Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Rain Tomorrow

Raging water makes the stream crossings impossible.
The weather cooperated for us to take an hour long with Jerry tonight.  Since I don't talk (funny how I can write a blog though...) Linda does not know if we went on the trail or stayed on the sidewalks.  Since we've had so much rain, she is thinking the trails were washed out and flooded.  He did text her about the giant dog I became friends with.  Of course, Chim was afraid of him, but I was very brave. Linda was beyond tired when she got home from teaching, so she was thankful that she did not have to walk us. Plus, she twisted her knee in the pool, so some ice and elevating is in order.   Dinner for her was a microwave Lean Cuisine and we had our chicken/wet food mix.  It won't be long before she is in bed.  Hopefully, there won't be thunder tonight and we can all get a good nights sleep.