Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Linda is not going to leave Chimmie outside anymore while she is gone. If it's not too hot and she will gone less than two hours, she has been leaving him locked up on the deck.  He has a giant doghouse, lots of toys, another soft pillow bed in the shade, and lots of water.  She felt like he was safe and comfortable. He may be comfortable, but he is no longer safe. We just found out that in our little town someone stabbed four barnyard animals this morning at the local farm park.  Two baby goats, a calf and some chickens were all injured.  Just two weeks earlier, three horses were stabbed at the same farm park.  What kind of people go around stabbing animals for fun?  This makes Linda see red.  I know that to most people, this is a "so what" kind of story because after all, the animals were going to die anyway to make burgers and nuggets.  Not Linda, she is hoping mad!!   She feels like hiding out in the barn overnight and trying to catch the hoodlums in the act.
Linda could not use the real photos from the attack without becoming sad, so here are some plastic ones.