Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today's the DAY!

This is the pool she teaches in at Gold's.  Isn't it beautiful??
After a good night sleep and some homeopathic remedies, Linda's ears are feeling better.  She is going to be super careful not to get her head wet today in the pool.   She is so sad that she didn't suck-it-up and go to family night.  Linda was missing her family and of course, seeing her lil' Penny Girl.  Sarah called her and said that Penny was crying and wanted her Nana!  Both Chim and I were happy she stayed home with us, but Linda told us not to get used to it. She'll be gone most all day today.  Jerry is supposed to come this morning, but she never knows until it happens if he'll actually be able to make it. Later on at noon, Chim is going to Paul Walkers TH until late at night.
"Is he here yet, is he here yet, is he here yet??"
 Linda and Tierney will be filming this weekend for the TV show.  At first, Linda was nervous about what to say and how to act.  Then she realized that the cheesiest people on reality TV look like their acting at being themselves instead of just being themselves.  Tier is the star anyway, Linda and I are just props.  Linda will be taking tons of photos of them interviewing and filming Tier, so log in tonight for an update on day one of filming. 
Tier can be high-fashion beautiful or country-girl cute!

I wish I had something to wear to the filming today.  Linda is not much for dressing me up in outfits. I do have lots of winter coats, but it's going to be hot and muggy today... not coat weather.  If she has time between classes, she is going to go to PetSmart and get me a sundress.  Of course I'll wear it like a champ and not complain one bit since I'm an easy-going-laid-back-whatever kind of dog.

I could just wear my hat