Friday, May 25, 2012

Career Trajectories?

I am just a dog and don't have a firm grasp on what's important to succeed in your life.  The critical things in my life are having the people I love close to me, a cozy bed and an occasional cookie.
Life is good

The CEO of the Global Language Project seems to have the answer in what you need to succeed though.  For the first time at an American elementary school, learning the Arabic language will be put on equal footing (with science and math) and become mandatory for all students.  A public school in Manhattan will begin teaching Arabic to it's 2-5th graders.  The GLP is backing the initiative.  The CEO said (exact quote)  “Arabic has been identified as a critical-need language.... citing students’ future "career trajectories." This got me thinking what career trajectories she could be referring too, so I turned to Mr. Google. It seams like the GLP is not alone in thinking that the kids need to learn Arabic. Quotes from some of the supporters include:

"Having a degree in Arabic can put you in the driver's seat....."   ".... it will open the door to working  in developing countries in North Africa and the Middle East." "Your ability to communicate in Arabic will maximize your chances at a business position...."  " earning a degree in Arabic can really be a golden key that opens the door to the kind of life time career you are seeking." 

Do you agree and think the future of America is going to be that everyone is fluent in Arabic?
Maybe I'll need to get this tee shirt for the dog park.  It says "I Love You" in Arabic. 

UPDATE:  According to the Huffington Post Business Page, 7-11 is going for World Domination. Every 2-hours, a new 7-11 opens somewhere in the world.  I guess the key to success is learning how to fill the Slurpee machine!