Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vacation Time!

Just a few more weeks before I get to spend an entire 7 days with Jerry!  Chimmie will be with Paul.  (At least I'm glad to see Linda when she comes home after a trip. Chimmie won't leave Paul's house. He cries, hides and refuses to go with her.)  I'm so excited for a few reasons.  One, if he could not have watched me I would have had to go to a kennel where you live in a wire pen with strangers feeding you and other dogs barking their heads off when you try to nap.  That would have caused me to have a nervous breakdown. (Imagine would it would do to Chimmies fragile psyche?)  But more than anything, I love the rituals Jerry does with me.

I was a little shy the first week....
I lay on his lap while he sketches or works on his comic books.  I lay on his lap when he watches TV.   I lay on his lap when he naps.  I lay on his lap while hes eating.  You get the idea?  I will be glued to him every single second he is home with me.  (I never, ever sit on Linda's lap.  She can't quite figure it out. Even when Chim is on a field trip or outside, I just lay next to her.)  While he is working, he'll cover his bed with new toys and leave the TV on for me to watch cartoons.  I'll get as many walks as I want and rotisserie chicken from Wegmans for supper. 

Linda was looking for a photo when I was just a newborn. I was laying on Jerry's lap chewing on his leather belt.  She couldn't find it, but did find this one she forgot about.  It's my first minutes home and Snickers is checking me out.  I was 1.5 pounds, he was 75 pounds!  What a gentle, awesome, wonderful Daddy he was to me.
....but in less than a month he let me be the BIG dog!