Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Seriously?  4:30 a.m.-7:15 a.m.   That is the amount of sleep Linda got last night.  This is getting ridiculous. Not only for her, but for me too!  I sleep with her and all the tossing, turning, up-down, lights on-lights off is getting bad enough that I might just move to my kitchen bed.  The weirdest part, she doesn't feel that sleepy right now.  It took awhile for her to wake up and come out of her hallucination dream state, but overall... she'll be able to teach her first two classes.  The second two this afternoon might be harder and unless she naps sometimes its doubtful she'll be able to stay awake in church tonight.  As much as she hates medicines, she is going to go to the Dr. and get some kind of sleep prescription.  If the pill makes her feel loopy during the day, she'll just stop taking it.  (On the upside, not sleeping at night has it's perks.  The floor is scrubbed, laundry done and Linda cooked enough chicken for us to last a week.)
Nothing to do with this post, but isn't she pretty??

It rained super hard last night when Linda was driving home from the gym.  Some of the standing water that she drove through was so high it was hard to steer.  Both Chim and I had to use pee-pee pads because there was no way we could go outside.  Jerry didn't come to let us out earlier before the storm.  The Monday holiday messed him up and he forgot that it was Tuesday.  Linda is glad she mowed on Monday because all this rain has made our grass very happy!  It would have been a challenge to mow once everything dries out and the grass was 8" tall!