Thursday, May 10, 2012

See You Soon Lil' Buddy!!

Our Thursdays will be different from now on.  Linda is sad to say that we won't be watching Noah anymore.  As much as we love him (and that's a LOT) it is for the best that for the time being he won't be coming over.  This morning, with tears in her eyes, Linda stored his toys in the garage. She kept out Napping Moo Cow, Jesus Loves Me and his favorite "The Farmer Says"  because she believes with all her heart he will be coming back over in the future and she wants his favorites to be ready!!   His first word was Moooooo because he loved hearing"The Cow Says MOOOOOO" over and over! Linda would pull the string 1,000 times every Thursday just to see him smile.  Of course Mama and Baby Giraffe will also be a way to remember to his smiles, joy and incredible sweetness. (OK, Linda is crying again so we have to stop typing this.)