Monday, May 14, 2012

False Alarm

Lots of action today at the YMCA where Linda teaches TKD. Just at the start of class, the fire alarm sounded.  Usually, she has 24 kids and one assistant.  Today, a bunch of the kids were on a field trip so there weren't as many.  There was also a bunch of parents, so it made evacuating the building easier.  It's a good thing she has been a "mean instructor" making them instantly obey because getting them to line up, walk, be quite, and evacuate orderly was easy.   There was much excitement for the kids as the huge firetrucks came and the firefighters (including one women which the girls thought was awesome!) entered the building and searched for a fire.  There was a retired volunteer firefighter who was talking to Linda after the "all clear" sign was given.  He said everyone trying out to be a firefighter has to carry a 100 pound hose up 20 flights of stairs.  Linda doubts she could do that.

 Turns out, someone in the pool area pulled the alarm as a prank.  Linda was so glad all her kids were accounted for and none of them did it.   Whew.