Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Want My Mommy

Turn up the volume.  I'm not sure you will be able to hear him on the video, but this is what Linda listens to every morning and evening while Chimmie is sucking his woobie ( a.k.a. Flat Coyote.) It starts at about the 14 second mark.  He nurses on it, but he also makes these whines like he is missing his Mommy.  If his woobie is stuck in his bathroom and the door is shut, he has a nervous breakdown until Linda goes and gets it for him.  He loves it with his whole heart.  Linda is going to have to go to the special Pet Store on the other side of town to get him another one as a back-up.   This is his second Flat Coyote (the first one he totally destroyed by sucking it down to nothing.)  I don't have anything super special like that, but I do love to curl up on Linda's old bathrobe.