Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chimmie was Courageous

Saturday is no respecter of bladders.  Just because Linda's alarm was set for 7 a.m., doesn't mean my bladder knows that. I had to go out at 6:10 again this morning.  I've gotten into a little ritual and Linda is none too happy about it.  I'm not the type of dog that can hold it once I have to really "go".  The only time I ever jump down off The Big Bed is when I have about 30 seconds before an accident is going to happen.  If she did not let me out and just picked me back up onto the bed, she would have to change the sheets.  She's really OK with it.  Linda likes getting up early, especially when she's had a good nights sleep.  
Chim's signature move... the face lick.

I ended up staying home from Movie Under the Stars last night.  I've been doing the little asthma cough all day and sometimes that leads to a seizure if I get hot or too excited.  Chimmie got to go instead.  He did really well, even touched noses with a giant bulldog and withstood 5 toddlers pats without freaking out.  He did get weird when Tierney took him away from Linda to go to the S'More's campfire.  He cried and whined to go back to the blanket.  Linda took him on a 20 minute walk before the movie started in case he had to go during the movie.  About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Linda was falling asleep on the blanket so she packed up and came home.  Now she has to watch Courageous on Netflix to see what happens.  It's a very good movie.