Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Bake

Linda isn't a fancy cook or baker.  She makes delicious chicken and talipia for us, and that is really all I care about.  When she has the urge to cook herself a real dinner, it always tastes great.  She's not much of a recipe follower, it's kind of a throw together whats in the fridge/pantry meal.  For some reason, she loves looking at recipes and saving things she might want to try to her bookmarks on the laptop.  Two things are currently tempting her:  The Strawberry Short Snake and the Cinco de Mayo pinata cookies.  Both are so adorable and it would be a fun afternoon if Tier and or Sarah came over to make them with her.  (Actually, Taylor is the BOMB at baking cookies from scratch!) The Short Snake would be the easiest.
You just shape the biscuit dough into little rectangles and then piece it together.  The eyes are little mini- M & M's and the tongue fruit leather.  It makes her smile just looking at it.  Then, if she really wanted to get fancy, check this out!

They are multicolored sugar cookies that you stick together and fill with mini-M & M's! When you break open the Pinata cookie, all the goodies come tumbling out!  Since she already will have bought a bag of the Mini's, Linda might just have to do both of these the same day!
She just better not eat too many!