Monday, May 21, 2012

Come Over for Coffee!!

The hunt is over.  Linda finally found exactly what she wanted for our kitchen.  We have a small corner in our kitchen for a table.  Right now, there is a cheap little folding table in there, but for about 10 years she has wanted a high, pub style table.  It's not like she looked every week, but she was keeping her eyes open for something she liked.  Back in the day about 8 years ago, she didn't have any furniture at all.  There were 4 mattresses on the floor and they kept their clothes in laundry baskets. Everyone just had a picnic on the floor for dinner.  It was only supposed to be for a few weeks, but it took her over a YEAR to find the furniture she wanted.  Hey, it was super easy to keep the house clean.  One day... BAM! She walked into Belfort's and right smack dab in the front of the store was a beautiful display of the new line of National Geographic furniture.  It was a British Safari theme and she HAD to have it all... Living room, dining room and bedroom.  There hasn't been one day that she regrets buying it. 
Use your imagination and put four chairs around the table

 That's kind of what happened with the kitchen set.  It's not that it is stunning or out of this world nice, it just fits perfectly with the Safari theme and the wood matches exactly.  Before she gets too excited and orders it all, she has to measure to be sure it will fit.  The table is small, 3'x4' and the chairs fit all the way under.   It better come assembled or she'll have to call Tierney for help since she is the master at putting stuff together.