Thursday, March 24, 2011

Official State Dog: Chorkie

There is a war brewing in Maine regarding the states official treat. I didn't even know states had official treats. I think there are state flowers, state birds, state songs and state flags... but state treats? Anyway, the Maine House of Representatives has passed a bill that makes Whoopie Pies the states official treat. (Blueberry pie is Maine's official dessert.) Now the vote goes to the senate. If I owned the Whoopie Pie company, I would be doing some mass promotion to go along with all this publicity. There has been coverage of this important news event for the last 3 months in Maine. That got me thinking, what other official things to states have? Here is some of the things I've found. Official State: firearm; emblem; motto; fish; wine; tree (redwood); fossil (prehistoric monster); sport (jousting); beverage (water); jelly; muffin; mushroom; pepper; dance; question (red or green?); soil; ghost town; wasp; possum. The list is endless, but very entertaining. I am going to submit myself to be my states official hybrid dog.