Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FURemover.. Part Two

So last month I wrote about the amazing FURemover tool Linda bought.   She still uses it every single day.  It works better than her expensive vacuum attachment.  Chip leaves piles of fur on all the furniture and the FURemover gets it off in seconds.  Today Linda received an email from the company and they are going to send us a goody box of more things to review!  Yay for us!!  Writing a blog sure has it's perks.  Tierney at RubyWoo is always getting fun stuff.  She was even asked to do a TV pilot about her shopping blog!   (I got to be on the show too and of course I behaved like the star that I am!)  I think the FURemover people should use me on any of their packaging. Don't you think I would make a good model?  People would buy the product just because I'm so adorable.  Plus, with all my acting experience playing Toto, I know how to sit still under hot lights and will stay in any position I'm put in.