Saturday, May 19, 2012

1) Choopie 2) Chimmie

Of Course I'm Number 1.  It's My Blog!

This has been Linda's most perfect afternoon in a long time.  She was done teaching at 1:00 and that was it for the day.  1) No plans  2) No appointments  3) Nowhere she had to be 4) Incredible sunshine 5) A new book....and that all equals:  6) Two uninterrupted hours on the deck in the sunshine reading!  She watched Chim and I play in the backyard for awhile.  Then Chim raced the white dog who lives on the other side of the fence.  Of course Chim won every time they made a pass back and forth.  Relaxing never happens in Linda's world.  She even got a little toasty brown sitting in the sun. Now she is plopped on the love seat in her den, freshly showered, and still not believing she has 6 more hours in the day!  What to do?  Clean? Shop? Watch a Movie? Eat? Sweet Frog?  (still no lunch and it's 4 p.m.) When you are so used to being scheduled back to back, having free time is so.. well, freeing!  Since I woke her up at dawn, maybe a little nap and then some Sweet Frog for dinner....