Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We'll be in the Closet

The thunder is making Chim and I really scared.  There was been a few close lightening strikes and a massive boomer.  Linda is going to go get her flashlight ready just in case we lose power.  The radio weatherman said some areas could get 60 mile per hour winds (maybe she remembered that wrong) and hail the size of quarters.  OK, if that is really true.... Linda will be scared too!!  Thunder does not scare her, but strong winds and lightening is not fun.  We have a secret closet under our stairway that we'll go hide in if things get dangerous.  If our house falls down, come look for us there. 

Linda is hungry, but nothing is sounding yummy.  Instead, we are just going to bed.  Linda is tired from her classes and we are tired from 3 long walks today.