Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rolling With the Punches

Linda looks so tall!  Oh wait, she is so tall.
Church went 1/2 hour late tonight.  That never bothers Linda when she is in service, but when it's 1/2 hour over... on Mother's Day evening when the babies in the nursery have all been out to lunch and off their normal schedules, this can be a problem.  Babies who are usually good were pitching fits.  Lots of crying, every single ounce of milk in the nursery was sucked down and even an extra nursery worker got called out of service.  You just have to roll with the punches on those evenings.  But whew, she is glad to be home.  Tomorrow has an early, early start since she now teaches a new class before her usual 9:30 start time.  Plus, she is doing a new (old) Body Combat routine and has to spend an hour before she leaves for the gym practicing it.  We better go to bed right now.  Good night.