Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good News!

You are all probably on the edge of your seats wondering why it's already 4 p.m. and there hasn't been one post today! (What do you mean you didn't even notice!?)   Linda packed as much as possible into her day off.  First thing, she just HAD to get a pedicure because her feet weren't looking all that pretty. (Are any feel really pretty though?)  She just made it in time to Sarah's so she could watch Penny while Sarah went shopping. Linda was planning on having big fun playing with Penelope, but all the baby wanted to do was sleep.  Of course Linda took a ton of photos of her anyway.
So adorable!

Precious Penny
Sarah and Linda visited a while when she got back and then Linda raced home to pick me up and get me to the Dr's on time.  My vet was the super nice lady again.  She is so sweet that it makes everything a little more bearable.   My weight was still 6.0 pounds.  This is so frustrating!  Here I am getting my temperature taken. 
"Can't you use that ear thermometer like they have for babies?"
The Vet checked my breathing and said I might be having all the gasping issues from the bacteria stuck up on my teeth.  There isn't any emergency and she said my lungs/heart sounded fine. I need to have a procedure where they give me drugs to knock me out and then clean my teeth.  While I'm under, they are going to stick a camera down my throat to look at my trachea and see if it's damaged. 

Linda has to leave for her classes in a little while, I'm just going to sleep and try to forgot all the needles, poking, squeezing and bright lights in my eyes. 

My favorite place to sleep, between Linda's leg and the sofa arm. 
P.S.  Peanut Dog is going to live and is coming home from the hospital this afternoon!  Yay!!