Saturday, May 26, 2012


A friend invited Linda to go see The Avengers this afternoon.  It's a movie she first wanted to see, then was ambivalent about it, preferring to wait until DVD.  But she does not get invited very many places, so she decided to go!  Here is her review.  Stop reading now if you haven't seen it and don't want her two-cents.

  "So, it's long.... really long.  The movie could have easily been 45 minutes shorter.  Second, it suffered from the Star Wars and Lord of The Rings syndrome.  Linda had to leave those movies because of this reason: In Star Wars, she only wants 1-2 minutes of spaceship fighting, not 75 minutes of the same thing.  In Lord of the Rings, oh my gosh.... they show Hobbits walking 1/2 the movie. In this film, the Avengers are fighting the aliens f o r e v e r.  Hulk smashes them into the buildings 6,932 times.  Captain America deflects 1,449 lasers off his shield.  The Arrow guy (whose Superhero name Linda does not know) shoots 4,498 arrows the same way.  There were some funny lines and the blowing-up special effects looked real.  At the end of the movie, after the credits roll, was the Alien Monster Man Hellboy?  He had the same red skin and square jaw."

Her favorite part of all was the preview for Tim Burton's new clay motion movie:  Frankenweenie.    Sparky the dog gets killed by a car and little Victor brings him back to life by putting him on the roof to get hit by lightening.  Frankenweenie is a little bolt-necked, patched up dog that is just adorable.  Linda decided she is going to start calling Chim Frankenchimmie. Don't you see the resemblance??