Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Monday

Linda loved her day off yesterday.  Technically, it wasn't a real day off since she taught 2 of her 4 classes, but she was done with Body Pump and Combat by 10:30, so it felt like a day off.  After trying to take a brief nap (trying being the key word) she picked Tierney up and they headed to the Outlet Mall 3 towns over from us.  The parking lot was more than full! People were parking behind the mall on grass hills, across the street and up on curbs.  The one store they really wanted to visit was the J Crew outlet.  Every time they walked by, there was a line to get in!  There was even a guy at the door only allowing people in when someone left.  In other stores,  if Linda wanted to buy something, the line at the register was 20 people deep so she put it back.  The highlight of Tierney's day was finding an outlet store that sold her beloved MAC make-up.  She was so excited!  Linda finally did get an outfit from the CABI store (it's a company that does in-home clothes parties) that is a few seasons old.  A cute black skirt was originally $69 and she paid $10.50!  The top was normally $66 and the sale price was $20.  The other thing she bought were some adorable ankle jeans in buttercup and dusty rose.  (I KNOW!  Plain-Jane Linda wearing colored jeans.  Totally switch for her.)

Picture would not rotate.  Thanks iPhone 4s.

They were both cranky-starving-tired-hot on the drive home, so they stopped for a late lunch at Moe's.  Best Tofu burritos on the planet! (OK, maybe the only tofu burritos) After refueling and drinking diet sodas from the 100 choice touch screen soda fountain, they both perked right up.
Try it you'll like it!

The rest of the ride home was spent laughing their heads off while Tierney did her many character voices.  She is actually playing Snow White at a kids birthday party.

 Linda finished off the day by watching Thor (it was good!) then mowing the yard (it was bad!) Even though she waited until 8:00 p.m., it was still so hot that it looked like she just got out of a pool when she came back inside.