Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May 1st!  When Linda was a little girl, it was always her favorite day.  Besides being her Mom's birthday, it was a special day at her Catholic school.  One lucky little girl was picked to do a procession down the aisle with a flower crown to put on the head of the Mary statue.  Linda wanted to do it so bad, that she practiced for weeks before by quietly walking down the hallway by her bedroom. There was even a song, but now she only remembers the phrase "Bring flowers to the fairest."   Linda would get a potholder and "crown" one of her stuffed bears sitting on the table at the end of the hall, all the while singing the song.  Linda would practice different walks, sometimes a little bow, and even a little kneel when she got to the bear.  If she got chosen, she was going to be the best Mary crowner ever!   Thinking back, Linda was curious what Catholic holiday it was so she googled it.  There is no mention of a crowning Mary day.  I guess it was just her school's way of making all the little girls super competitive to be chosen. 

I let her crown me with a potholder for old time sakes.