Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Tierney had her first gig as Snow White for a birthday party tonight.  I'm sure all the little girls had a wonderful time. Tier has a better Snow White voice than Snow White.  I wonder what people thought as they saw her driving in her blue car? 

Mommy Chimmie

I know what your thinking... Why is Chim nursing a kitten?  That would be so great if it was true, but this is Precious, not Chimmie.  She recently had a litter of puppies and when an orphaned, rescued kitten needed a Mommy, Precious had no problem offering to be her surrogate.  

The Adventures of Mr. Owl and Miss Penelope

Linda had a grand time with Penny.  Right now, she is watching her on Thursdays at Sarah and Taylor's house.  When she gets a little older, she can come to our house so I can be BBF with her too.  Taylor is allergic to me, I have to hope and pray Penny didn't inherit that from him.  

After her first bottle, Linda made Mr. Owl do all sorts of Hoots in fun voices.  Two month old babies are not usually this animated and talkative.  Penny made sounds right back the Owl.  She also had some playtime under the jungle gym. 
When the jungle gym wasn't fun anymore, Linda held her for awhile and told her stories about when Taylor was little.  She thought they were very funny indeed, especially the time Taylor got in trouble for climbing up on the roof.
"And then what happened?"
All the playing and laughing made baby Penny tired, so it was nap time.  Linda said she fell asleep in 30 seconds once she put the Woobie in her mouth. (Not the Flat Fox kind of woobie Chimmie has, this is a woobie made just for babies.)
After her nap and second bottle, Penny chilled in her bouncy seat that plays music.  Linda hung the Owl up on it so Penny would have something to play with. 
"I love my bouncy seat"
They were sitting outside on the deck enjoying the beautiful sunshine when Sarah got home from her shopping trip.  Penny was still hungry, so Sarah fed her right away.  When Linda got ready to leave, it looked like Penny was ready for another nap. 
"Thanks for watching me Nana!"
"Look Daddy is still climbing on the roof!"

Penny Day!

"You told us to be quite, it's not our fault you missed church!"
There was much sleeping last night!   Linda came home from work with a pounding headache and overall feeling of exhaustion so she plunked herself down on the love seat for a brief nap.  She didn't want to go to The Big Bed since it was only going to be 30 minutes and she did not want to be too comfortable.  She put both Chim and I outside on the deck so she would not be licked, jumped on, scratched or drooled on.  For once we were good and stayed quite while she napped... so good that she woke up 15 minutes after she was supposed to be at church still wearing her sweaty teaching clothes!   On Sunday she is going to get the teaching on CD so she can listen to it.   Around 9:00, she took two Excedrin PM pills and went back to bed. They worked like a charm and she did not wake up until 7:00 this morning.

In a little while she is going over to watch Penny while Sarah goes and does something fun or maybe just takes a nap.  Thursday is set aside as Penny Day.  (Linda so misses Noah that her heart aches for him.  Someday she hopes Thursday can again become Noah and Penny day.  The women watching him only lives a mile from us, so she might have to pop in and give him some smooches!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lobster or Crab?

Which one of these hats should Linda buy for Penny?  They are so adorable, and Linda couldn't decided to go with the crab or the lobster.  She'll need one for vacation to keep the sun off her little head and look super stylish while Aunt Tierney pushes her in The Bob. 

(Zero naps for Linda.  She really tried, but with three pets in the house, napping during the day is just about impossible.  She's off to teach her afternoon classes and then will try the nap thing again from 5:30-6:30 before she leaves for church.  She's loopy tired now.  I hope she doesn't round kick a kid in the head by accident today!)

Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Seriously?  4:30 a.m.-7:15 a.m.   That is the amount of sleep Linda got last night.  This is getting ridiculous. Not only for her, but for me too!  I sleep with her and all the tossing, turning, up-down, lights on-lights off is getting bad enough that I might just move to my kitchen bed.  The weirdest part, she doesn't feel that sleepy right now.  It took awhile for her to wake up and come out of her hallucination dream state, but overall... she'll be able to teach her first two classes.  The second two this afternoon might be harder and unless she naps sometimes its doubtful she'll be able to stay awake in church tonight.  As much as she hates medicines, she is going to go to the Dr. and get some kind of sleep prescription.  If the pill makes her feel loopy during the day, she'll just stop taking it.  (On the upside, not sleeping at night has it's perks.  The floor is scrubbed, laundry done and Linda cooked enough chicken for us to last a week.)
Nothing to do with this post, but isn't she pretty??

It rained super hard last night when Linda was driving home from the gym.  Some of the standing water that she drove through was so high it was hard to steer.  Both Chim and I had to use pee-pee pads because there was no way we could go outside.  Jerry didn't come to let us out earlier before the storm.  The Monday holiday messed him up and he forgot that it was Tuesday.  Linda is glad she mowed on Monday because all this rain has made our grass very happy!  It would have been a challenge to mow once everything dries out and the grass was 8" tall!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FURemover.. Part Two

So last month I wrote about the amazing FURemover tool Linda bought.   She still uses it every single day.  It works better than her expensive vacuum attachment.  Chip leaves piles of fur on all the furniture and the FURemover gets it off in seconds.  Today Linda received an email from the company and they are going to send us a goody box of more things to review!  Yay for us!!  Writing a blog sure has it's perks.  Tierney at RubyWoo is always getting fun stuff.  She was even asked to do a TV pilot about her shopping blog!   (I got to be on the show too and of course I behaved like the star that I am!)  I think the FURemover people should use me on any of their packaging. Don't you think I would make a good model?  People would buy the product just because I'm so adorable.  Plus, with all my acting experience playing Toto, I know how to sit still under hot lights and will stay in any position I'm put in. 

Memorial Monday

Linda loved her day off yesterday.  Technically, it wasn't a real day off since she taught 2 of her 4 classes, but she was done with Body Pump and Combat by 10:30, so it felt like a day off.  After trying to take a brief nap (trying being the key word) she picked Tierney up and they headed to the Outlet Mall 3 towns over from us.  The parking lot was more than full! People were parking behind the mall on grass hills, across the street and up on curbs.  The one store they really wanted to visit was the J Crew outlet.  Every time they walked by, there was a line to get in!  There was even a guy at the door only allowing people in when someone left.  In other stores,  if Linda wanted to buy something, the line at the register was 20 people deep so she put it back.  The highlight of Tierney's day was finding an outlet store that sold her beloved MAC make-up.  She was so excited!  Linda finally did get an outfit from the CABI store (it's a company that does in-home clothes parties) that is a few seasons old.  A cute black skirt was originally $69 and she paid $10.50!  The top was normally $66 and the sale price was $20.  The other thing she bought were some adorable ankle jeans in buttercup and dusty rose.  (I KNOW!  Plain-Jane Linda wearing colored jeans.  Totally switch for her.)

Picture would not rotate.  Thanks iPhone 4s.

They were both cranky-starving-tired-hot on the drive home, so they stopped for a late lunch at Moe's.  Best Tofu burritos on the planet! (OK, maybe the only tofu burritos) After refueling and drinking diet sodas from the 100 choice touch screen soda fountain, they both perked right up.
Try it you'll like it!

The rest of the ride home was spent laughing their heads off while Tierney did her many character voices.  She is actually playing Snow White at a kids birthday party.

 Linda finished off the day by watching Thor (it was good!) then mowing the yard (it was bad!) Even though she waited until 8:00 p.m., it was still so hot that it looked like she just got out of a pool when she came back inside. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Many Moods of Penny

Penny is now 7 weeks old.  Linda loves her so much, she can't imagine life without her now.  Penny Girl is already developing a personality and is finding out what she likes and doesn't like.
Penny sleeps like an angel... 

She also has a little bit of a temper....

She is very introspective....

She knows a secret you don't know....

And she laughs out loud at the funny faces her parents make!

Floating Tissues in the Night

We'll see how Linda does teaching Combat and Pump this morning on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep.  Same, Same.... just horrible insomnia all night long.  It was the "can't fall asleep" and the "can't stay asleep" kind all rolled into one.  She finally gave up at 5:10 a.m.  It's only 7:15 now and she is soooo tired.  After classes she wanted to hit the pool for a few hours with Tierney and then go to the outlet mall.  Plus, the yard isn't going to mow itself today so she better buck-up and just get it done.  Someone recommend Melatonin, a natural sleep herb.  Linda is going to get some today and then also try not eating after 7:00 p.m.  Since she eats dinner after church activities, a lot of the time it's 9:30 or later.  Famous Internet Dr. Web MD said that digestion can cause insomnia. 
What a good idea!  A pillow-tissue holder!

The one time she did fall asleep, I woke her up because I was afraid of the rain.  She was having a great dream and as she came awake, the parts of her dream floated away on single-ply tissues in the wind.  It was so real, she saw the tissues floating around the room when her eyes were open.  Linda's sleep patterns, muscle twitching, hallucinations and crazy dreams would make for a very interesting sleep study. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You Mr. Mark

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Linda is so grateful for all the men and women who have served to protect our country.  Her Daddy was in the Army back in the 40's.

This morning at breakfast with Tierney, Linda saw a very old man waiting all alone for his breakfast.  He looked to be in his 90's (Mark was only 88) but Linda really felt like she should thank him for his service.  Turns out he flew in B-52 Bombers (in the backward seat), it was the kind of plane that dropped the big bomb.  He lost most of his hearing from the loud plane engines.  He told Tier and Linda lots of stories from the olden days.  Tier had to leave to teach Sunday School, and Linda stayed to hear more about his war days, upbringing as a boy in the 30's and his opinion on how bad our economy has gotten.  When Linda said she had to leave for church, he thanked her for taking the time to speak with a lonely old man.  It made Linda a little teary eyed.


 Linda is not going to leave Chimmie outside anymore while she is gone. If it's not too hot and she will gone less than two hours, she has been leaving him locked up on the deck.  He has a giant doghouse, lots of toys, another soft pillow bed in the shade, and lots of water.  She felt like he was safe and comfortable. He may be comfortable, but he is no longer safe. We just found out that in our little town someone stabbed four barnyard animals this morning at the local farm park.  Two baby goats, a calf and some chickens were all injured.  Just two weeks earlier, three horses were stabbed at the same farm park.  What kind of people go around stabbing animals for fun?  This makes Linda see red.  I know that to most people, this is a "so what" kind of story because after all, the animals were going to die anyway to make burgers and nuggets.  Not Linda, she is hoping mad!!   She feels like hiding out in the barn overnight and trying to catch the hoodlums in the act.
Linda could not use the real photos from the attack without becoming sad, so here are some plastic ones.

Vacation Time!

Just a few more weeks before I get to spend an entire 7 days with Jerry!  Chimmie will be with Paul.  (At least I'm glad to see Linda when she comes home after a trip. Chimmie won't leave Paul's house. He cries, hides and refuses to go with her.)  I'm so excited for a few reasons.  One, if he could not have watched me I would have had to go to a kennel where you live in a wire pen with strangers feeding you and other dogs barking their heads off when you try to nap.  That would have caused me to have a nervous breakdown. (Imagine would it would do to Chimmies fragile psyche?)  But more than anything, I love the rituals Jerry does with me.

I was a little shy the first week....
I lay on his lap while he sketches or works on his comic books.  I lay on his lap when he watches TV.   I lay on his lap when he naps.  I lay on his lap while hes eating.  You get the idea?  I will be glued to him every single second he is home with me.  (I never, ever sit on Linda's lap.  She can't quite figure it out. Even when Chim is on a field trip or outside, I just lay next to her.)  While he is working, he'll cover his bed with new toys and leave the TV on for me to watch cartoons.  I'll get as many walks as I want and rotisserie chicken from Wegmans for supper. 

Linda was looking for a photo when I was just a newborn. I was laying on Jerry's lap chewing on his leather belt.  She couldn't find it, but did find this one she forgot about.  It's my first minutes home and Snickers is checking me out.  I was 1.5 pounds, he was 75 pounds!  What a gentle, awesome, wonderful Daddy he was to me.
....but in less than a month he let me be the BIG dog!

Mistaken Identy

For some reason, our new wake up time is 5:15 or 6:00 a.m..  It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, Linda is totally alert and ready to start her day if she gets right up.  If she stays in bed and tries to sleep, she gets groggy and muddled.  That's what happened today.  She woke up at 5:15 and felt super great.  Since she does not meet Tier for breakfast til 8:30, she she tried to fall back asleep.  When the second wake up time rolled around, her eyes opened, but she felt like she was hit by The Hulk.  I almost got stepped on because she was shuffling around the kitchen (while dropping things and forgetting to put a coffee filter in the pot!)  Finally, she sat down in the den with her coffee and gazed out the window like she does every morning.  But today... WOW!  A baby deer was grazing in her neighbors yard.  We live right on the edge of some woods and even once had a deer in our backyard (that jumped over the 6' fence!!)  After a few minutes of the deer not moving, Linda went to get the iPhone so she could take it's photo.  By now, she was a little more awake.  When she opened the front door, she saw that the baby deer was really one of those low Adirondack chairs. 

HA-HA!  Linda, you better start wearing your glasses and waking up when your body tells you it's time or the next time you might mistake the mailbox for a Troll. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012


A friend invited Linda to go see The Avengers this afternoon.  It's a movie she first wanted to see, then was ambivalent about it, preferring to wait until DVD.  But she does not get invited very many places, so she decided to go!  Here is her review.  Stop reading now if you haven't seen it and don't want her two-cents.

  "So, it's long.... really long.  The movie could have easily been 45 minutes shorter.  Second, it suffered from the Star Wars and Lord of The Rings syndrome.  Linda had to leave those movies because of this reason: In Star Wars, she only wants 1-2 minutes of spaceship fighting, not 75 minutes of the same thing.  In Lord of the Rings, oh my gosh.... they show Hobbits walking 1/2 the movie. In this film, the Avengers are fighting the aliens f o r e v e r.  Hulk smashes them into the buildings 6,932 times.  Captain America deflects 1,449 lasers off his shield.  The Arrow guy (whose Superhero name Linda does not know) shoots 4,498 arrows the same way.  There were some funny lines and the blowing-up special effects looked real.  At the end of the movie, after the credits roll, was the Alien Monster Man Hellboy?  He had the same red skin and square jaw."

Her favorite part of all was the preview for Tim Burton's new clay motion movie:  Frankenweenie.    Sparky the dog gets killed by a car and little Victor brings him back to life by putting him on the roof to get hit by lightening.  Frankenweenie is a little bolt-necked, patched up dog that is just adorable.  Linda decided she is going to start calling Chim Frankenchimmie. Don't you see the resemblance??

Trolls Baking Cookies

 A Texas teacher and teacher's aide have been removed from their classroom for allegedly disciplining their pre-K students by placing them in custodial closets they nicknamed "monster closets.  How terrifying the little kids must have been!  Poor guys, those teachers should have to sit in the monster closets for a 1/2 hour with Chim while their face is covered with chicken juice!

In a not so serious instance, this happened to Linda.  There is an elevator that goes from the pre-school to the Do-Jang.  In order to keep the kids quite and not pressing any buttons, one of the teachers told them there was a troll living under the elevator that would come out if they disobeyed.  When Linda started picking up the kids and bringing them upstairs,  they were frightened of the troll.  Even though Linda told them 25 times that there is no troll and that you obey because your teacher tells you to, not from fear of being eaten by a troll, they would not believe her.  Instead, she started a little game.  Now they pretend that the small trap door that holds the phone is where the troll passes out cookies, flowers, pizza and kittens to all the good kids.  The 4-year olds can't wait to see what goodies they are going to get each day.  Almost every time they say "Yay!!  It's a Cookie day!!" and proceed to pretend to enjoy their chocolate chip cookies.   Would it be fun or scary if she got one of these troll dolls and set it in the elevator with a plate of cookies for them as a surprise??

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute Overload!

Both Chim and I stayed home from Family Night.  Linda wanted to be able to watch Penny and did not want to be stuck outside with us if it got to hot for Penny.  Linda held her outside while she was awake, and when Penny fell asleep, she sat inside on the planter with her.  Linda said in a few more weeks I will be able to meet her up close.  She's almost 2 months old now!  Look at her cute little smile!!
"I Love My Nana!" 


Linda finally got her Sweet Frog craving satisfied.  The weird part was she really didn't feel much frozen yogurt today.  Since it's a buffet of yummy goodness, she actually did it backwards.  Instead of putting toppings on the top; she put the toppings on the bottom.  She wasn't sure if some giant green frog was going to jump out and get her, but there isn't a sign that you can't do it that way... so she went for it!
"NO! They are called TOPPINGS for a reason!"

  She got the biggest bowl and filled it up with fresh blackberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, mangoes, bananas and coconut.  Then she put a small dollop of yogurt on top of it all!  OMgosh, she loved it!   Thank you Sweet Frog for being such an awesome place and opening right by our house!! 

Career Trajectories?

I am just a dog and don't have a firm grasp on what's important to succeed in your life.  The critical things in my life are having the people I love close to me, a cozy bed and an occasional cookie.
Life is good

The CEO of the Global Language Project seems to have the answer in what you need to succeed though.  For the first time at an American elementary school, learning the Arabic language will be put on equal footing (with science and math) and become mandatory for all students.  A public school in Manhattan will begin teaching Arabic to it's 2-5th graders.  The GLP is backing the initiative.  The CEO said (exact quote)  “Arabic has been identified as a critical-need language.... citing students’ future "career trajectories." This got me thinking what career trajectories she could be referring too, so I turned to Mr. Google. It seams like the GLP is not alone in thinking that the kids need to learn Arabic. Quotes from some of the supporters include:

"Having a degree in Arabic can put you in the driver's seat....."   ".... it will open the door to working  in developing countries in North Africa and the Middle East." "Your ability to communicate in Arabic will maximize your chances at a business position...."  " earning a degree in Arabic can really be a golden key that opens the door to the kind of life time career you are seeking." 

Do you agree and think the future of America is going to be that everyone is fluent in Arabic?
Maybe I'll need to get this tee shirt for the dog park.  It says "I Love You" in Arabic. 

UPDATE:  According to the Huffington Post Business Page, 7-11 is going for World Domination. Every 2-hours, a new 7-11 opens somewhere in the world.  I guess the key to success is learning how to fill the Slurpee machine! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does She Stay or Does She Go??

Linda really wants a frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog.  She is going up and down the hallway singing the Frozen Yogurt song (a reference only Tierney will understand.)  Sweet Frog is less than a mile away from our house, but it seems sooooo far to her right now.  A few minutes ago, she got home from teaching and took off her sweaty clothes and put on her big white bathrobe.  She would have to get redressed, drive 1 mile, and drive back home.  Why didn't she just stop on the way home from the gym??  Well, she is trying to spend less $ eating out, plus my vet bill today was over $ in her mind she was thinking spending $4 on a frozen yogurt was wasteful.  Drat! Now she really wants one.   Does she go or stay?
Nom Nom Nom.......
UPDATE:  She stayed.  Some Kashi cereal, a little Hershey's chocolate syrup and lite whip cream...
Wall-la! Super Yummy Dessert. 

Uggly Feet

Linda loves comfy shoes.  She also likes shoes that look nice.  When the shoes are both comfy and look nice, that's a win-win!  Her feet were so swollen last night at church she slipped her flats off during the service.  When she went to put them back on, neither foot would fit in the shoes!  She was making ouchie-sounds trying to shove them in!
I told you her feet weren't pretty
Linda does not know why, but they were super swollen all night.  This morning, they were totally fine.  Just to be on the safe side, she is wearing flip-flops all day and is going to wear her loosest sneakers to teach class tonight. 

While Linda was googling feet (that isn't really her foot, don't panic!) she found an article about brides and their footwear.  Many brides are no longer wearing 4" high heels with their gowns.  They are going for comfort and wearing ballet flats.  Good choice!  She also saw that some brides are now wearing wedding Uggs under their gowns.  Ugg's has actually developed a whole line of boots and slippers for brides.  What do you think?  A fashion Do or a fashion Don't??
Linda would not wear these with a bridal gown, but she would wear the flip-flops as slippers.

Good News!

You are all probably on the edge of your seats wondering why it's already 4 p.m. and there hasn't been one post today! (What do you mean you didn't even notice!?)   Linda packed as much as possible into her day off.  First thing, she just HAD to get a pedicure because her feet weren't looking all that pretty. (Are any feel really pretty though?)  She just made it in time to Sarah's so she could watch Penny while Sarah went shopping. Linda was planning on having big fun playing with Penelope, but all the baby wanted to do was sleep.  Of course Linda took a ton of photos of her anyway.
So adorable!

Precious Penny
Sarah and Linda visited a while when she got back and then Linda raced home to pick me up and get me to the Dr's on time.  My vet was the super nice lady again.  She is so sweet that it makes everything a little more bearable.   My weight was still 6.0 pounds.  This is so frustrating!  Here I am getting my temperature taken. 
"Can't you use that ear thermometer like they have for babies?"
The Vet checked my breathing and said I might be having all the gasping issues from the bacteria stuck up on my teeth.  There isn't any emergency and she said my lungs/heart sounded fine. I need to have a procedure where they give me drugs to knock me out and then clean my teeth.  While I'm under, they are going to stick a camera down my throat to look at my trachea and see if it's damaged. 

Linda has to leave for her classes in a little while, I'm just going to sleep and try to forgot all the needles, poking, squeezing and bright lights in my eyes. 

My favorite place to sleep, between Linda's leg and the sofa arm. 
P.S.  Peanut Dog is going to live and is coming home from the hospital this afternoon!  Yay!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Better Peanut!

Linda called the Vet tonight about my breathing troubles.  It's been better today, but I'm still having quacking fits once or twice an hour. The big fear is that it will bring on a seizure.  I have not had one in way over a year.  The last time was so horrible and traumatic for Linda.  She sat right down on the sidewalk and prayed out loud for me to be healed.  (She looked up after praying and saw someone had put a baby stroller out at the curb for the trash guys.... exactly where I was having the seizure!  She was able to buckle me in the stroller and run home to call the Vet.  I've never had another one!)  The first appointment they had was 2:00 tomorrow.  The Tech said as long as I was breathing OK on my own, it wasn't an emergency so I don't have to go to the 24 hour clinic.  (There is a dog on one of the other blogs I read named Peanut.  He is really sick tonight in the hospital with liver failure. Linda is going to pray for you too Peanut!  You can read the updates on how he is doing at  
Peanut looks like my kind of dog!

Of course I'm going to get weighed tomorrow and the nurse will ask Linda why I have not lost weight.  It's not from lack of trying, that's for sure.  I walk miles and miles every week and hardly snack at all.  You can't gain weight from 2 Tablespoons of food a day, can you?   At least I don't need shots this time.

Told you!  I bet he doesn't have the cute panties on though.

End of an Era

Remember when I told you all Linda was giving up her 12:00 class on Wednesdays?  Well, this is the first day she won't be teaching.  The timing was amazing.  Last night, she twisted her fake knee teaching in the pool.  Since the knee isn't real, how could it hurt so much?  Plus, how in the world do you twist a knee jumping in the water?  She was going to team the Combat with Greer today to say Bye! to everyone, but decided it would be smarter to take it easy.   Thinking back, she has had that time slot for over 15 years.  She's hoping a lower-impact class opens up like a sculpt or Body Pump.  She still has 3 other class Wednesdays.  Until then Linda, enjoy your few hours off and spend some extra time watching Penny morph into a toddler overnight!
"I'm really not this chubby.  Mommy picked out clothes that make me look fat." 
On a totally unrelated note, Linda said I was choking, grunting, wheezing and quacking last night in my sleep.  I wonder if dogs can have sleep apnea?  She would gently turn me over and I would stop, but as soon as I feel back asleep, it would start up again.  This morning I'm fine, but she is definitely going to mention it to the vet when I go for my yearly checkup.  Maybe the hour long walk last night in the muggy temps set it off. 
Dreaming of chicken

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Rain Tomorrow

Raging water makes the stream crossings impossible.
The weather cooperated for us to take an hour long with Jerry tonight.  Since I don't talk (funny how I can write a blog though...) Linda does not know if we went on the trail or stayed on the sidewalks.  Since we've had so much rain, she is thinking the trails were washed out and flooded.  He did text her about the giant dog I became friends with.  Of course, Chim was afraid of him, but I was very brave. Linda was beyond tired when she got home from teaching, so she was thankful that she did not have to walk us. Plus, she twisted her knee in the pool, so some ice and elevating is in order.   Dinner for her was a microwave Lean Cuisine and we had our chicken/wet food mix.  It won't be long before she is in bed.  Hopefully, there won't be thunder tonight and we can all get a good nights sleep.

I Need a Thunder Shirt

Last night was the first time in forever I didn't sleep in The Big Bed with Linda.  There have been a few times where I went in my kitchen bed and then cried at the door to come back into Linda's room.  The thunder and lightening around midnight freaked me out so bad that my whole body was quaking.  No amount of cuddles made me feel better, I just wanted to go into the cave bed to be safe. Linda was sure I would be waking her up in an hour or so to come back to bed, but my first YIP wasn't until 7:00 a.m.!  It's a good thing she didn't need to get up early or she would have overslept.  Linda did not like waking up without me pressed up against her side.  She hoping I don't make a habit of it. 

These Thunder Shirts are really supposed to work in calming dogs who quake like I do during storms.  I think both Chim and I need to order them ASAP.