Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Better Peanut!

Linda called the Vet tonight about my breathing troubles.  It's been better today, but I'm still having quacking fits once or twice an hour. The big fear is that it will bring on a seizure.  I have not had one in way over a year.  The last time was so horrible and traumatic for Linda.  She sat right down on the sidewalk and prayed out loud for me to be healed.  (She looked up after praying and saw someone had put a baby stroller out at the curb for the trash guys.... exactly where I was having the seizure!  She was able to buckle me in the stroller and run home to call the Vet.  I've never had another one!)  The first appointment they had was 2:00 tomorrow.  The Tech said as long as I was breathing OK on my own, it wasn't an emergency so I don't have to go to the 24 hour clinic.  (There is a dog on one of the other blogs I read named Peanut.  He is really sick tonight in the hospital with liver failure. Linda is going to pray for you too Peanut!  You can read the updates on how he is doing at  
Peanut looks like my kind of dog!

Of course I'm going to get weighed tomorrow and the nurse will ask Linda why I have not lost weight.  It's not from lack of trying, that's for sure.  I walk miles and miles every week and hardly snack at all.  You can't gain weight from 2 Tablespoons of food a day, can you?   At least I don't need shots this time.

Told you!  I bet he doesn't have the cute panties on though.