Monday, November 30, 2009

Flag on the Play

Linda loves going to church. I don't mind her leaving me either because she comes home peaceful, happy and full of love every time she is there. Last night she watched the babies. Unfortunately, none of them threw-up on her, so there were no good smells for me to discover. Maybe next time. There is a Baptist church in NJ that was concerned because there congregation was made up of 3 women for every 1 man. The Pastor decided that the way to get more men in service was to include every mans favorite sport, Football. For one special service ever year, football banners and posters are hung all over the church. The guys wear their favorite football jerseys. Between praise and worship songs, everyone shakes their pom-poms and does The Wave. After the service, there is a big tail-gate party with hot dogs, hamburgers and soda. The NFL (New Found Life) service this year attracted 2,000 people. Every year about 10 new men join the congregation after the NFL service. I wonder how many of those men are in church on Super Bowl Sunday??

End of an Era

Linda asked me to post this photo for her. It is her very last day of class at the gym she has been teaching at for almost 10 years. This is just some of her favorite students who have been regulars over the years. She is sad she is losing the class because the gym is closing. I am happy because that means she will be home with me! (True Choopie, but when I find another class to replace it, I'm back out on the road!!)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've Been a GOOD Dog!

We spent a very relaxing 2 hours at the dog park today. I know I hated it last week, but Linda wanted to try one more time. I spent the entire time on her lap, sitting on the bench next to her or in my black bag. Three dogs kept hanging around. Of course my Chihuahua friend Snickers was there keeping me company. The next was a dog named Mini who Linda just adored. He was an older dog whose fur was super soft. He was gentle and seemed to sense I wanted a calm dog up on the bench with me. The third dog, Sandy, was a very lively Jack Russell mix. She was happy, but very high energy. The sun was shining and it was just a beautiful fall day. As long as I don't have to run around and get trampled by the other dogs, I'm happy to go and sit on the bench watching all the frolicking. Oh, and in a few weeks there will be a big Christmas party at the dog park! Santa will be there passing out presents to all the good dogs. Linda is going to bring me so I can get a photo on Santa's lap. I wonder what kind of gift I'll get?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing Snickers

Linda has been missing Snickers so much today. She was looking through all the old photos of him and we were remembering the great times. He was with Linda for a very long time before I came along. I had about a year with him before he died. (Stop crying Linda, he had a good long life and you loved him with your whole heart.) She totally forgot about this photo. Tierney was helping him open his Christmas presents. See him licking his lips waiting for his bone present? (Really, it's OK Linda... he's been gone over a year now. you.) We have also been looking online at all the shelter dogs who have been abandoned because people have lost their homes and that made Linda sad. If we had a lot of land, we would adopt 10 and have our own pack.

Are You My Mother?

Five newborn meerkats were orphans when their Mother died 2 days after their birth. A quick thinking caregiver recreated their Mum by putting a water bottle inside a 10-inch tall meerkat toy. The babies took to the toy immediately and cuddled right up. Every hour humans fed them with a tiny baby bottle while they snuggled "Mom". Now, the five kats are one month old and thriving. Soon they will be "weened" from their cuddly mother and reunited with their Dad. If they would have been put with their Dad right after birth, there is a good chance he would have killed them dead since he could not nurse them. By waiting a month, the babies will be accepted and loved by Dad. Linda said the second kat from the left looks just like me after I have an accident on the carpet.

Stop Your Hating!

I'm a little upset right now. Steaming mad is more like it. An adorable Chihuahua won the All American Pet Brands cutest dog competition. (Obviously, the reason he won is because I did not enter. ) Dr. Papidies the Chihuahua, was entered into the competition on a whim by his owner Dr. Capin. Dr. Papidies is a hunk, that's for sure. I would not mind one bit if Linda took me to play at his dog park. Anyway, back to why I am mad. Instead of keeping the $1 MILLION DOLLARS in prize money, Dr. Papidies, who was rescued from a shelter, donated all the prize winnings to two animal shelters in their home state. Yea! I'm happy about that and think it is wonderful that all those shelter animals will be helped. What torks me off is all the hateful comments at the end of the article left by people who thought that the prize money would be better spent buying "stuff" or given to other charities.

A Yard with a View

Since Linda's work days have been longer and longer, it has been hard to get our 3 walks in. Instead, she has been combining them into one or two longer walks. Today, we did 45 minutes and I did not have to get carried once. She was so tired from all her classes, I had to almost pull her up the hill when we got close to our house. We stopped along the way to talk to a nice man about his beautiful yard. He invited us into his backyard and we we were stunned! Besides an amazing built in pool and multi-level decking, the yard was on the top of a high slope that went down into the most gorgeous wooded view we've ever seen. Linda could not believe that we have walked by the front of that house for years and years never knowing what a beautiful oasis was behind the fence. We are thankful that we have a warm house and decent yard, but it sure would be nice to wake up to that view every morning. Next time we see him outside we are going to see if he'll let us take a photo to post. Linda googled "wooded view" and could not find a photo that even compared to the splendor of it. Instead, here are some forest animals and a wanna-be forest animal.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gonna Wash that Cat Right Outta My Hair

This new and improved Chip is annoying me. Ever since she had her hair clump shaved off, her whole personality has changed. She used to keep to herself and sleep downstairs. She came up only when she was hungry and then went back into hiding. Now, everywhere Linda goes, Chip goes. Which translates into, everywhere Chip goes, I'm already there. I used to be alone on the couch, chair or bed with Linda. It was wonderful because I was the princess. Right this very minute, Chip is pressed up against Linda's leg, just a few inches from me. When Linda scratches her, I go crazy with jealousy. When Linda takes a bath, I always lay on her robe on the bathroom floor napping. Now, buttinsky Chip cat has to be in there too. She even puts her paws up on the side of the tub.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gas Leak

This has to be my favorite news story in a very long time: Fifteen fire fighters and two fire trucks rushed to a home Tuesday evening to respond to a report of the smell of a gas leak. The area in the UK called Bendigo has been very dry of late and everyone was afraid the gas leak would create a fire. The firemen quickly found the source of the gas leak, a huge pig who had a very upset stomach. They could smell the pig 65 feet away! As they got closer, they could hear him "pooting." The odor was so horrendous that they took their fire truck hoses and sprayed the putrid pig. The pig's owner was very embarrassed to say the least. Next time he'll be more careful what he puts in the pig's supper bowl.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for today. Even if I did not get to go to Sarah and Taylor's house for dinner, I still am so blessed to be part of this family where I am so loved. When Linda got home, she took me for a double-walk. We usually do one path in the morning then a different path in the afternoon. Since she had to teach 2 classes this morning, we did not get to go earlier. Tonight she took me for a long walk on both paths. She was supposed to go to a dessert party later tonight, but she is so tired from getting up so early she is going to rest up for Friday's classes. Doesn't Sarah's house look beautiful? She had 3 different tables set up and hosted 17 people. That's Sarah and her brother Josh taking a nap after dinner on her cow rug.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Useless Trivia

(I guess it's not so useless to the trainer.)

Weenie Heaven

There are these little chicken weenies that I love. The chicken weenies are made for little toddlers and sold in the baby food aisle. It's pure 100% yummy chicken. If I'm a good girl and obey, I usually get one as a treat. Each little chicken dog is about 1" long and I can eat it in just 3 bites. If Linda let me, I would eat a jar of them every day. I wish each chicken weenie was as big as this mammoth hot dog. This dog is 7 pounds, 16 inches long and 4 inches long. You can see just how big it is by the normal size bun. There isn't any chicken in this hot dog. It is made with beef, pork, and veal. If I ever have a birthday party and invite all my doggie friends, I'm going to serve this as my cake. (Just looking at the photo is making Linda feel ill.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poop Happens

I've been thinking what I want to get Linda for Christmas. Since my budget is somewhat limited, (like in so limited that I have no money), this gift idea seems perfect. A zoo in Bloomington, IL is selling necklaces made from dried reindeer poop. Yep, poop. The reindeer poop is collected, dried, sterilized and spray-painted with glitter. The poop is then made into a beautiful piece of jewelry. This will be the perfect gift for Linda, but instead of reindeer poop, I'll get Tierney to help me make a necklace with my poop. Linda will always have me close to her heart. These earrings are made from moose poop. I think they are pretty. Maybe I can do earrings to match the necklace.

What does FIG3 15 Do?

I'm pretty small, just at 5 pounds. I can go places most dogs can't because I can snuggle down into a regular size purse. I also fit perfectly inside Linda's sweatshirts without being seen. Some people have even smaller pets, like hamsters and gerbils. One of those pet owners got frustrated not being able to safely take his little pet places. So instead of complaining, be designed a special gerbil vest. A patent is pending as I type. The vest is designed to so the gerbils can breath and comfortably run around the plastic tubes. It can also be easily cleaned so you don't walk around smelling like gerbil pee. What would you do if you saw a smiling little boy walking around the Town Center with a gerbil vest?

Have You Seen this Man?

I first thought that this police sketch artist better find another line of work. This sketch was released to the public after a witness described the suspect to the police. The suspect killed a cab driver and then made his getaway. This sketch ran in the papers and lo and behold... someone came forward who recognized the man. The suspect was arrested and the police sketch artist kept his job another day. Of course, there probably are not many bad guys out there that don't have ears and resemble the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hairy Situation

Big doings tonight at our house. Lot's of excitement, both good and not so good. Good because Jerry came over and bad because things got hairy! For the past few months, Chip has been growing this giant gross mat of fur on her back. It just took on a life of its own. Every day it seemed to morph into a bigger and bigger clump. She would get mad if Linda touched it, so it must have started hurting her. It was impossible for Linda to cut it off alone. Jerry came to the rescue and purchased a special super-duper pet shaver. They took Chip into the bathroom and shut the door. I was barking and going crazy because I could not see what was going on. I heard buzzing and meeeewing and low growling then the door opened and out runs Chip without her big clump. They used the shaver and buzzed it right off. I got my wish and they let me into the bathroom next. But OH NO! Jerry flipped me over on my back and Linda shaved my private area where it sometimes can get a little messy. Not cool AT ALL! What were they thinking? This is the bald part on Chips back. You will NOT be seeing the part they shaved on me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It Wasn't Me

I have an alibi, honest!!

Till Battery Death Do Us Part

I'll never understand some humans. Some of them are totally normal like Linda (she reads this blog so I had to write that) and then some are absolutely nuts-0. Of all the crazy news I report, this one probably takes the cake, wedding cake that is. A man in Tokyo fell in love and married his girlfriend. What? You think that's OK? Wait, his girlfriend is a virtual girlfriend on his Nintendo DS. He has married her in legal ceremony, had a real wedding reception, then took his Nintendo wife on a honeymoon. The man met his bride on the video game Love Plus. You have to take your virtual girlfriend on dates, buy her gifts and keep her happy. You can also get more "love" by working out and talking about your relationship problems. Maybe he should see a psychiatrist to talk about his mental health problem.

Just Say No to the Dog Park

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I don't like the dog park anymore. Today, I would not even leave Linda's side for one minute. There was a tiny little shy Yorkie named Sophie who was on the bench with us. She would not leave her human either. We looked at each other and even touched noses, but I still would not play with her. Linda stayed and talked for an hour while I just chilled in my bag. From now on I'm going to run and hide under the bed when she asks if I want to go to the dog park.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The House is Good and Warm Now

I was way too tired from my outing to go to Tier's house warming party tonight. It's a good thing I did not go because Linda told me that the babies who poke Choopie where there. There was lots of delicious food and a big backyard bonfire in the fire pit. People were jammin' with 2 guitars and drums on the game Guitar Hero. Everyone had a lot of fun. We miss Tierney but are very happy that she has such a beautiful home of her own.

Fun Day!

I had so much fun today. Jerry didn't forget me after all, he came to spend the day with me. I was a little shy at first so I did my wiggle flat into to the carpet move and cried, but once I smelled who it was, I got really excited. He bought over a GIANT bag of food, treats and snacks. We went to the dog park for 1/2 hour and then for a long walk around the soccer fields. I was so tired when he bought me home, I slept until Linda came home at 3:00. She was extra late today because she decided to stay at the gym and practice her TKD patterns. In just a few hours she is going back out to Tier's house warming party. I could go if I wanted, but there is going to be close to 50 people there and I don't like crowds. Besides, my party dress is way too small now. This picture is 2 years old!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dogs Do Have Licenses

And I thought I was a smart dog!

Fat Chance

There is something to be said for keeping your body at a healthy weight. For one thing, you can run and play without getting tired. You can hide under chairs and couches if cats chase you. You don't have to shop in the puppy-plus size department. If your an adult and live in the Peruvian jungle, it might keep you from getting murdered-dead. Police say a gang in the Peruvian jungle have been killing people and draining fat from the dead bodies to sell on the black market for use in cosmetics. The gang may have been involved in dozens (maybe up to 60) killings this year. Two suspects were arrested carrying bottles of liquid fat. The fat is supposedly worth $60,000 a gallon. One of the suspects said that the gang has been killing people for 30 years and taking their fat. This story was on MSNBC. It sounds more like a Weekly World News story, I almost don't believe it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am so bummed out. I'm so disappointed. I am very sad. I am so down I could be one of the Emo animals on Tier's blog. How could I not get chosen? Didn't you all vote for me to be on the: calendar? I was not chosen. I was dissed. I am not the cover dog, or even one of the months. They did not pick me to be a 2010 calendar dog. How did this happen? Thank you to all my blog readers and facebook friends who voted for me, but I guess I'm not as popular as Tinks, who got the cover. Please save your $5.95 and don't order your calendar from them. Linda said she is going to take 13 pictures of me and go to Sam's Club. You can make your very own calendar and she will make me the cover dog and my cute face will be on ever single month. I'll be offering my calendar on sale just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hamster Hotel

Just another reason I am glad I am a dog and not a human. A hotel in a French city has come up with a very popular concept. For about $150, you can spend the night in a room designed like the inside of a hamsters cage. You get to eat hamster chow, run inside a giant wheel and sleep inside hay stacks. Many of the adults who stay here actually come dressed as hamsters. I'm scared.

Choopie's X- Pack Mate

Linda told me that Jerry will be coming by Saturday while she is at work to take me to the dog park. It's been months and months since I've seen him. I hope I'll remember him. Those dogs in the videos welcoming the soldiers home after 18 months seemed to remember and still love their humans. I'm sure after the first few minutes it will be totally normal. (A door bell is ringing over and over on the Dog Whisperer, it's making me run to the front door and bark. TV doorbells should be outlawed.) Snickers, if you are at the dog park Saturday late morning, come and introduce yourself to Jerry. He'll be the over protective guy who does not let me out of his sight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2% To Go

I'm just about the smartest dog ever. One of the things Linda never required me to do was "heel" on our walks. Since I'm so little and never pull, she lets me run out in front. After Cesar said that all dogs should walk behind the pack leader unless they are given permission to be ahead, she decided to try and teach me "heel." She started last week and today, after only 5 days of practice, I'm the absolute best "heeler" ever! Now when she says "heel" I immediately run behind her and walk a few inches behind her. When she says "street or carry" I stop on a dime. I know never to go near the curb. If a car is in a driveway blocking the sidewalk, I know to sit and wait to be picked up. I know the difference of the command go to Choopies bed, Taylor's bed or the "big" bed. Sit, lay down, roll over and shake are a breeze. When I get a treat, I leave it on the floor until Linda says "come girl." In my whole life I've never chewed a shoe or any of Linda's things. OK, so I still miss the pee-pee pad once in awhile, but I'm about 98% perfect!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Waiting on Pins and Needles

I was joking earlier about going to Doggie Day care because I am home alone so much. Linda used to not work as many hours as she does now. Really though, I'm super content to stay home and wait for her. I lay in the sun most of the time. I switch windows based on what time of day it is. Linda has little beds set up all over the house next to the windows. When I'm not sleepy, I play with all my toys. She does walk me 3 times a day... so I can't really complain. Besides, I just read the story about a Minnesota day care women who would pin the kids to the mattress during nap time. She got big safety pins and just pinned them their clothes to the bed so they could not get up. What if the doggie workers pinned me to the bed at day care? Forget it... I'll just wait home for her. No more whining for me! I'll be at the "knocks you over with excitement" greeting every day.


After Linda finally came home from her last class, she wanted to take me for an evening walk. I wouldn't look at her and would not let her put my harness on. I'm still kind of peeved she has been gone so much. So instead, she took me in the backyard and let me run around while she sat on the deck steps. That was fun, but it got kind of dark and all the sounds kept scaring me. At one point I got super afraid and ran as fast as a bunny up the steps to run in the house. Only problem, the sliding glass door was shut and I ran full force into the glass and bonked my head. Linda ran to me to make sure I was not hurt. When she saw I was OK, she laughed and called me blond. What does that have to do with running into a sliding glass door?

Bored? Yes!!

I'm mad at Linda for not letting me post yesterday. She left early in the morning and did not come home until after 2:30 because she ate lunch with friends. We took a quick walk together, then a short nap before she left AGAIN and did not get home until after 9:00 p.m. I'm sure she knows that I am bored out of my mind without anyone to entertain me. Today was not much better. She had an audition this morning, taught 3 classes at all different gyms and is only home for 1/2 hour before its back out to ANOTHER class! Hey, I miss the old days when she was home more then she was out. I need another little Chorkie pup to be my buddy. The only problem is I'm not sure I want to share Linda's love with another cute dog. Instead, maybe she can take me to Doggie Daycare. There is a center just a few miles from our house. I've seen a doggie daycare on the Dog Whisperer. It looks pretty fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kind Crooks

I don't often blog about thieves who break into homes to steal stuff. Most of my thief stories are about people who stuff live lobsters or chicken salad down their pants. This story deserves attention though. 8:30 A.M., two men knocked on a families door in Indianapolis saying they needed to borrow jumper cables. The man of the house gave them cables to borrow. When they returned them, the bad guys pulled a shotgun and forced their way into the home. The crooks tied up the Dad and a teenage boy, then knocked the Dad out with the end of the gun. They proceeded to ransack the house. Suddenly an infant started crying from a back room. The crooks stopped robbing the house and heated up a bottle of milk for the baby. They untied the teenager and let him feed the baby, then retied him up. Then they left the house with all the bootie. Police are still searching for the two good-bad guy crooks.

Living Ring

Linda has been looking for a new ring to wear all the time. All her old rings are fancy diamond-ish or wedding-ish style rings. It had to be something she can wear to teach Kickboxing, TKD, and Weight Lifting classes, but still look pretty enough to wear to church and nights out on the town. A friend of hers actually found her the perfect ring that she really adores. Unfortunately, that was before I showed her this ring. You actually grow your own moss inside the ring. You have wear it in the shower to water it and wear it outside to give it sunshine. I just love the idea of a "live" ring. Maybe I should get this one for Linda to wear on her other hand.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Lesson learned: If you are going to steal a truck, make sure there is not a live lion in the back. A thief in Germany stole a Mercedes Transporter truck. The truck was found crashed off to the side of the road with the motor still running. A tow truck was called and the vehicle towed to the police station. It was only then that the cops opened the back and found the live lion. I bet the thief heard a load roar while he was making his getaway and freaked out! He probably ran from the truck like his life depended on it. (Which it would have if the lion escaped.) The truck belonged to a local circus company. The lion was returned to the owners unharmed 12 hours after he was stolen.

When You Just Gotta Go

Since I have so much experience as a blogger, I want to apply to Procter & Gamble to be one of their 5 new bloggers. The pay is $10,000! In celebration of the holiday season, P & G is setting up a giant public restroom in Times Square to promote Charmin toilet tissue. The bloggers will be standing outside the restroom interviewing people on their "bathroom" experience. They will be talking to hundreds of thousands Charmin users and also taking photos as the folks exit the bathroom. This job is just perfect for me! It's a shame Linda said Times Square is no place for a 5 pound Chorkie unless I want to get stepped on and squished like a pancake.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

TGIF 2012

According to NASA, the world is NOT going to end in 2012 like the Mayan calendar predicted all those years ago. NASA said that "Space Boffins and pseudo-science wankers" are just plain wrong. A planet called Nibiru or Planet X will not collide with Earth during the 2012 holiday season. Some of the wankers are saying the apocalypse is going to happen on December 21, 2o12 (it's a Friday, go figure.) NASA says this is just bonkers. Whew! This is a load off of my mind to be sure. P.S. What's a space boffin and a science wanker?

No More!

I'm battling some serious cabin-fever. It has been raining non-stop for 2 days now and I'm going stir crazy. Today Linda threw the toy with me and I ran until I was exhausted. It's not the same as going for a walk outside though. If it is still raining and wet on Friday, we are going to go to Pet Smart and walk up and down the aisles. Linda threatened to get me a hooded rain coat and rain boots if I keep refusing to walk outside in the rain.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google This!

I love the town we live in. It's just the right mix of small town-big town. It has all the stores we could ever need, many in walking distance. There are Mom & Pop restaurants, big chain joints and in between cafes. If you like to bike, the town has plenty of bike trails. Plus, just a few steps from our front door there is a wilderness trail through the forest. You can say I was more then shocked when I found out that my little town where I've lived my whole entire life is the number 1 most obscene city in America! Google keeps track of what folks google, and the people in my city googled the most obscene and dirtiest words. How could that possibly be? The comments after the story I read said to just blow our town up and start over. Some people said that it was full of red-neck low-lifes. Hey! Now I'm getting angry. Let one of those losers come to my house and say that to my face. I'll take a bit out of their kiesters!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank You

Linda just spent the last 15 minutes crying her eyes out. Someone compiled a bunch of youtube videos into a short movie. The montage shows soldiers being reunited with their dogs after being deployed in the Middle East. Oh my gosh, talk about emotional. Even I choked up when the two little Yorkies tackled their Daddy. When the clip was done, there was another one showing kids being surprised at schools by their Dad's coming home from war. She started crying all over. I know how I feel when Linda walks in the door after being gone 8 hours. What in the world would I do if she was gone 8 months? I'm thankful for the men and women who are serving in the military and the sacrifices they make for our country.


Church attendance has been slightly up since the recession has hit families hard, especially at Alsip's Lighthouse Church of all Nations (that reminded Linda of the church she used to pass driving to NJ on Rt. 95, Our Lady of the Highway.) To further increase his congregations attendance, the Pastor is holding a 3 lotteries on Sunday. He is calling it a "Holy Lottery" where 3 lucky seat numbers will be pulled each week. The winners go home with big cash prizes. In just 5 weeks, attendance has gone up by 900 people. Where does he get the money? He takes it out of the offering plate. Along with the lottery, he has a shredder for credit cards and bank reps on hand to offer savings accounts with a gift of $25 to open their accounts. And all this time I thought humans went to church to worship God.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Getting to the Root of this Problem

Farming seems like it would be a lot of hard work. You have to break up the ground, turn the soil, rake, hoe, plant seeds, weed, water, weed some more, keep watering then finally pick your crops. Imagine if you did all that and when you went to pull your Chinese knotweed out of the ground, it was actually a little boy. That is what happened to a stunned Chinese farmer when he was surprised with another son instead of his root food. (At least I'm assuming it's a son.) He was so freaked-out that he replanted the root so it could be with his root-family.

Say Cheese!

Everyone says art is in the eye of the beholder. In this artist case, art is also in the nose of the beholder. These chairs are really unusual, that is for sure. You might now want to sit down in them though. Each chair is crusted in old, stinky cheese. The artist, Cosimo is known for working with food and creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. I wonder if I throw up all over Linda's green chair she could list it on ebay and sell it as art?

In a Pickle

A New York City man is suing a Deli owner because he said the Deli man's cat bit him. Cat's can be crabby, I'll agree with that. But Deli Man said that in all his years of business, Deli Cat never bit anyone. In fact, Deli Cat just minds her own business guarding the dill pickles. (I made that part up.) Anyway, Bitten Man is suing Deli Man for $5 million dollars since he suffered an allergic reaction to the cat bite. Deli man said Bitten Man is just out for a big payola and is not telling the truth. Deli Cat had no comment. (Who knew if you googled cat and pickle you would actually come up with a photo? Google rocks.)

Just Eat It

Check out these Nike's! Pretty cool, don't you think? Linda loves the color brown and she flipped when she saw these. There is one big problem though. These sneakers are made from all chocolate. (Maybe to serious chocolate lovers this is not a problem at all. They would rather snack on their sneakers instead of running in them.) This much chocolate could kill a dog dead, so whoever buys them better not leave them on the floor for unsuspecting dogs to chew.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crunch Fitness

I love the fall weather. It's not too hot and not too cold. At first I was afraid of the crunchy leaves during our trail fitness walks. I thought someone was following us and it would spook me. Now, I'm running through the piles of leaves like a pro. Our trail we walk on is always beautiful , but this time of year is the prettiest. Linda has been making me wear my new coat. I don't like putting it on, but after 5 minutes, I forget I'm even wearing it. She does not know that I snooped, but I found 4 little boots in her room. They are tiny cozy boots to keep my feet warm for when it really gets cold. Last winter I hardly went out at all because I hate when my feet get wet and cold. This year, I'll be mushing right along.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Tierney, Your a Rock Star!

Tier thinks she is a rock star, so it only makes sense that she plays Guitar Hero. Linda said she was so good that she aced the highest level. You can get someone to play the drums at the same time and have a rock band! Check out her new bathroom. It actually looks like a rock stars house. After the concert, they ate Thai food and home made fudge that Tier got as a house warming present. I could not go and visit this time because Linda had to leave for a big staff meeting at the gym. Her main gym is closing for about 6 months until the new location is built. She is going to lose all her classes at that gym, and possibly her second gym too. I thought she would be flipping out, but she is very calm about the whole thing. If she has too, she can always become a dog walker since she is such a pro at it.

Licky-Lips at the Dog Park

I'm not sure why Snickers and I are both sticking our tongues out, but it makes for a cute photo. You can't see Snick's new sweater, but it was very "foo-foo" and had a designer label. His human said was acting up today big time and bossing the other dogs around. It took me awhile to warm up since it has been weeks since I visited the dog park, but soon I started exploring and "shaking hands" with the other dogs. When we got home, I ate a plate of food bigger then my head. You sure can work up an appetite running and jumping. Linda said I have to cut back on the calories since I'm getting a little chubby. I'm down to one cookie snack a day. It sucks having to watch your girlie figure.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Linda has hardly been home today so I have not been able to post. What in the world is she thinking leaving me alone so long? I wish she would just stay home with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bad Linda. She's finally home now and just tried to get me to go for a walk before bed. I was so mad at her that I ran and hid when she "got her shoes on". I'll show her who's the boss. If she thinks a midnight walk will make up for all the time I was alone, she's got another thing coming. I'm going to ignore her and sleep in the kitchen tonight. See how she likes being all alone.