Thursday, May 24, 2012

Uggly Feet

Linda loves comfy shoes.  She also likes shoes that look nice.  When the shoes are both comfy and look nice, that's a win-win!  Her feet were so swollen last night at church she slipped her flats off during the service.  When she went to put them back on, neither foot would fit in the shoes!  She was making ouchie-sounds trying to shove them in!
I told you her feet weren't pretty
Linda does not know why, but they were super swollen all night.  This morning, they were totally fine.  Just to be on the safe side, she is wearing flip-flops all day and is going to wear her loosest sneakers to teach class tonight. 

While Linda was googling feet (that isn't really her foot, don't panic!) she found an article about brides and their footwear.  Many brides are no longer wearing 4" high heels with their gowns.  They are going for comfort and wearing ballet flats.  Good choice!  She also saw that some brides are now wearing wedding Uggs under their gowns.  Ugg's has actually developed a whole line of boots and slippers for brides.  What do you think?  A fashion Do or a fashion Don't??
Linda would not wear these with a bridal gown, but she would wear the flip-flops as slippers.