Friday, May 18, 2012

Ball Update and Movie Night

I know many of you had a hard time falling  asleep last night because you were wondering how Chimmie's new baseball fared after less than 2 hours of chewing.  Wait no more, here is a photo of it when Linda took it away from him before bedtime.

The baseball is now in two parts and half of the cover is gone!  He has been looking for it all morning but Linda has it hidden.  She is only going to let him chew it when she needs a little peace from his licking her and trying to share his moist woobie, Flat Coyote, by sticking it up to her face. Actually, right now might be a good time.  He is climbing on her lap trying to fit his whole 15 pound body up under her bathrobe. 
I always forget that when Chim came to live with us, he was smaller than me! He is only 4 1/2 pounds in this photo.  We NEVER thought he would turn into the World's Biggest Chihuahua!  Even at this size, he could still destroy a bed in less than a day. 

Tonight is "Movie Under the Stars" up at church.  I went one year with Linda.  I stayed in my carry-me bag most of the time.  I would not have liked all the people and little kids petting and poking me.  Linda is deciding if Chim and I will be going or staying home.  It's going to be a last minute decision.  It's one of those events neither of us really enjoy, but it is a good chance for us to be socialized with other dogs and crowds. 
This isn't our Movie Under the Stars since we don't have palm trees and the ocean.  We do have pine trees and a pond though :)