Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Many Options

Linda lolled in bed this morning until 7:30.  Thursday is the only day of the week we don't set the iPhone crickets.   Chip's alarm to be fed goes off between 6:30-6:45, but Linda ignored her and just stayed under the covers.  She was awake, even answered a few text messages, but it wasn't until Chimmie whined to go outside that she actually moved.  Now she is having motivation issues to start the house cleaning, laundry, errands and dog walking before Noah Boo comes over.  Once she gets going, she'll be fine and get it all done lickity-split.  She is deciding on if she should take Noah on a fun field trip.  If the rain holds off, maybe the Petting Zoo would be fun.  He LOVED that so much last time.  Another idea is the indoor toddler wading pool at Gold's.  It's only 12" deep and there are lots of fun pool toys for him to play with.  Chuck E Cheese was also a big hit.  It's free to go (besides their lunch) since he does not want any of the rides to actually move.  He just likes to sit on them and laugh.
Linda is so looking forward to when Penny is old enough to enjoy these fun things.  For now, all she really enjoys is eating and sleeping.