Monday, May 21, 2012

Water Water Everywhere

Even though it's raining, and you all know how I hate getting wet, I ran down the steps at 6:30 a.m. to take care of business.  I know the rules.  No coming back inside unless I "go."  Another dog in our house isn't so smart.  It's been 55 minutes and he is still outside.  He won't come out of the doghouse on the deck to go down onto the grass.  Seriously Chim?  You have short hair and are fast as lightening.  You could accomplish the entire task in under 30 seconds.  My fur was so wet that Linda had to towel dry me and I did not whine once. Remember Chim, this week you are getting your first bath.  The rain is good practice at being wet.
While Linda was looking for a photo of me taking a bath, she came across this one of Taylor at the beach.  Isn't he just adorable!  Linda mentioned that Penelope's dark hair is getting a little lighter.  It looks like she might be turning into a blondie like her Daddy.