Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Want My Glands for What??

Back in the olden days, Linda used to be OCD about her food, eating only organic.  No white foods (sugar, flour, potatoes, rice, dairy), no processed food, no trans fats, no HFCS,  or diet coke (yes, it's true!) coffee and of course, no meats.  It was the most boring stressful diet ever.   People got so sick of her saying "What's in that?, No thanks, I don't eat artificial food, Waiter- I smell chicken broth in this sauce..." that she eventually dropped the whole diet. True story:  She was coming back from a missions trip and the nice church people had made everyone sandwiches for the airport.  They knew she was a vegetarian, so they went out of their way to make her a PBJ.  Except it was on white bread and there was sugar in the jelly.  No joke, she gave the sandwich away and was starving the whole flight back.  She still does not eat meat, but that is because bloody food and the idea of her teeth chomping flesh off a bone makes her queasy.  It's a really good thing she did not see this list back then.  These are the highlights from the article.

Castoreum- made from beaver perineal glands.  Used in strawberry and raspberry natural flavorings
Ammonium Sulfate (nitrogen).  Used in fertilizers and the rolls from Subway.
L-Cysteine- human hair and duck feathers.  Disguised on the label as an amino acid and used in dough
Silicone Dioxide- (sand) used in foods at Wendy's and Taco Bell
Titanium Dioxide- (titanium) used in sunscreen and makes skim milk white, salad dressing and others
Azodicarbonamide- (plastic) yoga mats, sneakers and hamburger buns
Shellac-  secretions from a bug in Thailand- makes jellybeans shiny
Cellulose- wood pulp.  In lots of food as a thickening agent. 

Will she stop eating any of these foods?  Maybe the jellybeans since she could care less about those.  She'll start to  read labels and look for Castoreum and L-Cysteine, but the second she starts getting crazy again, I'm putting my paw down!!