Monday, May 7, 2012

Chill Already!

Chimmie has been whining and crying for an hour straight.  He was spoiled spending the weekend with Paul Walker.  When he cries at Paul's TH, he gets to go for a walk. On just Saturday, they did 5 walks totaling 10 miles!  I don't think it is working with Linda though.  She has fed us, watered us, has thrown the ball in the backyard and gave us some rubs.  NO Chim, it's not time to walk. This video clip is just 45 seconds of how he's been acting for the last 60 minutes. Linda finally had enough and put him outside in the backyard.  He is so annoying sometimes.  All I want to do is snuggle Linda on the couch and I can't because he's so wound up.  Maybe when Linda finishes eating and changes her clothes, she'll take us.  The more you whine and complain, the longer she'll make us wait.  Chill already!!