Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running of the Chihuahuas!

Everyone knows that Chimmie is the fastest Chihuahua ever. It helps that his legs are almost as long as a dalmatians and he is 99% muscle. No joke, he runs so fast around the backyard that he looks like a blur.  If Linda didn't already have super-important plans, she would enter him in this race.  He would win, paws down.  Besides the prize money, she could probably make some side bets and double her winnings.  All she would have to do is have a stranger hold him at the start line and she would wait at the finish line with his "woobie" flat coyote.  He would win by 10 dog lengths to get to his woobie before any other dog.  I could even technically enter since the race is for Chi's and 1/2 breed Chi's.  I would come in dead last.  Actually, I would just sit at the start line like a bump on a log and never move.  I might win the Best Outfit contest though.