Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Fat Chicks

Maybe I've figured out the reason for not being able to lose that stubborn pound which has hounded me.  All these years Linda has been giving me 1 Tablespoon of wet food in the morning and one at night, both mixed with a little bit of white meat chicken.  I get a lot of exercise and my "cookies" are one calorie each..... but I'm still battling the pudge!  Now it all makes sense.  You think chicken would be a smart diet-wise choice.  No skin, white meat breast is low in fat, right?  NOPE, you would be wrong.  Back in the olden days, that was true.  Now factory bred chickens have the "obese gene" and they are passing it on to me!!  The fatso chickens are given fat hormones to make them gain weight at a super fast rate.

  The constant supply of high calorie food, the drugs and zero exercise produces a super fat chicken in nano-time.  Turns out a grocery store chicken can have more fat than protein!  The amount of fat in chicken is up to 10x what it was in the old days when chickens grew up naturally and pecked seed off the ground on a farm. Those hormones are in my body now!   Wowsers, maybe I need to be come a vegan dog again.