Sunday, May 13, 2012

Honor Thy Mother

Happy Mother's Day!  I am kind of sad that I'll never be a Mommy.  Can you imagine how adorable my puppies would be??  I wouldn't be able to have Chim be the Daddy though.  I'm so little and he is so big that the puppies might come out gigantic!  I would want a tiny Yorkie to be the Father.  It's all fantasy anyway since I've had "the operation."  Linda now wishes she would have let me have one litter of pups before she had it done.  Of course she wouldn't have been able to part with even one of them, so we would have had a house full of dogs.  Probably better I had the surgery.

Chim Photo Bombed AGAIN!
Linda is going to lunch with Taylor and Sarah and meeting Tier for breakfast today. Yesterday, Tierney had a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of candy sent to the house!  Linda loves flowers and these are just perfect.  She bought two little prizes for Sarah on her first Mother's Day and even a little pair of leopard shoes for Penny.  (Linda was trying to get a cute photo of me with the shoes and dorky Chim showed up!)