Thursday, May 17, 2012

Man Cave

Linda loves candles.  She always has one burning when she is home.  To save money, she usually buys cheap ones at Target or Marshall's. The other day, she splurged and bought a real-deal Yankee Candle brand.  Why pay 3 times the amount for a candle?  Well, she wondered the same thing so she did a little research.  It turns out that the stuff that makes the candles smell so good is just floating on the top of the cheap jars, but the scent is fixed all the way through the Yankee brand.  Sure enough, it's true.  Since the weather is so nice, she chose "Coral Shores" which smells like a morning at the beach!  It's really wonderful.  When this one is gone, she is going to get a different summer scent.  While she was doing her research, she found out that the company will be targeting the male demographic with some new scents.  "2x4" "Riding Mower" "First  Down"  and her personal favorite "Man Cave."  The first three I can imagine what they might smell like.....Fresh wood shavings, lawn clippings; and leather but "Man Cave"??  Is that dirty socks, beer and old pizza boxes?