Saturday, May 12, 2012

There is Nothing Funny About Dead Fish

If only I was a better writer (like Tierney) I could really do this news story justice.  Besides being early and not sleeping well, I just don't have that way with words that Tier does.  I'll just report on the story in my own words and maybe she'll read this and rewrite it for me to make it funny (although dead Nemos are not funny in Linda's world.)

Germany:  People Pee Kill 500 Fish.   A popular lake where locals swim in Germany has been turning up a lot of dead fish.  People are peeing in the water which causes an increase in phosphate.  Fisherman who make their living by selling the fish have spent a ton of cash trying to use an anti-phosphate treatment, but fish are still being found belly-up.  This is the best part of the story...  Each swimmer is supposedly peeing half a liter each time they take a dip.  Linda wants to know how the fisherman have figured this particular stat out.  Do they have everyone pee separately in a bucket than measure it?  I'm sorry for the dead fish (even more reason to be a vegetarian, right?) but it is kind of a funny story.