookies out of the brush and getting massages.


I know this blog is all about me because I am VERY special. All my readers want to know what is going on in my life and like to read about what I think is amusing. I never post about anything cat-ish. Now that Chip and I are getting along so much better, I thought I might add a post or two to benefit any cat lovers out there. Here is an excellent idea for your feline. Since cats love to be scratched, this wall mounted plastic comb is the perfect solution for your kittens incessant need to be scratched. Cat-a-Comb attaches to the wall with sticky strips. Two catnip reservoirs hold your cat's favorite herb for added enticement. This is perfect for Chip. I won't have to share the rubs with the cat. Linda can focus 100% on me since Chip can use the Cat-a-Comb.